UbuRX Prescription Savings Membership Review

how to save on prescription drug pricesMillions of Americans unfortunately avoid taking care of their health, due to the high cost of prescription medications.

That’s where UbuRx, an affordable monthly Prescription Savings Membership plan, is saving American families on the high cost of prescription medications for themselves and their pets.

Studies show nearly 25% of Americans find it difficult to afford prescription medications, due to skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs.1

On top of skyrocketing Healthcare insurance premiums which are sucking millions of dollars annually from worker paychecks,  Americans also have to shell out more money for doctor visit copays, as well as, prescription copays.  These costs can average $10 to $50 per office visit.


Prescription savings

What is UbuRX monthly Prescription Savings Membership?

UBURx is a monthly Prescription Savings membership program that provides up to 90% savings off the cost of popular prescription and generic medications for your family and even your fur babies.  This includes popular anxiety and depressions medications, which have increased in 2021.

Once you sign up, you just present your prescription savings card when filling your prescription, to receive the lowest discount price for your prescription.

They have over 1,000 medications priced under $10, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year for your family.  They even offer pet medications at a significant discount.  The prices with this prescription plan may even be lower than your health insurance co-pay or other prescription savings programs.

This prescription savings plan is giving people the peace of mind knowing they can afford prescriptions for medications, without the fear of financial hardship.3


UBURx is free to try for 7 days, after which you will pay just $9.99/month. Your membership includes up to 6 family members (including pets and even grandma and grandpa!



How Does the UbuRX Prescription Savings Membership Work?

They have negotiated deep discounts on many leading medications with national pharmacies, such as those found in grocery stores, drug stores, etc.

UBURx is free to try for 7 days, after which you will pay just $9.99/month. Your membership includes up to 6 family members (including pets and even grandma and grandpa!

There is no complicated membership application to complete, or expensive fees to pay.  You will simply be billed $9.99 per month.

In some instances, the UbuRx price for medications may be even lower than what you would pay through your own employer-sponsored health insurance.



How Much Can You Save on Prescriptions with UbuRx?

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With UbuRx, you can save up to 90% on the cost of prescription medications.  You’ll be able to find discounts of an average of 85% off the pharmacy retail price on the cost of your prescriptions.4

If you don’t have health insurance, or your plan doesn’t cover the cost of prescriptions, you can be forced to pay hundreds or thousands each year out of pocket. The thought of having to choose between food and clothing over needed medicine, or a vacation can be devastating.

That can add peace of mind to a family, knowing filling your prescriptions won’t cause financial hardship.

Many health insurance plans will allow you to submit receipts for potential reimbursement and/or credit toward your deductible and other policy limits.  Contact your insurance plan customer service for more information, or if you have to sign up for a healthcare reimbursement plan to get reimbursed.


The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider (i.e., the pharmacy) and service received. UBURx does not pay providers.


Ubu RX prescription savings


Pay just $9.99 per month for a family membership.  Save over $2,000 a year on the cost of prescriptions.


Where Can You Use the UbuRx Prescription Card

You can use your UbuRx prescription card at all major grocery stores and convenience stores that have an on-site pharmacy that have negotiated rates with UbuRx.

Many independent local pharmacies accept the UbuRx prescription card.  If you don’t see your pharmacy in the infographic below, call or ask them if they accept the UbuRx prescription card before having your prescription filled, to ensure you are paying the lowest price for your prescriptions.

Please note, UBURx cannot be combined with federal or state-funded programs, such as Medicare or Medicaid.  Also, you can’t combine this prescription savings program with your employer sponsored healthcare plan.

In instances where the negotiated rates are cheaper than those offered through your private health insurance, you have the comfort of knowing you have the option to either use your private healthcare insurance plan or your UbuRx prescription plan to purchase your prescription medications.


where to use your prescription savings card

Prescription savings



Benefits of UbuRx Prescription Savings Plan

One of the most popular medications prescribed is Lexapro,(Escitalopram).  With an UbuRx prescription savings card, you can save 92% over the regular retail cost of these medications, which equates to your cost of just $3.93 vs $54.00.

With life changing stress, anxiety and depression on the rise over the last two years in children, the use of antidepressants in teens and adults due to the novel coronavirus has increased by 40%.5

This has lead to an increased use of medications to alleviate the symptom of increased generalized anxiety and social anxiety symptoms.  The high cost of these medications can lead to financial hardship.


UbuRx prescription savings


Millions of men over age 40 use Viagra to improve their sexual performance.  The high cost of Viagra can force men to buy ED pills online from unregulated sources or purchase dangerous illegal or counterfeit Viagra.

With an UbuRx Prescription savings card, you can Save up to 96% on Sildenafil.  Pay as little as $6.04 with UBURx, and you can avoid a medical assessment other online pharmacies may have you take.


prescription savings card

Alternatives to UbuRx

Pros and Cons of UbuRx


    • Affordable
    • You can save up to 90% on the cost of prescription medications
    • Accepted at most retail pharmacies
    • Plan begins as soon as your credit card is accepted
    • No complicated enrollment process



    • Can’t combine with health insurance plans or Medicare


UbuRx prescription savings



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