Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

Five Key Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice for Your Health


wheatgrass juice benefits

Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass is the young grass of the wheat plant, Triticum aestivum.  It can be consumed in liquid as wheatgrass juice, in pill form or as wheatgrass power, which is mixed with water or juice.  While most beneficial way to consume wheatgrass is in juice form, the key is that you know the 5 key benefits of wheatgrass juice for your health.  So, you may be asking, what are the benefits of wheatgrass juice? Wheatgrass is packed with many essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, and has been used for over fifty years as natural alternative medicine to pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of diseases including cancer, illnesses such as the common cold and medical conditions from stress, anxiety, depression and even hair loss.   In addition, wheatgrass juice does not come with the unpleasant side effects of pharmaceutical drug therapies. The woman credited with bringing the benefits of wheatgrass juice into the mainstream of alternative health medicine was the late Ann Wigmore.  She was a holistic practitioner who got turned on to wheatgrass and other natural foods while battling colon cancer.  Her groundbreaking book, The Wheatgrass Book discusses the benefits of wheatgrass juice as a health supplement, and how this little unassuming grass is packed full of cancer fighting nutrients. To document her use of wheatgrass as a natural treatment for cancer, and other health benefits of wheatgrass juice, she wrote the groundbreaking  book The Wheatgrass Book and co-founded the Hippocrates Health Institute.


Five Benefits of  Wheatgrass Juice

  • Natural source of vitamins and antioxidants
  • One ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to the vitamin and mineral content of 1 ounce of fresh vegetables
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Contains high amounts of chlorophyll
  • Contains 19 amino acids, the building blocks of protein


What Vitamins are in Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass juice is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, including:

  • Vitamins A, C, E, and B-12
  • Calcium
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron

There are many benefits of wheatgrass juice, since it has more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A as carrots, and contains 19 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.



The Wheatgrass Book

Why is chlorophyll so Important to Health of the Human Body?

Chlorophyll has been shown to build red blood cells quickly, normalizes blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels though out the body, destroy poisonous carbon dioxide, releases free oxygen and promotes higher metabolism and stimulated enzyme systems. In addition, consuming chlorophyll from wheatgrass is a highly effective way to alkalize the blood.  Alkaline in the body reduces the level of acidity in the body, which reduces many conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and insomnia, to name just a few.


Best Ways to Get your Daily Glass of Wheatgrass for less than $5.00

Have you seen the price of a glass of wheatgrass juice at your local smoothie shop?  A shot glass full can set you back $5.00.  This has lead some people grow their own wheatgrass and extract the juice, called wheatgrass juicing.  If you don’t have the time, space or green thumb to grow your own wheatgrass, you can buy wheatgrass ready for juicing at many health food stores or nurseries.  If you would like to have fresh glass of this magic elixir each morning , you will need a masticating juicer that is designed to squeeze grasses and leafy fruits and vegetables.  You can buy a wheatgrass juicer, or a masticating juicer here that will give you fresh wheatgrass juice and so much more!!!.

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