Do you suffer from aching muscles or joints, especially lower back pain? How to stop sore shoulders, wrist pain, twisted knee or ankle pain, which occur as the result of an injury.

Muscle pain, painful joints or pain in any other part of your body can be a natural response to illness or disease in the body.

If the pain in your body persists for more than two weeks or is not responsive to over the counter medications, see your doctor immediately for a physical to make sure the pain is not related to a serious condition, such a bone fracture, illness or disease.

While prescription medications are the most common treatment option doctors recommend, there are several natural pain relief treatments available that treat the source of the pain, or eliminate the pain without the side effects or risk of addiction to prescription medications.

Men’s Health Cures seeks to find natural pain relief products to help reverse your body aches and pains.  This includes exercises, supplements and natural pain relief tools, such as TENS.


TENS Therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a popular natural pain management tool.  TENS was once available only in a doctors office, and  is now FDA approved for home use.  With TENS, electrical impulses radiate deep into the muscle tissue to stop the pain, and naturally improved blood flow to the affected area to allow the body to heal the damaged area.  Generally within a few weeks most people report a significant reduction if not complete elimination of pain and inflammation.

You can learn about the Aurawave TENS Therapy Machine here.



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