Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager Review

Updated Oct 2022

If you want an intense and pleasurable prostate stimulation experience, the Aneros Progasm Prostate MassagerAneros Progasm, is still the go-to large size prostate massager at 4.5 inches long and 1.25 inch in width.

This popular full size prostate massager  from Aneros, which was first introduced in 2007, will give you the most pleasurable prostate stimulation experience.

With practice you’ll give yourself an elusive prostate orgasm.

This bad boy, which is made with medical grade materials,  will give you higher levels of sexual pleasure during prostate massage therapy.

The hands-free design of this large Aneros prostate stimulator allows for easy insertion, and will  help to achieve an intensely pleasurable prostate orgasm.  This type of orgasm is said to be up to 10 times more intense than a regular ejaculation. 2

Men who use this full size prostate massager report feelings of fullness with focused prostate stimulation, and also report producing loads of cum and prostatic fluid during ejaculation.

While the Progasm is massaging your prostate, the kundalini “K-tabs”  simultaneously provides stimulating perineum massage. 8.  This is the highly sensitive smooth area between your scrotum and rectum.

The K-tab add complementary sensations to your root chakra, which enhances your prostate massage experience.

If you think the Aneros Progasm is too large, you can check out the Aneros prostate massager comparison chart here, and find the perfect prostate massager for you.



What is the Aneros Progasm

  • How big is the ProgasmThe Aneros Progasm prostate massager is made in the US with FDA approved medical grade materials.
  • Is the largest prostate stimulator to date from Aneros.
  • Four and a half (4-1/2) inches long and one and a quarter (1-1/4) inches wide at the head. Yet for its large size is still incredibly agile.
  • This prostate stimulator features a newly designed round K tab, that simultaneously massages your prostate and stimulates your perineum.
  • Boasts a Kundalini “K-Tab, which adds sensations up and down your back.  Kundalini is the Indian yoga term for your life energy that travels up your spine.
  • Despite its large size, the Aneros Progasm moves inside the man’s body easily to provide a robust prostate massage for incredible pleasure.
  • Men who use the Aneros Progasm report producing loads of semen and prostatic fluid.
  • This prostate stimulator will help you achieve a highly pleasurable prostate orgasm.
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Aneros Progasm Prostate Toy

What Does Prostate Massage Work?

How Aneros Progasm Works

1. The first image shows where the prostate gland it located.

2. The second image demonstrates how the Aneros prostate massager is inserted into the male body to massage the prostate gland.

3. This image shows as the sphincter muscle contracts and relaxes, it pushes the prostate massager against the prostate gland, which gives it a therapeutic prostate massage.


Designed for Comfort

  • Aneros Progasm BlackThe Aneros Progasm is the largest prostate stimulator to date from Aneros,  at 4.5″ long and a large 1-1/4″  wide head.
  • This Aneros Prostate massager has a wider body and head to give you sensations of fullness, combined with focused prostate stimulation.
  • The shape helps it insert smoothly.  Your sphincter muscles will guide the Progasm directly to your prostate gland with ease.
  • As your sphincter muscles contract and relax, you get a robust and pleasurable prostate stimulation.
  • Most men who use the Aneros Progasm report achieving the most intense and pleasurable prostate massage they have ever received.
  • Men release more semen and prostatic fluid than with any other prostate massager.
  • If you want a hot time to last longer in bed, try the Progasm Ice, which looks like it is sculpted from a block of ice.
  • Many men who are experienced with prostate milking rave about the larger size of this Aneros prostate stimulator, and the amazing prostate orgasms 2 they get.
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Benefits of Prostate Massage with the Aneros Progasm

Kundalini K-TabThe Kundalini “K-Tab” is a new addition to the patented design of the Aneros Progasm prostate stimulators.

For those unfamiliar with Indian meditation, kundalini is your spiritual awareness and life force. 7

The “K-Tab” stimulates the spot just under the tailbone, called the root chakra.5

Chakras are your body’s seven energy centers that follow along the spine from the tailbone to the top of your head.

Stimulating the kundalini is a method to awaken sexual stimulation and excitement within the reproductive organs of the male body.

Aneros understands this relationship when they incorporated the “K-Tab” into the Progasm.



How to Use the Aneros Progasm Massager Work?


How Aneros prostate massager works


Check out this video on How the Aneros Progasm Works.

Not a Prostate Massager For Beginners

How big is the ProgasmThe only drawback of this adult sex toy from Aneros is that it is reserved for experienced users of prostate massage.

Also, this male sex toy for beginners should not be used by men with an enlarged prostate or by men with acute prostatitis.  The deep penetration of the Aneros Progasm may cause irritation of the prostatic tissue, or spread toxic bacteria to other parts of your body.

Prostate stimulation should not be performed on men with prostate cancer, due to the risk of releasing cancerous prostate cells into the body, except under direction of a medical professional.


What is the Best Prostate Massager for Beginners?Prostate Massage for Beginners

If you are new to prostate stimulation, the Aneros MGX or Aneros Helix are the best prostate massager for beginners.

The smaller and slimmer design of these entry level prostate massagers is perfect for new users of prostate stimulation.

These prostate massagers for beginners are shaped like a finger, which allows for easy insertion.  The thinner design allows your body and sphincter  muscles to accept it easily without pain or discomfort.

With time and practice, your muscles will learn how to maneuver the prostate massager to your P-spot.  This will help you become experienced with prostate massage.

With time and experience, you will eventually be able to work up to the larger Aneros Progasm, without any pain or discomfort. You’ll wonder why you waited so longer to enjoy the pleasure and sensations of prostate massage.

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Aneros Prostate Massager Comparison Chart


Aneros Prostate Massager

Aneros Progasm Jr.Aneros Progasm Jr. Prostate Massager

Do you like the features of the full size Aneros Progasm, but feel the large size is a bit too intimating.  You’ll love the smaller Aneros Progasm Jr.

The Aneros Progasm Jr. massager measures  3.6 inches long, about 1 inch shorter than the full size prostate massager.  You’ll get the same intense prostate massage 2 , just in a smaller package.

The width is still the same, to give a robust prostate massage.

This is measured from the tip to just above the kundalini tip, which is perfect for average size men 5’5″ to 5’9″ tall.

This slightly smaller prostate massager, which is about 30% smaller, offers the same features, function and benefits of the original Aneros Progasm.  This includes full-size head, same width and Kundalini K-tab, just in a smaller package.

The Aneros Progasm Jr., available here will allow men of all shapes, sizes and height to enjoy the robust prostate massage Aneros is famous for.

Checkout the Aneros Progasm Jr. Here


Don’t Forget the LubeID Glide 2.2

When you buy an Aneros Progasm, make sure you use a water based lubricant to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable prostate massage experience.

You can buy a lubricant perfect for prostate massage at

Testimonials from Happy Users


  • This thing is a gift from the gods if you learn how to use it properly. My advice to you is to take your time and go slow.
  • This is a great sexual aid that has increased my sexual pleasure to entire new level. Not only are my orgasms more intense (which now cause huge convulsions when using my Aneros Progasm.
  • I am new to prostate massage and this was the right size. Not to big or too small.


Aneros Progasm


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Prostate Massagers for Intermediate/Advanced Users

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