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Century Hearing Aids Provides Affordable Hearing Aids Including Open Fit, Behind the Ear, In the Ear Hearing Aids & Hearing Devices

Century Hearing Aids is your solution if your are one of the nearly 30 millions adults every year age 50 and over who are diagnosed with hearing loss, and need to purchase hearing aids.

Studies show that nearly 1 in 3 adults between the ages of 50 and 75 has some degree of hearing loss, and nearly half of people over age 75 has severe hearing loss.

The #1 reason most people avoid or put off addressing their hearing loss problems until the hearing loss is severe, are the high hearing aid prices, usually $1,000 to $3,000 or more per ear.

To make the situation worse, in most cases the cost of hearing aids is not covered by insurance or Medicare.  This means millions of adults on fixed income may be forced to choose between paying expenses or missing out on hearing the full rage of sounds simply because they can’t afford the high cost of digital hearing aids.

Century Hearing Aids was created to solve this problem, by offering the same high quality digital hearing aids at 50-75% off the price paid at an audiologist, so everyone who needs hearing aids can afford them, regardless if you are on fixed income or not.


Century Hearing Aids offers the same high quality hearing aids sold by audiologists, but at a fraction of the cost.




Types of Affordable Hearing Aids


Century Hearing Aids offers several models of the Ex Silent and Rosebud affordable hearing loss sound amplification devices available today at 50% to 75% off the normal $1,000 to $3,000 price for each ear you would expect to pay for similar quality hearing aids from an audiologist.  Century Hearing Aids went direct to the manufacturer to cut out the middleman to save you thousands of dollars on the cost of your new analog or digital hearing aids.

Click a link below to go directly to the products in your desired type of hearing aids from In the Ear, Open Fit, and Behind the Ear configurations.


for mild to severe hearing loss.

hearing aids prices


In the Ear hearing aids are small, ready to wear and offer amazing sound quality. They come with an easy to use volume control and are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.


for mild to severe hearing loss
hearing aids prices


Open Fit hearing aids are digital, mini behind the ear hearing aids that deliver sound amplification that is clear and precise.   The Open Fit hearing aid is designed for people with mild to severe high frequency hearing loss.


for severe to profound hearing loss
affordable hearing aids


Behind the ear hearing aids are larger, offer super power performance and have more features.  This type of sound amplification device is designed for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Century Hearing Aids



About Century Hearing Aids


Century Hearing Aids


John Stoddard, the founder and owner of Century Hearing Aids, knew the process of purchasing hearing aids was way too complicated, expensive and time consuming.John used his background in engineering to really understand how a hearing aid works to amplify sound.  He researched the best selling hearing aid brands like Beltone, Miracle-Ear, Unitron, Oticon, Bernafon, Rexton, Starkey, Audibel and Widex to see what separates these leaders in the industry from other companies.


He took this information coupled with his background in engineering to develop hearing aids that offer the same high quality clear sound amplification as the leading brands, just at a fraction of the cost.He used the same model grocery store chains use by offering a national brand product under their own name at 50-75% off the price  of the national brand.


John convinced the leading manufacturers of hearing aids to offer their products to him under his private label brand name at significant discount, which he passes on to you the customer.Due to his massive buying power, his staff performs all the same functions as a local hearing aids store, and leverages that cost and overhead over thousands of units to offer you the same product just much more affordably.

Century Hearing Aids is a  US based company located in Tucson, AZ that sells analog and digital hearing aids manufactured in the United States and Europe, and is an ISO9001 Certified company, which allows them to sell the best quality European made hearing aids as well.All the hearing aids sold by Century Hearing Aids are FDA approved for your safety and satisfaction.



Do You Need a Hearing Test?


Image result for audiogram test



No, you do not need a hearing test to buy hearing aids.  You may or may not need a hearing test before purchasing hearing aids, but since different hearing aids are designed for different types and levels of hearing loss, if you haven’t had your hearing checked in the last 12 months, a hearing test may be recommended.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of a hearing test.


This short hearing loss survey will determine if you need a hearing test.


If you are a Costco or Sam’s Club Member, you can schedule a Free Hearing Test!

If your hearing loss survey score determines you do need a hearing test, you can call your doctor or primary care physician for a hearing loss screening.  You may be referred to an audiologist who can perform a test called an audiogram, which is a detailed analysis of your level of hearing loss in one or both ears.


If you are a Costco or Sam’s Club Member, you can schedule a Free Hearing Test!   You will get an audiogram, which is a graph that shows the level of hearing loss in each ear.

Just submit your audiogram to Century Hearing Aids, and a technician will help you select the best hearing aids for your type and level of hearing loss, and will program your new hearing aids for you at no cost.

If you have received your audiogram, click here to learn how to read your audiogram to better understand your level of hearing loss.

It is important that you get copy of your audiogram from your doctor or the audiologist,  and fax it to Century Hearing Aids so that the technicians can review it and analyse your results to recommend the best hearing aids for you to address your type and level of hearing loss.



Why Choose Century Hearing Aids



  • Century Hearing Aids is a US based maker of affordable hearing aids with headquarters in Tucson, AZ that only sells FDA approved hearing aids for your safety and satisfaction.
  •  If you check many other online sellers of analog or digital hearing aids there is no physical address for the company, so you don’t know where the company is located and where the hearing aids are made.
  • All hearing aids sold by Century Hearing Aids are made in the US and are FDA approved, while many budget hearing aids are made in China.
  • In addition to All the sound amplification devices  offered by Century Hearing Aids are made in the US and  are 100% FDA approved, you can contact Century Hearing Aids and even speak to the founder and owner, John Stoddard.  Try that with any other online seller of hearing aids.


Hearing Aids You Can’t See


Many people today wear hearing aids that sit behind the ear, and are visible for everyone to see.

Century Hearing Aids offers In The Ear (ITE) type hearing aids that are virtually invisible to see.

Call or click here now to see if you are a candidate for In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids.


ite-hearing-aids from Century Hearing Aids

How the Process  to Purchase Century Hearing Aids Works


  • While a hearing test is recommended, it is not necessary to purchase hearing aids from Century Hearing Aids, you can go onto the website 24/7,  do the research and purchase your hearing aids.
  • If you are not sure which hearing aids you need, you can work with a technician who can recommend the best hearing aids for you, based on your hearing loss, or by the results if your audiogram.
  • You will get 30 days to try your new hearing aids, and you can return them for a full refund if not happy for any reason.
  • Many companies will charge you a shipping fee when you order hearing aids, but not Century Hearing Aids.  They offer Free Shipping on all hearing aids orders.
  • If you choose to have a hearing test, follow the simple instructions to send in your aidiogram.  The technician will contact after receiving and analyzing your audiogram to  help you choose a hearing aid appropriate for your level of hearing loss, and provide you with the correct hearing aids.
  •  Based on your audiogram, the technician will adjust your new hearing aids for you and send it to you for a 30 day trial.
  • Century Hearing Aids has one goal – to help you address your hearing loss and to restore your hearing so you can enjoy what you have been missing.


When you compare Century Hearing Aids to other providers of hearing aids and hearing loss products, you will quickly learn they are different from other online sellers of hearing loss devices, in that they don’t just sell hearing aids, they work with you to make sure you get the correct hearing aids for your type and level of hearing loss at 50% to 75% less than buying them from an audiologist.




Will You Need One or Two Hearing Aids?


It is recommended that you wear hearing aids in both ears unless you have a hearing test that shows you only have hearing loss in one ear.




What is the WARRANTY?


While most companies offer 30 day to 90 day warranty, Century Hearing Aids offers a One or Two Year Warranty for the “Audition” or “Rosebud” or “ExSilent” branded Hearing Aids against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR or TWO (2) YEAR (as stated on product page) from the date of purchase.

When you purchase Century Hearing Aids, you will get a  30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee – Shop Now!  If after 30 days you are not happy with your hearing loss aids, you can return them for a full 100% refund, and the company will even pay the return shipping charge, so you have nothing to lose, except your hearing loss!



Will I have to pay sales tax?


You will only pay sales tax if the shipment is sent to Arizona.  Shipments to all other states are sent tax free.




What if You Can’t Afford the Full Cost of your Hearing Aids?


No problem, if you can’t afford the full cost of your hearing aids upfront, which is a common concern for adults living on a fixed income.  You can own a pair of Century Hearing Aids for as little as $25 per month and your first payment is not due until 30 days from your order date.

Century Hearing Aids uses a service called Bill Me Later.  Bill Me Later is a PayPal service that lets you buy now and pay for your hearing aids later.  You will need to set up a Paypal account to use the Bill Me Later service, which is easy to do and takes just a few minutes. Bill Me Later is a secure, instant, and reusable credit line that lets you pay for your hearing aids in 2 simple steps —


  1. Just enter your birth date and
  2. Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number and accept the terms.   Credit Approval takes only seconds.




Is there a Shipping Charge?


Century Hearing Aids will ship your hearing aid to you for free when you order your new hearing aids.






When you buy any model of hearing loss aids from Century Hearing Aids, you can feel confident because your purchase is backed by our Century Hearing Aids 30-Day Trial  and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely happy with your purchase for any reason, you can return them for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price – or exchange for a different type of aid.  We will even pay for return shipping!


Video Testimonials from Happy Customers


Testimonial #1  – David Anderson


Testimonial #2 – Jim Palmer


Testimonial #3 – Bill


Testimonial #4 – Lily


Testimonial #5 – Gene and Debbie




How to Purchase Century Hearing Aids


Century Hearing Aids Provides Affordable Hearing Aids Including Open Fit, Behind the Ear, In the Ear Hearing Aids & Hearing Devices







Century Hearing Aids are sold exclusively through their website.


Just click here now to be directed to the Century Hearing Aids Store to start the process of working with your hearing technician to purchase your new Century Hearing Aids to help you reverse hearing loss and hear what you have been missing.


Physical Address

Century Hearing Aids
5311 East Peach Street
Tucson, AZ 85712


Call Us by Phone

Phone: 888-738-9819
Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM (PST)

Fax: 520-844-2700

Email Support

Email: support@centuryhearingaids.com



To Your Health!



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