The power of healing with music: Releasing stress through the power of music

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Music is food for the soul.  Healing with music has been used for thousands of years.  For example,  even animals use healing frequencies to lift the spirits and match the mood for any occasion. Through time, healing music has evolved in many different ways.

Musical instruments have been invented for hundreds of years. New genres of music are being developed.  Therefore, listening to music has been made easier and accessible.

Finally, listening to a large boom box or plugging in your earbuds.   Now, music is anywhere and everywhere all at once.


The Power of Healing Music


Music is a powerful tool of sound waves and vibrations to bring people together.

Healing music helps manage one’s mood and to make friends in the most unlikely places.

In addition, healing with music is the universal language that connects people from all over the world.

No matter where you may be, or how old you may be.  What your musical preferences may be, music is the basic step that you go back to.  You can even use music when you want to lighten the mood or lift your spirits.

For example, learning the skill of playing an instrument is one way to manage your mood and reduce stress. You can take music lessons to learn how to play your preferred instrument. You may be able to control your mood through the power of melodious sound.


Let’s be more specific. Here are 5 positive effects healing with music can give you.


  1. It can help fight against depression

It is common knowledge that healing music frequencies can affect one’s mood and overall outlook in life. The types of music you listen to can affect your emotions. Music is more than just the lyrics, but also the melody.

In addition, music has a big impact on improving emotions.  Music therapy is supported by research.  This therapy can aid people who have depression.

Many studies show that healing with music therapy has positive affects on people with depression.

Finally, humans are energy beings that vibrate at a certain frequency.  Music, whether from an instrument or from the radio, is a collection of vibrating frequencies.

Collective research shows a significant improvement in a person who has depression in terms of their socialization with others, and in intellectual and psychological aspects.

On a non-clinical view, listening to happy and lively music can indeed improve one’s enthusiasm and energy when performing tasks at home or in the workplace.

Healing music has been used since biblical times to cure depression.


  1. It brings you closer to yourself

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Some would say that music has the power to make you know yourself more, and it is true. How well do you know yourself, more than your daily routine and the goals to aspire?

They say, to know someone on an intimate level, go through their music playlists. Looking at a friend’s playlist is like looking into their diary.

The types of music you listen to reflect the emotions you carry every day, how you respond to musical notes and musical frequencies.

With this, listening to different genres and knowing how they can affect you can be an effective tool to manage your mood and emotions.


  1. It reduces anxiety & physical effects of stress

Anxiety and stress are common occurrences to any individual. This is true, whether you are still in school or you are working.   Anxiety can be caused by different things and can have varying levels.

For some, anxiety and stress can take a physical toll on your where you feel fatigued and lack energy.

Listening to healing music has a powerful effect on improving your energy levels. Happy and energetic music stimulates the sensory functions to give a relaxation effect to the mind while raising the energy of the body.

On a slightly different but associated note, you will notice that people who are into fitness prefer to work out with music. It helps the mind cope with the fatigue and increase physical energy to keep going.


  1. It improves healing

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Studies on the physical effects of how listening to music helps patients who have undergone surgery.

These studies have returned significant, positive results. They show that patients who listen to relaxing or instrumental healing music have much quicker recovery, particularly beforeduring and after surgery.

This healing is compared to patients who did not listen to music on the same time period.

This is connected to how music can release ‘happy’ hormones in the brain.  They are responsible for reducing stress and increasing serotonin levels.


  1. It helps you sleep better

Many people already use relaxing music to help them get into a deep and sound slumber. The effects of music on a better sleeping routine have been used for centuries.  In addition, music is often used to sooth infants.

On the other hand, adults can also make use of this music healing technique. Listening to instrumental and relaxing music can help relax the body and muscles, and can make sleep more relaxing.

Aside from a sound sleep, when you listen to music during sleep can make you feel more energized and refreshed when you wake up. A sound and deep sleep can help cell regeneration work faster and better.

Music is one type of therapy.  It is used for physical, psychological and occupational rehabilitation.  It is proven to be an effective form of therapy.  Imagine life without music. It would be too quiet. There is no doubt that music has a great impact on our lives. It brings melody to our core.

Author Bio


Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning.

Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.

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