7 Essential Reasons to Start a Daily Workout for Men Over 40

Our bodies get weaker over time, and we end up not being able to do things that we loved when we were younger.

My dad is 45, and my mum is 50. They can barely run or push themselves physically, and they haven’t ridden bikes in years. My parents haven’t been able to grab time to work out and it’s fairly late for them to start now. Of course, if they wanted to, they could, but they simply don’t have time.

On the other hand, younger people should work out and exercise while they’re young because they will have much better health when they are older, or in this case over 40.

There have been numerous studies on this matter, and each of them proved that being physically active when you’re young has a positive effect on health when you’re old. That’s why we’re here to talk about the essential reason to do daily workouts for better health over 40.

These benefits also apply if you’re over 40, so it brings us to the conclusion that ‘exercise is important no matter how old you are!’


Lower your blood pressure

Working out and specific exercises have a positive effect on blood pressure. Namely, being physically active lowers your blood pressure. So if you’ve been having issues with high blood pressure (which can occur if you eat a lot of junk food), we recommend you start working out. Also, change your diet a bit by eating fresh food and increasing the number of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Exercise helps your eyes & ears

Because exercise improves oxygen enriched blood flow to the brain, your eyes and ears will benefit from it. In this case, we’re talking about potential illnesses that can occur in the eyes such as age-related degeneration, cataracts, etc. Exercise lowers the chance of these illnesses happening.



Regulate your blood sugar

When we exercise, our bodies use glucose for fuel. Glucose is blood sugar which means that when you exercise, your body will draw blood sugar, thus regulating and lowering it. It’s a great addition to the usual diabetes medication.


Revs up your metabolism

As soon as you start exercising, your brain starts releasing certain neurochemicals that boost your metabolism. If you want to have continued effects on your metabolism, you’ll need to work out constantly.


Lower risk of falling

Our inner ear is responsible for keeping our balance. When we exercise, we improve our coordination and balance, reducing the risk of falling. This is especially good for people who have small issues with keeping their balance.


Helps to stay happy & fit

Many studies have shown that there’s a connection between exercise and how you feel. All types of exercise, even the most basic ones such as gardening or jogging, have a positive effect on the psyche. In short, exercise helps deal with depression and negative feelings while also making you fit!


Have less arthritis pain

Arthritis pain happens because arthritis weakens the cartilage between the joints. Regular exercise (for example 30 minutes of exercise in a pool, 3 times a week) helps with this issue by strengthening the muscles around the shoulders and knees.

If you want some exercise tips or more in-depth information about working out, check out a Fitness Blog or something similar!


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