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Do you suffer from low back pain, aching muscles or joints, or pain associated with arthritis?  If so, you may want to try a TENS machine instead of taking over the counter or prescription pain pills or ointments that provide limited or no relief at all for your nagging pain and may come with unpleasant or dangerous side effects. Your doctor may recommend a prescription muscle pain killer to treat your low back pain and sore muscles, but these pain medications come with unpleasant or dangerous side effects, such as the risk of addiction to pain killers if used too long.  Aurawave offers real natural pain relief by transmitting low level electrical impulses to the source of your pain, and is the first FDA cleared Class 2 TENS machine offering drug-free natural pain relief that you can buy without a prescription, and does not require taking pain pills, has no known side effects and there is no risk ofdependence or addiction.

After buying the Aurawave for my wife to help relieve her chronic low back pain and sore hip muscles, I was impressed by how quickly she began to feel real pain relief with this amazing little lower back pain treatment.  I use the Aurawave on my lower back as well.  I am missing a vertebrae in the middle of my back, so I get lower back pain after standing for several hours.  I use it  on my lower back, and after 20 minutes the pain is gone.

What is a TENS Machine?

The Aurawave TENS machine is the first FDA cleared Class 2 Medical Device for natural pain relief available at without a prescription for use on your lower back, shoulders, as well as, your upper and lower extremities.  Don’t be fooled by the compact size of this powerful TENS unit.  This is serious natural pain relief. TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  This unit transmits low level electrical impulses to the effected area to block the pain transmitters in the brain from sending signals to the tissue, and allows the area to begin relaxing and allowing healthy blood flow to resume and begin the natural healing process.Until recently, a TENS machine like, the Aurawave, was only available for use in a doctor’s office or by prescription by a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or other licensed pain management specialist, since this TENS machine serious natural pain management.

The TENS Machine that has been cleared by the FDA for natural pain management that can be purchase without a prescription. Before using the Aurawave or any TENS machine for pain relief, see your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to use a Class 2 Medical Device for pain relief.  You should also discuss the ideal pain management setting to prevent injury or muscle fatigue.


What Come with your Aurawave?

Aurawave TENS Machine with:

  • 2 large and 2 small pre-jelled adhesive pads
  • Garment belt to use Aurawave while moving around or for lower back pain
  • Storage bag
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick Start CD


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How Does the Aurawave Work?

TENS machine

The Aurwave  is a simple to use natural pain management treatment you can use at home or work, similar to a TENS machine used by a doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor,  that sends low level electrical pulses through the pre-jelled electrode pads, which are applied to the skin of the affected area, and provides immediate natural pain relief to the affected area.  The electrical pulses from Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation penetrate the skin and go deep into the muscle tissue to eliminate pain, stiffness and sore muscles, which are the result of an injury, arthritis, overwork, muscle pull, or stress tension, and allows blood flow to the area to resume and begins the natural healing process.

Once you set the Aurawave Natural Pain Management Treatment device to one of the 6 manual stimulation settings or one of  the  4 automatic treatment settings, and the electrical impulse intensity level from 1 to 10, the electrical impulses begin to block pain receptors from receiving nerve signals about the affected area.  This reduces inflammation and promotes healthy blood flow back to the affected area, which promotes naturally healing of the tissue and affected area.

You can choose the length of your massage session from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes.  The unit will automatically turn itself off when the session is complete, to prevent injury or muscle fatigue.  To restart your session, simply turn your TENS machine off and then on again, and set your massage and intensity level. If you don’t like the stimulation setting or are not getting pain relief,  just click through the six manual settings or four pre-set programs, or simply adjust the electrical impulse intensity to find your perfect setting.


Please consult your doctor,  massage therapist or chiropractor before using the Continuous Setting to prevent injury or muscle fatigue.

Now that you know how the Aurawave works, why should you buy this powerful natural pain relief device:

The electrical impulses from the Aurawave TENS machine intercept and block pain signals sent through the nervous system to the brain from the affected muscle.

This electrical nerve stimulation device also promotes the production of endorphins, which is the human body’s natural pain relief process that includes pain fighting proteins in the cells and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Lastly, the Aurawave relaxes sore, tired and aching muscles, and improves blood flow that not only nourished the tissue and cells with oxygen rich blood, the increased blood flow removes harmful toxins that build up in the muscle tissue.

This powerful TENS machine comes with six manual treatment modes and four pain relief programs.

In addition to natural pain relief, the Aurawave provides a relaxing and soothing massage in the privacy of your home.

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Ten Settings to Target Muscle Pain Relief

The Aurawave natural pain relief system offers 6 manual treatment settings and 4 automatic treatment modes.  To prevent injury or muscle fatigue, this  TENS machine,  available at,will operate from 5 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes, then will automatically turn itself off.  It is not recommended to use this TENS machine for more than 30 minutes per session without consultation with a physician, physical therapist or chiropractor to ensure more than 30 minute use in a single session is recommended, to prevent injury. Aurawave comes equipped with an adjustable Back Relief Belt that holds the adhesive electrode pads firmly in place on either side of the lower spine in the ideal pain treatment position.  Two sets of large and small adhesive pads are included for use on arms, shoulder, thighs, calves, and lower back.


No Prescription Needed

Most TENS machines available for purchase require a prescription from a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or other licensed health care professional. The Aurawave  is the first FDA cleared Class 2 Medical Device of its kind available for purchase without a prescription to eliminate chronic pain without the potential risk of addiction to pain medication.

A Portable TENS Machine

TENS pain relief is usually only performed in a doctors office, massage therapist office or during a chiropractic office visit.  With the Aurawave portable TENS machine, you can now get the same natural pain relief while at home, at work, or even while running errands. You just simply insert your Aurawave to the garment belt, which is included, and attach the electrodes as directed in the instructions. You then wrap the garment belt around your waist and enjoy natural pain relief while moving around.


It is not recommended that you use your Aurawave while driving a car or operating machinery.

How your TENS Machine Provides Muscle Toning

While not a replacement for exercise or weight training, this natural pain relief device transmits low level electrical pulses similar to those produced by the brain to stimulate muscle growth and toning during active or strenuous exercise. This will improve muscle tone and enhance performance.


Natural Stress Relief

Millions of people are dealing with stress and anxiety today.  Most people carry their stress and anxiety in their lower back, shoulders or neck.  If you are dealing with stress and anxiety, then I am sure you can definitely relate to the constant nagging and annoying pain from sore, tight and aching muscles. Unless your health insurance coves chiropractic wellness visits, you know this out of pocket expense can get costly, and massages only provide temporary stress relief.  Your last option is constantly taking aspirin or pain pills for pain relief.  This is no way to live. While Aurawave can’t eliminate the source of your stress, it can provide natural pain relief and eliminate the nagging pain and sore muscles so you enjoy the day without the use and side effects of pain medications.

This amazing little TENS machine provides natural stress relief as the electrical impulses provide a soothing massage down to the muscle-tissue, blocking pain receptors to promote natural stress relief, general relaxation and natural pain relief.


Benefits of the Aurawave for Natural Pain Relief

  • First FDA cleared Class 2 Medical Device for Natural Pain Relief available without a prescription
  • Helps relieve lower back pain, shoulder pain quickly and easily
  • Provides Natural pain relief to lower back, shoulders and other extremities
  • Ideal natural treatment for shoulder pain relief
  • Eliminates pain from sore a hip, knee and ankle strain, even elbow or wrist pain
  • Provides soothing and relaxing massage like deep muscle pain relief
  • Natural pain relief without the use of prescription medications
  • Portable TENS device
  • No side effects


Risk of Using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Device

While use of a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Device, like the Aurawave, which is an excellent and safe Class 2 medical device to provide natural pain relief to sore and aching muscles, the following groups of people should not use a TENS machine without first consulting a physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or other licensed medical professional. Before using the Aurawave, it is important to consult your doctor especially if you are experiencing or have any of the following conditions:

An acute disease

Use a pacemaker

An Expectant Mother

Have Epilepsy

Have a Malignant tumor

Have an Infectious disease

Have Heart disease Have a High fever

Have Abnormal blood pressure

Have Skin sensory disorders or skin problems

Natural pain relief products, like the Aurawave, are designed to be used on the lower back, shoulders and lower or upper extremities for pain relief.  A TENS machine should not be placed on the neck, across the heart or on the head, as the electrical pulses from a TENS device can result in serious injury or death.


What are Satisfied Customs of the Aurawave Saying?

My husband suffered a serious back injury last winter as a result of a ski accident. We applied the AuraWave™ to his back for a few hours a day for a half hour at a time, and within a week he was back working his job in construction. The doctors at the hospital had told him to be prepared to take two months off to heal! Robin Harper

This is an amazing little device! It has operated as a stand-alone tool in my busy clinic, helping many patients as well as being a great help to me personally! I would not hesitate to recommend this device to anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining good health! It is the best health return-for-the-dollar that I’ve seen on the market yet! Paul Henderson, B.Sc., D.Ac.

I have been using the AuraWave™ for some time now, and I don’t know what I would do without it! I have had a sore back from falling down the stairs while lifting heavy boxes during a move and have received incredible relief every time I use it. I love it and will never be without it.  Thank You! Claudia Stack

I have been troubled with frequent back pains that would lay me up for several days. After using your unit for 30 minutes I am as good as new. I also bought one for my mother and she says it works great on her achy joints. I normally don’t e-mail companies when I am happy with their product; however I feel compelled to let you know that this unit really does work. Thanks again! Richard Carlson – Oakdale, MN

The different pulses and strengths of the AuraWave™ allow me to customize the treatment depending on the problem of the day.  It is so relaxing to have the tightness worked out of my muscles. Judy Pearce

I have been suffering with lower back problems for the last 5 years. I frequented a chiropractor at least twice a month and even bought an inversion table. These all helped a little. I purchased the AuraWave™, and after only a couple of treatments, my back feels better than it has in years. Great product! Ron D’Aoust

This is a well built therapeutics unit which produces similar effects and experience as those I have tried in the chiropractic offices. It is pretty easy to set up with the quick start DVD. The adhesive electrode pads are of good quality which stick very well to the skin. The unit has 6 manual modes, 4 automatic modes with 10 level of intensity. I tried a variety of these modes and did not notice huge differences amongst them. What amazes me is that it produces very strong and noticeable low-frequency pulses even at the lower intensity settings. The unit is quite portable and you could carry it around while it is being used.   I bought this a while back and it has worked wonders for me. My mother also tried it for her chronic pain and it too did a wonderful job.

I ski every winter and there are lots of aches and pains after a long day on the slopes.  The AuraWave really helps me after a hard day of skiing. This is a great product.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Aurawave, just return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.



Endurance Therapeutics offer a 1 year warranty for the Aurawave against defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year (excluding adhesive electrode pads) from the original date of retail purchase.


Where Can You Buy an Aurawave?

You can order your Aurawave TENS machine from to begin feeling relief of your aches and pains with the Aurawave, the first FDA cleared Class 2 Medical TENS machine without a prescription, and enjoy free shipping.


To Your Health!



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  1. Endurance Therapeutics Aurawave 12/16/2013 at 5:45 am -

    The HealthmateForever is one of the most popular names in the TENS/EMS industry, and for good reason. This company consistently produces excellent products that leave customers with less pain and great satisfaction. As with the other HealthmateForever products, this device can take batteries or use a USB charger for power.

  2. Reyan Loeffler 10/11/2013 at 8:34 am -

    Really a great post. surely like to let people know , i am also agree with you that tens machine is really a great device for getting rid to any sort of pain.

  3. Ken 10/22/2012 at 2:11 pm -

    Hello Abdu: The Aurawave is the first FDA cleared TENS unit to be used for pain management that doesn’t require a prescription. I use the Aurawave for lower back pain, I am missing a vertebrate in my back, so I get back pain after standing or sitting for too long, and my wife uses it for hip pain.

    Having one leg shorter than the other can definitely cause back pain as your hip and spine may be out of alignment. See a chiropractor for an assessment.

    Regarding back pain, the Aurawave would help, since the electrical impulses block the pain signals from the affected area to the brain, and also promotes natural healing.

    You can use the large pads for your back and the smaller pads for your knee. There are several settings so you can find the right massage setting for you. There is a constant stimulation setting you use with the back belt (comes with the Aurawave) See your doctor before using this setting to prevent injury or muscle fatigue.

    I would be happy to answer any other questions.