Top 5 Exercises for Men to Improve Sex Life

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Sex is an integral part of human life and men want to have a better sex life, especially as they get older.  However, you need to have a physically fit body and a sound mind to have better sex.  There are some exercises for men which can help a man ensure a healthy sex life at any age.

Exercises for men will help men improve blood flow and have higher oxygen levels to increase sexual feelings and allow men to last longer on bed.   The top five exercises for men to have better sex are mentioned below.

Top 5 Exercises for Men to Improve Sex Life

Weight lifting:

According to many a doctor, weight lifting is a very effective exercise for men to have better sex.  Actually, when a man does weight lifting, it helps produce more testosterone hormone which helps produce more sex hormones, increases semen levels and improves production of sperm, which is helpful for having better sex.  This exercise also decreases the extra fat in your bod, which can be extremely helpful to help you stay fit.

Exercises for men, such as crunches, sit-ups and push-ups are also quite helpful for men.  All these exercises build lean muscle mass, which helps to strengthen shoulders, abs stomach and chest muscles of a man and that helps extremely in their sex life.  If the upper body of a man is strong, it can help him at the time of intercourse by ensuring a strong heart that safe for sex.

Kegel Exercises for Men:

Kegel exercises or kegels, also known as the pelvic floor muscles,  are some of the most effective pelvic exercises for men to strengthen the muscles of your penis.  Strong Kegel muscles actually helps you stop the flow of urine at the time of having sex.  It also helps a man control his excitement and can prolong sexual intercourse, as strong Kegel muscles can help delay climax and ejaculation.

These exercises for men over 50 are also important as an  erectile dysfunction treatment or to  cure premature ejaculation, as this prevents blood leakage, which can cause a man to lose his erection during sex.  Thus, doing kegel exercises at the time of orgasm by squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles will surely help you last longer in bed and have better sex. Kegel exercises for men also improve blood circulation in the penis.  It improves the strength of the erection, and helps the penis stay erect for longer time to make sex more intense and enjoyable.

Yoga Exercises for men:

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Stamina is an extremely necessary tool for man over 50 to have a better sex life. Yoga will help a man increase sexual stamina, improve flexibility and increase breathing, which is extremely good for a better sex life.

Accordingly to most doctors, yoga helps to increase patience and improve mental well being in a man to make his body and mind fit.

Both these things can help a man have better sex.  Peacock Pose, Bow pose are quite effective for strengthening the pelvic muscles of man which can increase blood circulation to help a man have better sex.



It has been shown that men who have the habit of swimming regularly for exercise can enjoy frequent sex till later in life, whereas the general public who don’t exercise regularly, have less sex after the age of forty.  Swimming improves blood flow and oxygen in the body, and makes your muscle flexible.

Besides having better sex, you need to have more endurance power if you swim for exercise.  The habit of swimming regularly can improve your endurance power. According to the doctors, if you can swim three times a week each time for 30 minutes, it can significantly increase your sexual endurance.  It helps you to decrease excess fat and make your abs look good.  It is needless to say that better figure is always good for a better sex life.


Walking fast:

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It is really good to walk fast daily as it helps to decrease your extra fat by raising your heart rate and increase your stamina, and it also improves your blood circulation.

As it improves the circulation of the fluids in the body, the erection remains strong for a long time and you can last longer in bed for a longer period of time and can get more sexual satisfaction.  Endorphins are released with fast walking, and it can help you to be relaxed, which can improve your sexual performance.

Exercises for men over 50 is always better than taking pills for improving sex life. All these exercises can be quite beneficial to improve the strength, flexibility and endurance of a man, which can be extremely crucial to have a better sex life.

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