Zumba Workout Review, Is this the Best Latin Dance Exercise Program for You?

Zumba Workout Review, Is this the Best Latin Dance Exercise Program for You?

What is Zumba Fitness?   Zumba Fitness is the Latin music dance fitness and weight loss program sweeping the nation?  Zumba Fitness, is a dance fitness course created by Alberto “Beto” Perez in 2001 in Miami.  This Latin groove cardio workout program consists of  Zumba Fitness DVDs and shaking sticks, which combines Latin dance moves, and high energy aerobic exercise set to popular Latin music to create a weight loss exercise program that is fun to do, while you shed pounds and inches from your waist.

I was introduced to the Zumba Workout in 2009 by my wife, who discovered the class when we joined the YMCA.  While the commercials for Zumba Fitness you may see on TV show women only doing the exercises, Zumba was created by a male fitness instructor and is designed for both men and women.

I first learned Zumba Fitness using the Zumba DVD, and then began taking Zumba Fitness classes at my local YMCA .  I am writing this Zumba Fitness Review to help men and women thinking of trying this exciting Latin dance exercise program.

Note: If you are new to exercise or have a health-related issue, please consult your doctor before beginning Zumba Fitness or any other type of exercise program.


What is Zumba Fitness?

Zumba Fitness is Latin music based dance exfitness program created by Alberto “Beto” Perez, who is a Colombian born exercise instructor.  Beto Perez was on his way to teach an aerobic exercise class in his home town of Cali, Colombia, when he forgot to bring his aerobic dance music.  He found some Latin music tapes and created dance steps for his class based on the popular Latin dances, such as the mamba, salsa, cumbia, samba, and merengue.  The class was an instant hit.  He eventually moved to  Miami, FL, and with his business partners created Zumba Fitness, the now world famous Latin dance exercise program available on Amazon.com.

Where Can You Find a Zumba Workout Class?

Zumba Fitness is taught at many gyms, fitness clubs and the YMCA.  If you live in Miama, FL, you can take a class at Beto Parez’s Zumba Fitness Center.

If you don’t belong to a gym, fitness club or YMCA, you can use these Latin Dance Exercise DVDs in the comfort of your home.  This is the perfect home exercise program for someone who works late hours or whose work schedule doesn’t permit them to attend a Zumba Fitness class.  If you are conscious about your weight, do not have the financial resources to pay for a monthly health club membership, the one-time cost of less than $100 is all it takes to get started with Zumba Fitness right now.

I first learned Zumba using the Zumba Fitness DVD, since I wanted to learn the Latin dance steps before beginning the Zumba class at my local YMCA.  Even now, when my schedule does not permit me to take the Zumba Fitness class, or if the class is so full I can’t get in, I know all I need to do is pop in the Zumba Fitness DVD at home and I am getting the high energy cardio workout taught by Beto Perez and his instructors.

How Does the Zamba Fitness DVD work?

Zumba Fitness is the most popular Latin dance exercise DVD on the market.  Beto Perez and his Zumba Fitness instructors first walk you through each of the Latin dance steps slowly so you get the steps down.  Then, they put all the steps together for each of the routines.  Each Latin dance exercise routine has a level 1, 2 and 3; with 1 being Easy, 2 being intermediate and 3 being advanced.  After you have learned the Zumba Fitness Latin dance exercise  routines, the instructors add the high energy Latin music to the routine, and  then do the steps at full speed.  For your benefit and safety, one instructor does the routine at level one, another does the routine at level 2 and when you are comfortable with the routine and can handle the advanced steps, you can follow the instructor at level 3.

Each routine follows a particular Latin dance from the mamba, salsa, cumbia, samba, to merengue, and more!


What Do You Get in the Zumba Fitness DVD Program?

When you order Zumba Fitness you get the following:

 4-DVD, 6-workout fitness set designed to work your body from head to toe

 Loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating rhythms, and easy-to-follow routines

 Comes with maraca-like toning sticks to add muscle to your sculpting workouts

 Includes basics workout, 20-minute express workout, and sculpt-and-tone workout

 You also get the  “cardio party” workout and flat abs workout


Not Just for Women!

While the Zumba Workout infomercials you may see on late night tv only show women doing the dance routines, this aerobics program is designed for both men and women.  In the class I attend at the YMCA, I am one of a handful of men who take the class, and seeing the women doing the somewhat erotic pelvic moves is definitely a plus.

If you are uncomfortable doing some of the Latin dance routines in public, then getting the Zumba Fitness DVD from Amazon.com may just be for you.  This way you can do the moves and routines in the comfort of your home without any need to feel embarrassed, since some of the Latin dance moved can be quite stimulating.

 Learn Different Latin Dances

With some aerobic exercise classes, the goal is just to get your heart rate up, but with a Zumba workout you get much more.  While you definitely get a heart healthy aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up, you learn different dance routines with various types of Latin dance exercise from samba, salsa, cumbia and merengue to isolate different muscle groups to give you a complete aerobic exercise workout unlike anything else.


What is Zumba?  Just watch this short video and You Will See What Zumba Fitness is All About!

Exercise at Your Own Level

The best part about the Zumba Workout DVD program is that you can work out at a bigger, intermediate or advanced level.  Each dance routine has three instructors teaching the Latin dance moves at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level, so just follow the instructor who is teaching the moves at your level.

As you get in shape and begin to lose weight, you can easily start following the instructor at the next higher intensity level.

What Are People Saying About the Zumba Workout DVD Program?

  • FUN!!
  • Great Set- Different Than the Class
  • So much fun!
  • Fantastic, worth every penny!
  • Great DVD set
  • The most fun I’ve had working out!!!
  • Easy way to loose weight


Drawbacks of the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Program

Any comprehensive product review should discuss the negatives as well as the positives of the program.  With 82% of the product reviews being 4 or 5 on Amazon.com, with 5 being the best there weren’t too many complaints.

Some people felt the video program was too difficult.  I am not the most coordinated person and had no issue with the program being difficult.  As a matter of fact, using the Zumba Fitness DVDs before taking a class helped quite a bit.  When I first took a Zumba class I was totally lost.  When I used the DVDs, Beto and his instructors broke down each step slowly, which helped me learn the routine.  When I returned to the Zumba class, the songs and steps were familiar, which helped me progress rapidly from beginner to advanced, and I am in my mid-40s.

Some people complained the routines were repetitive.  There are a certain number of steps that are consistent in every type of Latin dance, so you will see them repeated in many of the routines.  The instructors go over the same steps in a repetitive manner to help you master the steps.


Where Can You Buy the Zumba Fitness Home Exercise DVD Program?

You can buy the Zumba Fitness Home Exercise DVD Programat many online and brick n mortar stores, and our research shows that Amazon.com has the best price, and with their Free Shipping Option, makes Amazon.com even a better value than purchasing the program from  Zumba Fitness directly or from the TV infomercial.

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