What is the Best Hybrid Bike for You?

What is the Best Hybrid Bike for You?

If you are buying your first bicycle or replacing an existing one, you may be thinking how do I choose the best best hybrid bike?   We have some advice for you that will be helpful in making the right choice for a new bicycle.

What Is the Best Type of Hybrid Bike to Buy?

The first question to ask when looking to buy a a hybrid bike is what is the best hybrid bike to buy for the type of bike riding I will be doing?  Are you an avid mountain bike rider, do you enjoy trail riding, are you looking for a commuting bike to get to work or yiu are looking for new to bike to ride around town?   Another important question is: Will this bike be used for exercise, commuting to work or school, or just riding around town?

Most people tend to buy mountain bikes, since this is a relatively low cost bike available at all bike shops, and many big box stores.  This may or may not be the best choice for you, depending on your bike riding needs.  If you plan to hit the trails then a hybrid bike is the best bike for you.  On the other hand, if you plan to do some serious mountain biking, then a mountain is the  best choice for you.  A good all-terrain entry level mountain bike will set you back about $400, while a Schwinn hybrid bike will cost between $250 to $300, depending on features you select.

With a hybrid bicycle, you are sitting upright instead of hunched forward as you would be on a mountain bike, and the seat  is a bit wider and softer than the saddle of a mountain bike.  The tires are thinner for a smoother ride.

For medium to long distance road rides, then a road bike or comfort bike is the best type of bike to buy.  Both bikes have lightweight frames, thin tires and 21-24 gears.  Road bikes have slightly hunched handle bars and hard saddles, which will make your back side a bit sore until you are used to this type of bike seat.  A comfort bike has upright handle bars and a soft and wider seat for maximum riding comfort, and is perfect if you plan to ride your bike to work, or to school.

When Should I buy a New Hybrid  Bike?

The best time to buy a new hybrid bike is the end of winter or early spring.  This is when bike shops have the best selection.  Buying a new bike before spring or summer will allow you time to buy a new bike, learn to ride or get back into riding after the winter hiatus, especially if you haven’t ridden in a long time.  Also, if you need to have your bicycle tuned up, bike shops will be busy during late spring or summer, and it may take a few to several days before you get your bicycle back.

Now that you have some basic information on how to buy a new bike, you can click here to read our Hybrid Bike Review, and also read some valuable information on mountain bikes and road bikes, so you will be ready when summer for the summer!



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