Hi, my name is Ken Weiss.  I am blogger and natural health researcher passionate about natural health remedies for men over 40.  I am not a doctor, rather a dad and husband passionate about alternative health remedies.

I have have been blogging about natural men’s health, and organic and holistic men’s health since 2010.

I started Men’s Health Cures after I used traditional medicine to cure an on-going bout of stress, anxiety and even depression.

Traditional medical remedies included sleeping pills, which gave me temporary relief.  My doctor then prescribed anti-depressants when the sleeping pills were no longer effective.  The side effects of anti-depressants left me feeling foggy, confused, and unable to focus or concentrate.

In desperation for relief I turned to a natural health care and holistic approach, which involved clearing the body of negative energy.

Using alternative health remedies,  the stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia I was dealing with were completely eliminated.

Men’s Health Cures was born from the idea that you don’t always have to use prescription medicines for every ailment.  Natural and holistic alternative treatments can be an option.  We offer natural healthcare product reviews  and holistic remedies as an alternative healthcare for the issues that men over 40 are often dealing with.

To Your Health!!

Ken Weiss