FertilAid for Men

FertilAid for Men

male fertility treatment

For couples trying to conceive a baby, it can be very frustrating when you keep trying, but are unsuccessful.  The problem may be due to a common male infertility issue, known as low sperm count.  Male infertility can be the result of genetic, biological, lifestyle, environmental or other issues that result in poor sperm health that prevents a male’s sperm from successfully fertilizing a female’s egg.  FertilAid for Men is a natural fertility aid for men created by leading fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum, MD/ObGyn, that contains essential amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants known to boost sperm count, improve sperm morphology and improve sperm motility to help couples conceive a baby.


What is Male Infertility?

Male Infertility is defined as a male reproductive disorder that results in the inability of a male to get a woman pregnant after one year to two years of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.  Male infertility is defined as a man having low sperm count (less than 20 million to 50 million healthy sperm) per ejaculation, poor sperm motility or poor sperm morphology, and therefore does not have a sufficient quantity of healthy sperm to fertilize a female’s egg,  to conceive a baby successfully.

A normal sperm count is 20 million to 50 million healthy sperm per milliliter of semen.  A male is considered to have low sperm count if he has less than 15 million healthy sperm per mililiter of semen.  Male infertility problems usually include low sperm count, poor sperm morphology or low sperm motility.  A male can actually have normal sperm count, but not have a sufficient number of  healthy sperm, which will still prevent conception.  Most male fertility problems include low sperm count, and one or more of the other sperm-related problems.  The good news is that in many cases, male infertility problems can be reversed with the use of a natural male fertility aid like Fertilaid.


How does FertilAid for Men work?

FertilAid promotes male reproductive wellness and helps men with the most common male infertility issues: low sperm count, low sperm morphology and low sperm motility to improve the production of healthy sperm and increase the chances for a couple to successfully conceive a baby naturally without medical intervention.  Male infertility, due to vericoseles or prostate problems, will still require medical intervention.

FertilAid is a natural male fertility treatment that includes a unique blend of the amino acid L-Carnitine, vitamins and antioxidants that aid in the production and formation of normal, healthy sperm; antioxidants that repair free radicals in the body that damage healthy sperm and prevent the production of healthy sperm.

Before beginning this male fertility treatment to boost sperm count, men should have a semen analysis to benchmark their current sperm count and sperm quality.  It is recommended to use Fertilaid for Men for one month to three months, then have a follow up semen analysis to track improvement in sperm count, sperm morphology and sperm motility.


Common Male Infertility Causes

  • The most common male infertility problem is low sperm count, which refers to a male who produces less than 15 million sperm per mililiter of semen of healthy sperm a man produces per mililiter of semen to fertilize a female’s eggs.
  • Another male fertility problem is poor sperm motility, meaning the sperm are poor or slow swimmers and die before they ever reach the egg.
  • The third common male infertility problem is poor sperm morphology, which refers to the shape of the sperm.  Do they have normal shaped heads, double heads, and short or no tail.


Fertilaid for Men addresses these three common male fertility issues with its unique blend of natural ingredients that boost healthy sperm production, and contains important vitamins and amino acids that increase sperm motility and morphology, as well as to protect the sperm from the damaging effects of free radicals in the body.


Low Sperm Count – A male is considered to have low sperm count if he produces fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.  Semen is the white milky fluid secreted by the prostate gland to nourish sperm prior to ejaculation.  A lower than  normal quantity of sperm often prevents fertilization of the female’s egg.

Low Sperm Morphology – Sperm morphology refers to the shape of the sperm head and tail of the sperm.  Normal sperm have an oval shaped head with a long straight tail.  Abnormal sperm have head or tail defects, such as a misshapen head, two heads, a crooked, short or double tail.  These defects may affect the ability of the sperm to reach and penetrate an egg.

Low Sperm Motility – Motility refers to movement or swimming ability of the sperm.  Healthy sperm must swim straight and fast to reach the egg before the sperm begin to die, or the woman’s body discharges the egg during menstruation.

During semen analysis, a medical technician use a motility grade scale, where the motility of sperm are divided into four different grades, to determine the health of the sperm:

  • Grade a: Sperm with progressive motility. These are the strongest and swim fast in a straight line. Sometimes it is also denoted motility IV.
  • Grade b: (non-linear motility): These also move forward but tend to travel in a curved or crooked motion. Sometimes also denoted motility III.
  • Grade c: These have non-progressive motility because they do not move forward despite the fact that they move their tails. Sometimes also denoted motility II.
  • Grade d: These are immotile and fail to move at all. Sometimes also denoted motility I



Ingredients in FertilAid for Men

You may be asking how do the ingredients in Fertilaid for Men work, and how does this male fertility supplement improve healthy sperm production?

L-Carnitine, an amino acid that is critical to the formation of healthy sperm and male reproductive wellness.

Zinc to promote healthy sperm formation, sperm motility and testosterone metabolism.  FertilAid contains more than 3 times the amount of Zinc found in other brands.

Vitamin C (250mg) needed to protect sperm from free radical damage.

Betacarotene, a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects sperm from free radical attack.

Maca Root, which has been scientifically demonstrated to improve sperm production and increase sperm motility.

Essential Antioxidants  to minimize free radical/oxidative damage and DNA fragmentation caused by the environment and aging:

Vitamin E


Grapeseed Extract


FertilAid Side Effects

Since FertilAid for Men is a natural male fertility treatment for men made from only natural and herbal ingredients, it is 100% safe and there are no known side effects.


Tips to Prevent Male Infertility Problems

If you are trying to conceive a baby, employ these easy tips:

1) Wear boxer style underwear and not briefs.  Briefs hold the testicles too close to the body and overheat the scrotum, thus leading to damaged to dead sperm, which causes low sperm count.

2) Wear loose fitting pants and not tight fitting jeans.  This does not allow the testicles to expel heat, thus leading to damaged to dead sperm, which causes low sperm count.

3) If you ride a bicycle, you should stop bike riding and wearing tight biking shorts until you have successfully conceived a child.  Bike riding and wearing biking short holds the testicles too close to the body, and leads to male fertility issues.  If you bike ride for exercise, you should find an alternative method of exercise until you have successfully conceived a child.



Benefits of FertilAid for Men

  •  L-Carnitine, an amino acid that is an important component in the production of healthy and properly formed sperm.
  • Includes vitamins and nutrients shown to improve the formation of healthy sperm and protects sperm from free radicals and other environmental factors.
  • Does not only boost sperm count, it also promotes the production of properly formed healthy sperm.
  • In addition to improved sperm count, men may also notice improved semen volume.
  • There are no side effects.
  • 100% or more of the recommended daily allowance of key vitamins & minerals for men of reproductive age trying to conceive.

Who is Amos Grunebaum, MD/ObGyn

Amos Grunbaum, MD/ObGyn,  creator of FertilAid for Men, is the director of clinical maternal-fetal medicine at the New York Hospital-Cornell Weill Medical College, and is a leading fertility expert.  He has over 30 years of experience in the medical field and as an expert in fertility and pregnancy issues.
Amos Grunebaum, MD

Drawbacks of FertilAid

FertilAid for Men has shown to have few drawbacks as noted by the many positive testimonials from men and women who have used it successfully to help them improve chances of conception, is not a quick fix to boost low sperm count.  Fertilaid for Men takes one to three months of use before you will know if it has worked to boost production of healthy sperm.

While this cost effective male infertility treatment works well for most men who use it, some men will find little or no change in sperm count.


 Testimonials from Men and Women Who have Used FertilAid for Men

  • We had been trying for about 8 months when I ordered FertilAid for Men and FertilAid for Women. We each took them for a few months and now we’re pregnant!!


  • Before taking this product, my husband’s sperm count, mobility, etc… was very low.  70% of sperm was dead and those that were alive, only 30% were moving.  After taking this product we went back to the doctor and there was an increase. I believe it went from 16 million to 23 million.


  • I started taking this product in March, and my wife got pregnant in May


  • I am pregnant after 7 yrs of trying this helped. and so easy


  • We tried for a year. Used this and on our 3rd month we’re now pregnant. Heard about this from a friend who was trying as well.. on his 3rd month, they got pregnant, was worth the shot…


Where You  Can Buy FertilAid for Men

Fertilaid fro Men generally sells for $28.95 to $35.00 per 30 day supply.  Our research indicates that the following sellers offer the best price for this male fertility aid:






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