How To Change Your Workout Regime As You Age

We all know the importance of exercise and how your workout regimine helps our health in the long run.

Unfortunately, just like on our looks, aging also has a huge impact on our health too.

While exercising does improve our chances of better health as we age, the exercises that we do throughout our life might be of little effect or sometimes even have a negative effect when we age.


Why do you need to change your workout regimine as you age?


The ones who exercise regularly and have a consistent workout regimine aren’t safe from the normal effects of aging, so imagine what would be the impact on bodies that are not workout-honed. It all starts when our cell development slows down.

Our metabolism also slows down which means that when you age, you will gain weight much easier than you could when you were young.

Production of testosterone also goes down with age, about 1% per year after age 35. The direct consequence is the reduction of our libido, energy levels, and also frequent mood swings.

With that, our bodies become more prone to getting injured by mishaps that would usually have very minimal or no effect on us. All of that results in a weaker and much less energetic body that needs to be tended to more often than when we were young.

So, if we don’t work out and do the right exercises as we age, we face an increased risk of muscular and bone degenerative diseases.



Stretching is Now a Must

stretching exercises

Stretching is probably the first thing we all do before any workout regimine to prevent injury.

A good stretch can make a huge impact on your routine. Warming up your body before a workout and getting the blood flowing is like saying to your body get ready this is just the start.

Not only that but it’s the best protection against injury. When we are young stretching is something we hate doing because we feel we don’t need it, our body is ready and can handle everything we throw at it.

With age, we get wiser and learn to appreciate this pre-workout must!


Impact of Exercise on Blood Circulation


Most people think of circulation as the flow of blood throughout the veins, organs and tissue of our bodies. Those who have basic knowledge of the world of fitness would know that blood circulation is about so much more.

Not only is it responsible for regulating your body, but it also is the core system in your body that delivers oxygen and nutrients to every single cell of your body will removing toxins from them as well.

Exercising regularly 3 times per week, has a great impact on your circulatory system (aka cardiovascular system). Through exercise your cardiovascular system strengthens, becomes more flexible, and makes each cell of your body easily accessible.

As you age, it becomes harder for your cardiovascular system to stay effective and strong.

At this stage, your exercising priorities aren’t heavy muscle gains or ultra-athletic performance. Instead, you have to focus more towards keeping your body from declining. Also, at this stage, you will most probably need to consider supplements that, in combination with your exercise, could be effective for poor blood circulation.


What is the Right Workout Regimine in Your 40s?


what is suspension training

TRX suspension training

In our 20’s we want a beach body but later as you get older you just want your body to be functional and healthy. As your metabolism goes down to keep your muscles you actually need to start working out harder and smarter.

The best workout regimine for waking up your metabolism is a high-intensity workout in which you give it all you got for a short period of time and then have a short period of rest.  Basically, weights can do the trick for you.

Doing things like TRX push ups, deadlift, farmer’s walk and dumbbell bench press will do wonders for you. Pick and choose your favorite workouts but remember that the most important thing is to do a full body workout!


Half-century and still strong!


Now depending on your background and sports history if you have any just keep doing what you have in your 40’s and 30’s. Fifty years might sound like a big number in this day and age it’s basically an expected halfway of the road.

On the other side if you just realized your body is quitting on you and in a panic you grabbed your expired gym card here’s a few things you need to know. The most important thing you need to know is to start slow. Show your body what to expect, start with simple lunges and flexibility exercise.

As we said you need to take stretching more seriously.   The next thing you need to take care of is nutrition. Eating healthy is always important but as we age our bodies get worse and worse at processing food. Never eat until you are full, eat slower. Lose the sugars and learn to live with fewer carbs. Lean meats, fruits, and veggies are the way to go!


Your Workout Routine Changes When you Cross 60


guy in 40's running exercise

Here you are, a senior citizen. As we said for the 50’s if you got to your 60’s and have worked out keep it up. If you are this old and still going at it you have learned what your body needs and wants.

On the other hand, if you are just starting to be active there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all check with your doctor to see if you are still fit to continue or start a workout regimine.

Have a round of medical evaluations and tests that will tell you the state your body is in. After that, the exercise you need to focus on are the ones that don’t put any strain on your tendons and bones.

Aerobics and simple strength exercises are the way to go. Indoor and outdoor cycling does wonders for your health. It diminishes your chances of having some serious illnesses and doesn’t strain your knees.

Also swimming as one of the best full body exercises, it activates almost all of your muscles and even has cardiovascular benefits.

In the end always be active, never give up and remember age is just a number!


Author Bio


Caitlin Evans is a medical student and occasional writer. Her fields of expertise cover health, nutrition and fitness.

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