Seven Simple Habits That Can Prolong Your Life

Here are seven simple habits everyone can adopt, which can improve your overall health and may even prolong your life.


Check what good habits you have to acquire to Prolong Your Life.



How brushing teeth can prolong your life
Do not forget to do this twice a day. Cleansing the teeth prevents heart problems and thereby can prolong your life. The fact that gum disease can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease has been known for a long time, but until the last moment no one could explain the reason for the connection of these two pathologies.

Scientists have found that the main culprits in this case is the bacteria streptococcus, which lives in the mouth and often causes inflammation of the gums.

If streptococcus enter through the inflamed gums into the circulatory system, it begins to produce a special protein that promotes the clumping of platelets.

The glueing of platelets, in turn, leads to the formation of blood clots that clog blood vessels, cause their inflammation and limit the delivery of blood to the heart and brain.




Scientists have established a connection between a rush while eating and overweight. The likelihood of gaining weight for men who are accustomed to quickly absorb food is 84% ​​in comparison to people who eat slowly.  The message is to prolong your life, eat slowly and enjoy the taste of your food.

For women, this risk is twice more. The reasons lie in the failure of the signal system, which should warn the body about when to stop eating.

If you are using a spoon with a high speed, the stomach fills faster than the “stop light” is produced. As a result, you eat more than you need and gain weight, which leads to problems with the heart, joints and diabetes.



drinking a glass of water can prolong your life
This helps to create a so-called depot of liquid, from which the body can draw moisture. In addition, during the day, do not forget to replenish your “water reserve”.

With the help of liquid, vitamins and micro-elements are delivered to the cells of our body. Water is required for the well-coordinated work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.  The human body is made up predominately from water, so drinking a glass of water each day can help prolong life.

It nourishes the intervertebral discs and joints. However, most importantly, water is the source of youth.

Scientists believe that the aging process is directly related to the lack of fluid in the cells, because with age, the amount of water in the body decreases, the feeling of thirst is dulled and the body literally dries up.




According to numerous studies, “owls” live less than “larks.” Midwives often have diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the quality of sleep in these people leaves much to be desired.

The thing is that longer the pre-lunation sleep, the more melatonin hormone is produced in the body. This hormone not only helps to restore strength and wake up vigorously, but lowers blood sugar levels, improves the immune system, protects against stress and helps prevent malignant tumors.

In “owls” melatonin is not produced enough, so in comparison to larks, they often catch colds, gain weight more easily, are more nervous and die earlier.



playing video games can prolong your life

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Certain toys can prolong the youth of the brain, and a youthful brain as the body ages has been shown to prolong your life.

Moreover, surprisingly, it’s not about puzzles. “Shooters” are recognized by the scientists as the most useful for the brain.

It turned out that games of this type improve attention to details, speed up the processing of information and develop other cognitive functions, including imagination. As for the negative impact of computer games on vision, it can easily be avoided.

Just play the games no more than 10 minutes at a time, and then take a break. Then the eyes will not suffer. On the contrary, it can become a kind of training. Specialists have found that a moderate computer addiction improves the ability to distinguish shades.



reading books can prolong your life
Scientists from the United States for 12 years have studied the quality of life of 3.5 thousand volunteers over 50 years. Conditionally test subjects were divided into three groups: those who read more than three hours a week, those who read books less than 3 hours a week, and those who do not read at all.

Lovers of books on average lived 23 months longer than those who didn’t read. Mortality among those who spend on reading more than 3.5 hours per week, was 23% lower in comparison to those who do not like books. For those who read less than three hours a week, this figure was 17%.

In addition, the positive effect was given only by fiction, but scientific works and newspapers did not exert any influence on the life expectancy.

Experts believe that reading books develops the imagination, increases concentration of attention. So, it is a kind of “simulator” for the brain that can help prolong your life.



eliminate salt from your diet to prolong your life

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Salt is necessary for the body to maintain the water balance, as well as for the transmission of nerve impulses and the normal operation of the muscles.

However, you only need a quarter teaspoon of salt per day. And all that you get beyond this rate can harm your body. Kidneys can not cope with excess salt, which retains water in the vessels, which causes edema and increased blood pressure.

One key way to help prolong your life for years is to reduce or eliminate adding salt to your food.


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