Prostate Stimulation – The Secret to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship

.Sex Toy to Increase Intimacy in the Bedroom

If you are looking for a way to increase intimacy in your relationship, adding couples sex toys, like prostate massage is the secret weapon to add a new dimension to sex.

For most couples, introducing a sex toy like prostate massage in the bedroom can increase intimacy in your relationship.  In this article you will discover how prostate massage is one of the best secret couples sex toys to add intimacy and spice up love making.

For many couples, bringing sex toys into the bedroom can be intimidating.  The adult sex toys from Aneros add excitement for couples who want to increase intimacy with sex play.


How Prostate Massage can Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship?


There are many types of sex toys couples can incorporate in the bedroom to increase intimacy in their relationship.

Introducing prostate massage can flat out make sex better. When the man uses a prostate massager during sex, he will be harder, and will last longer in bed.

This increased sexual performance is a great secondary benefit for his partner as well. An Aneros is a great way to explore and expand your intimacy with your partner.

Introducing prostate massage is a unique adult sex toy to add to sexual intercourse.  It is a way to increase intimacy between a couple in the bedroom.  Vibrators are a great way for a guy to please his partner.  A prostate massager is unique way a woman can add intimacy for her partner.


Give Him a Rock Hard Erection

Prostate massage increases blood flow to the prostate gland and penis.  This can help men get a larger and harder erection.  This can give his partner more intense sexual pleasure versus giving him a blowjob or hand job.

You think getting an orgasm during sex is intense?  A prostate orgasm is said to be several times more intense.  This can take sex or foreplay to levels most men have never experienced.

Most men think of prostate massage as a way to overcome the symptoms of enlarged prostate, but researchers and massage specialists discovered that the male anal region is loaded with highly sensitive nerve endings, particularly the perineum, which is the small patch of smooth skin between the scrotum and anus, that produces highly pleasurable sensations when touched, and is often included in tantric massage.

Prostate massage during sex helps him produce buckets more semen, which makes orgasms more intense.  She will feel your rock hard manhood as you shoot your cum inside her.



Prostate Massager, the Best Adult Sex Toys? 


Couples are often used to using vibrators, dildos and oils to increase intimacy in your relationship?  Couples often ignore the use of prostate stimulation in the bedroom to increase intimacy during sex.

Unlike a female vibrator or other female sex toys that require one of two hands for use, a prostate massager is the ultimate hands-free male sex toy.  Once the prostate massager is inserted into his rectum, the sphincter muscles do all the work to guide the prostate massager to the right spot.  Prostate massage can produce highly pleasurable sensations throughout his body.  This can intensify sex and foreplay, and make ejaculation more intense.

The couple can engage in foreplay, oral sex or other pleasurable sexual activity to heighten intimacy.

Endorphins are hormones, which act as natural pain relievers, that are released during strenuous activity, sex, or as a response to physical pain.  During sex, endorphins help produce the highly pleasurable sensations associated with sex or intimate physical contact.

In the case of using prostate massage during sex, not only does the physical prostate massage release endorphins, but since prostate massage is hands free, the couple can simultaneously engage in other forms of physical touch.


What is the Best Prostate Massager for Intimacy?

couple making love

There are many types of prostate massagers and couples sex toys on the market, but the most popular line of prostate massagers are from Aneros.  They offer a full line of prostate massagers from beginners to men experienced in prosate massage.


Not Just a Male Sex Toy

Aneros does not just make male sex toys, they make exciting female sex toys, and couples sex toys, to add intimacy and spice up sex.

  • Aneros makes a full line of female sex toys that women can introduce in the bedroom, or use by themselves for personal sexual stimulation.


  • Sex toys for couples.  Aneros makes a full line of adult sex toys for couples, which they call unisex toys, that men and women use simultaneously for dual sexual pleasure couples can experience at the same time, to heighten sexual pleasure, or to help couples reach climax and orgasm at the same time.


What Aneros is Best for You?

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