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Quitkey Smoking Cessation Computer

Quitkey from Lifesign, is the scientifically proven 30 day smoking cessation tool to quit smoking.

The computer learns your smoking patters for a few days.  After that, the computer will then slowly step you down from your nicotine addiction.

You may however, have tried other smoking cessation products unsuccessfully.  With Quitkey smoking cessation computer, you can finally quit smoking without the need to buy expensive products.

This cost effective smoking cessation program, has helped over 1 million people stop smoking for good.  Many people report being nicotine free 5 to 10,  and even 20 years after using the Quitkey to stop smoking.


Best Way to Quit smoking with Quitkey

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The QuitKey smoking cessation computer is the best way to quit smoking.

This smoking cessation device will alter your smoking routine, and can reduce your desire to smoke.

It is well documented that it can be difficult to stop smoking.  This is due to, nicotine addiction has a both physical and mental component.

The physical component is the addiction to nicotine.  The mental component however, is the desire to smoke.

The quit smoking computer naturally eases you off cigarettes in a gradual, step-down process.  In addition, Quitkey gives you tips to fight the urges to smoke.

Check out the medical science behind Quitkey Here.



Smoking cessation is a treatment to quit smoking cigarettes. 


Why Use Quitkey to End Your Nicotine Addiction


Why Use Quitkey to End Nicotine Addiction


Benefits of Using Quitkey are:

  • doctor recommended smoking cessation program
  • guaranteed to work within 30 days
  • Quitkey is backed by clinical research
  • does not require you to take pills, wear a nicotine patch, or chew nicotine gum
  • can be used safely by both adult and teenage smokers
  • No side effects
  • Patented technology
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Provides Support Tools to Help You Stop Smoking

Quitykey is one of the best programs to learn how to stop smoking.  It provides you much needed support to help you stop smoking.

The support tools included in the one-time cost of just $59.00 include:

  • Tips to use Quitkey to stop smoking.
  • Strategies to fight the urges to smoke.
  • Helpline for advice and support
  • Relaxation CD.

This is important, due to the failure rate for people trying to kick the nicotine addiction on the first try is 90%.


What Comes in the QuitKey Stop Smoking Program



  • Quit Key Smoking Cessation Computer
  • Program Guide
  • Free Support Hotline
  • Free “21 Best Kept Secrets” Audio CD of Successful Quitters


How to Stop Smoking for under $97

The Quitkey smoking cessation computer will only cost you a one-time $59.  This is a huge benefit over the hundreds or thousands of dollars many other stop smoking products or services charge.

You get two complete 31-day cycles of the Quitkey smoking cessation programfree telephone support when you need emotional support, a relaxation/meditation DVD, and a 30-day money back guarantee!


Can Be Used By Adults and Teens


Many stop smoking products, which are sold over the counter (OTC),  actually contains a small amount of nicotine and can only be used legally by adults 18 years or older.

The QuitKey from Lifesign, works by learning your smoking habits and teaches you how to stop smoking cigarettes naturally.

It then slowly weaning you off of your nicotine addiction over the next 30 days, called step down.

This smoking cessation computer can be purchased by people under 18 years old, though parental or doctor supervision is recommended for people under 18.


What are the Health Risks of Smoking


The most common health risks related to cigarette smoking are:


» Heart Disease

» High Blood Pressure

» High LDL Cholesterol

» Emphysema

» Erectile Dysfunction

» Lung Cancer

» Cancer of the mouth or tongue


Smoking Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to the common health risks of smoking reported by the American Heart Association, erectile dysfunction has been linked to men who smoke.

This is due to inhaling cigarette smoke can lead to plaque build up on the lining of the arteries.  These plaques have been shown to restrict blood flow, consequently that can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.

Prolonged exposure to nicotine, which is filled with over 4,000 toxic carcinogens, can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease is believed to be a leading cause of erectile dysfunction.


How Does the Lifesign QuitKey Compare To Other Stop Smoking Tools?

How does the QuitKey Smoking Cessation Program Work?


QuitKey alters your smoking routine and eases you off cigarettes gradually. 


It works by reminding you when to smoke and when not to smoke.  Step by step.  Hour by hour.  One day at a time.

Stage 1 (7 days):  You smoke at your normal rate and use the QuitKey smoke button to record every cigarette you smoke. 


QuitKey uses this information to understand you smoking habits and form your personal quit plan.

Stage 2 (14 to 34 days):   QuitKey helps you follow your plan by prompting you when to smoke. 


Each day you smoke a little less.  You will gradually reduce you nicotine dependence. This step down process prepares you to quit smoking for good.


10 Reasons the Lifesign QuitKey® is the Best Way to Quit Smoking


  • Gradual Self-Help: You break the nicotine habit at your own pace.
  • Personal: The smoking cessation program is based on your habit.
  • Flexible: Adjusts if you have a bad day.
  • Scientifically Based: Combines the best nicotine withdrawal knowledge with behavior modification principles.
  • QuitKey is a convenient hand held computer.
  • Free Support Hotline: Just pick up the phone to reach our QuitKey Support Staff.
  • Safe and Natural: Uses no drugs or gimmicks.
  • Proven. Clinically tested by major medical research institutions.
  • Pays for Itself.  Costs less than two months’ worth of cigarettes for the average smoker.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Quitkey Combines Best Technology to quit smoking with Behavior Modification



What Are People Saying Who Have Successfully Used the QuitKey to Quit Smoking?


  • Smoke Free for 15 years
  • After 30 years I am Smoke Free
  • Quit after 10 years of smoking and never had a cigarette since!!!
  • Does the job
  • Intense value, not so intense price
  • A decent product to help quit smoking


What Are the Drawbacks of Lifesign Quitkey?

Any product review would not be legitimate without addressing the drawbacks.

1) You need to spend a few days tracking and inputting your normal smoking pattern.

2) May take a few days before Quikey helps you to step down your nicotine addiction.

3) Product recommended for up to two complete 31 day cycles.  Most people are able to quit smoking after one 31-day cycle.

Lifesign gives uses one additional full 31-day cycle, if you fall off the wagon.



Where can I Buy the Quitkey Smoking Cessation Program?

We researched online retailers of the Lifesign Quitkey Smoking Cessation Program.  We found that Amazon.com offers the best price, even lower the manufacture’s website.

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