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TRX suspension training

A few months ago I learned about a new workout program coming to my gym called TRX Suspension Training.  I tried it and was immediately hooked.  With this home exercise program you work out all your core muscle groups (back, shoulders, chest, bi/triceps, core stomach muscles, legs) in just 30 minutes, about half the time of a normal workout using home fitness equipment.  The best part about TRX is that you don’t even have to be at a gym to get a complete workout.  With the TRX Home Suspension Training System, you can get the same intense workout program designed by Navy SEAL  Randy Hetrick in the comfort of your home, at a hotel, on vacation or on a business trip.  You simply attach the suspension training straps to the back of a door and you’re ready to workout on your own schedule, and at your own pace for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership or expensive home fitness equipment.


What is TRX Suspension Training?

TRX Suspension Training, also known as resistance training, is a home fitness program developed by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, to  keep himself and his team in top form by building core muscle strength, increase power and mobility, and improve joint and muscle stability.  Suspension Training by TRX is a revolutionary home fitness program that uses just your own body weight as the resistance mechanism for the strength training exercises.  There is no bulky and expensive home exercise equipment to set up or maintain.  This complete core muscle workout system weighs just two pounds, stores in a mesh bag, and can be stored in a drawer or suitcase.

Unlike many of the popular home fitness programs designed by famous exercise experts for people who are already fit, the TRX Suspension Training System can be used by someone who is new to exercise, all the way to some with years of experience with exercise.  You can easily adjust the straps to increase or decrease level of resistance from beginner to expert in less than 10 seconds.

Suspension Training is now offered in many gyms and sports clubs, and there is a version of this popular suspension training program for use in the home for just $199.95.  You can learn about the TRX Trainer here.  For this one-time cost you get all the equipment needed so you can do TRX Suspension Training at home, on a business trip or even on vacation without the high cost of a gym membership.  You can use this home suspension training system to supplement your resistance training when you can’t get to the gym.  All you need is a door to hang the anchor over that attaches to the straps and you are ready to go.  Everything you need weighs just two pounds and stores conveniently in a mesh carrying bag that can be stored in a drawer or suitcase for travel.


Invented by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick

Every Navy SEAL is taught to sew so he can keep his uniform and equipment in working condition.  Former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick used this knowledge to develop an easy to use exercise system he made by sewing cloth and other materials together to create a suspension training system for himself and his team to stay in top form by building core muscle strength, increase power and mobility, and improve joint and muscle stability.  After leaving the Navy, Randy Hetrick developed the TRX Suspension Training System, which is available at for immediate shipment.  He made it his mission to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of resistance training, and how easy it is for anyone to use the TRX Suspension Training System to build muscle and lose weight.

What’s In The Box?

√ TRX Suspension Training P2 Model

√ TRX Door Anchor

√ 65-minute Basic Training DVD

√ Full-color 35 page Workout Guide

√ TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast bonus workouts

√ TRX Mesh Carrying Bag


How I Found TRX Suspension Training

I exercise at my local YMCA, and one day I heard about this new exercise class called TRX.  I went to check it out and the first time I tried it I really liked it.  The teacher taught it as a beginning resistance training class.  The next time I took the class, was on a different day and with a different instructor.  This time it was like boot camp suspension training.  I was exhausted, and hooked on TRX!  What I am saying is that unlike other home exercise programs, like P90X or Insanity that are designed for people who already are in moderate to excellent shape, TRX Suspension Training can be tailored for people who are new to exercise up to people who are in top form and want an intense workout.


Perfect for an Apartment or bedroom

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the perfect home exercise program for people who do not have room for full size home exercise equipment, yet want to get a complete workout without having to join a gym or paying several hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars or more.  With TRX, all you need is a door, sturdy tree or outdoor exercise apparatus to hang the anchor on and you are ready to work all key muscle groups.  This system provides everything you need to build strength, improve flexibility, increase endurance, and lose weight with this healthy suspension training workout anytime and anywhere you want.  When you are done with your workout, just unhook the straps, put them back in the mesh storage bag until your next workout.  There is no need to store heavy, bulky workout equipment in a corner, closet or under a bed.


What is the TRX Suspension Trainer Product Made Of?

The TRX Suspension Trainer is made from a heavy duty nylon material, industrial grade rubber and other materials.


What is the Maximum Weight Limit?

The  recommended maximum weight of a person using the TRX Suspension Training System is 350 lbs (158 kg).


TRX Door Anchor

With the TRX Door Anchor, you can use your TRX Suspension Trainer system at home, at a hotel while on a business trip or vacation, or even at work.  The TRX door anchor is designed to handle up to 350 Lbs. for your safety.  The anchor has a soft material covering to protect the door and prevent any scratches or damage.


Adjustable Straps

The straps are adjustable to fit any height or body type.  The straps can be adjusted for use while standing for upper bod workout, and for your feet to get a great workout for your legs, thighs and butt.  The foot stirrups are also used to help strengthen ankles and knees.




How Does the TRX Suspension Trainer System Work?

The TRX Suspension Trainer System, available at, uses nylon straps that are attached to an anchor that can be secured to a door, tree, metal or wood exercise apparatus or TRX wall or ceiling mount (sold separately) and your own body weight to provide a complete resistance training workout.  With the handles and foot cradles, you can easily work all of your key muscle groups: back, shoulders, biceps/triceps, core, stomach, legs, and ankles in just 30 minutes.   Along with the TRX Suspension Trainer, you will get a 60 minute training video and 35 page workout guide to teach you how to build muscle and strength with resistance training.  By stepping further away from the door and increase the tension on the straps, you will get a more intense workout since you are using more of your own body weight to provide the resistance needed to build muscle and lose weight.  For beginners to exercise or TRX Suspension Training, by standing closer to the door, you will use less resistance.  Over time, you can improve your workout by stepping further away from the door to increase the tension on the straps,  and thus use more of your own body weight to build muscle, increase strength and lose weight.


Is TRX Suspension Training Good for Someone Who is New to Exercise?

Since you use your own body weight to provide the mechanism for resistance training, the TRX trainer is the perfect home exercise program for someone new to exercise.  You can start with minimal resistance and increase resistance and speed of reps as your endurance increases.

What is the Warranty?

TRX offers a one year warranty from the date of purchase, and covers defects in manufacture and materials.  This limited warranty applies to products intended solely for personal, family, or household purposes.



What Are People Saying about the TRX Suspension Trainer?

Great workout system! – Ben, Chicago, Ill

Fun and Effective – Amanda, Rochester, NY

TRX is the real deal! – Folly, Baltimore, MD

TRX system is awesome, Cornelia, Old Tappan, NJ

Awesome Workout, Super Compact System, Paul, San Francisco, CA

Gets incredible results quickly, Paul, Austin, TX


Are There Any Drawbacks of the TRX Suspension Training program?

After using the TRX Suspension Training program, I can honestly say I have not found any issues with this resistance training product, and I have used several programs from leading fitness experts, including Insanity, Zumba Fitness and Nautilus.  At 2 lbs it is easy for anyone to carry and the set up is easy and takes just a few minutes.

The only drawback I have found with the TRX Trainer is the price, which is $199.95, but it is comparable with other similar home exercise programs, such as P90X, Insanity and Zumba.


 Where Can You Buy the TRX Suspension Trainer System?

We have done extensive research to find the best value for the TRX Suspension Training system on the internet.  Our research indicates these sellers have the best value for TRX.

Buy.comicon (now called  by the parent company

TRX Fitness


To Your Health!


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