Where to Buy Affordable Hearing Aids at 50% to 75% Off Retail Price?

If you have been looking for a way to buy affordable hearing aids, I am hear to tell you (no pun intended), that going to an audiologist is probably your most costly option.  Audiologists sell the leading brands of heading aids and other hearing loss devices at full retail price,  often costing $1,000 to $3,000 per ear, or up to $6,000 or more for a hearing aid set, since most people buy two hearing aids.

Many people are afraid to buy hearing aids online, because they fear the hearing aids won’t fit properly, the sound quality will be poor or they are buying cheap hearing aids made in China, which are inferior to the expensive hearing aids sold by audiologists.

With s little work, you can find affordable hearing aids online that are as good as the expensive hearing aids sold by audiologists, and at 50% to 75% off the retail price you would pay from an audiologist.


Where Can You Buy Affordable Hearing Aids?

If you are able to do the research on hearing aids yourself, or even talk to an audiologist about your audiogram and learn the differences between the various types of hearing loss devices, you can easily learn how to buy affordable hearing aids and save a lot of money.  By doing the leg work yourself and are agreeable to buy hearing aids online, you can expect to save anywhere from 50% to 75% off the prices charged by a hearing aids specialist.   As you may suspect, the best place to find affordable hearing aids is on line.

Just as not all audiologists are the same, not all online hearing aids stores are the same.  Some, like Century Hearing Aids, offers the same US made and FDA approved high quality digital hearing aids sold by audiologists, but at 50% to 75% off.  How can they do this?  Just as a grocery store sells national brand products at full retail price, and the same product in a  private label store brand packaging at 30% to 50% off, the owner of Century Hearing Aids went to the same manufacturers that make leading hearing aids costing $1,000 to $3,000 per ear, and had them make a private label version of the same expensive hearing loss product for them at a significant savings.


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What About Reading your Audiogram?

While an audiogram is not required for the purchase of hearing aids online or through a retail store, but if your last hearing test was over a year ago, a new hearing test is recommended to evaluate your hearing and check for further deterioration of your hearing in one or both ears.  Online hearing aid stores, like Century Hearing Aids, employ people trained at reading your hearing aid test to evaluate your current hearing and to suggest the best type of hearing aids for you depending on your level of hearing, the type of work you do, and other lifestyle issues as well as an audiologist can.


What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Affordable Hearing Aids online?


Before buying affordable hearing aids from an online store, you need to do a little bit of research, including:

  • Is the online seller located in the US or not?  For example, does the web address end in (.com) or (.co.uk, which means the web address is registered in the UK), or (.co.cn, which indicates a Chinese company).
  • Do they have a physical address in the US, Canada or other country?  Look around the website for contact information to see if you can find a corporate  address, or other related addresses.
  • Does the website sell affordable digital hearing aids, which have superior sound amplification quality, or affordable analog hearing aids?
  • Do they sell Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved hearing aids?  The best US websites will well FDA approved hearing aids, which means the hearing aids themselves have been approved by the FDA, or they are made in an FDA approved manufacturing facility.
  • Does the website sell In the Ear, Behind the Ear and Open Fit hearing aids, or just one type?  Century Hearing Aids, for example, sells several models of all three types of hearing aids to give you the best choice and variety.
  • Does the website just sell hearing aids, or will assign a technician to you who will analyze your audiogram (hearing aid test) and make a recommendation based on test findings and your lifestyle needs?
  • Does the company offer free shipping?
  • Can you try it before buying it?


If you can’t answer yes to each of these questions when researching an online seller, then contact Century Hearing Aids, as you will find this company scores a YES for each question, and you will discover this is the best place to buy affordable hearing aids.




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