How Much Should You Pay for Affordable Hearing Aids?

If you’re doctor told you that you need hearing aids, you probably have a bunch of questions.

If your doctor told you that you need hearing aids, you probably have a bunch of questions.

Some of those questions can be answered byreading the hearing aids reviews on ProductExpert.

You may be wondering if you can afford them.  Do you know how much should you pay for hearing aids?  What are the benefits or risks, for example, if you put off getting them altogether.

As you know, the cost of new hearing aids can be really expensive.

This article will show you how you can buy affordable hearing aids for a fraction of the cost of expensive hearing aids sold by audiologists.


What Should you pay for Hearing Aids?

If you have been looking to buy hearing aids, you may have discovered there are many places to buy hearing aids.

The most popular locations to  buy hearing aids are a hearing aid center, a department store with an in-house hearing aid center, big box store like Costso, and from an online hearing aids supplier.

If you are a military veteran, contact your local VA office.  In many cases you may be able to get hearing aids for no cost.

Consumer Reports wrote  in their Hearing Aid Buyer’s Guidethat new hearing aids from leading manufacturers sold through audiologists can cost between $1000 and $6,000.

Depending on the sophistication of the analog  or digital hearing aids, this may be the price for the pair or for each hearing aid.

For people who are on fixed income, this can make hearing aids cost prohibitive.   If they  not reimbursable through private health insurance or Medicare, this can prevent people from achieving  optimal hearing.

In many cases, for example, the hearing test will be covered by insurance. Several places offer free hearing tests for seniors. Unfortunately, this can still force many older adult to endure worsening hearing loss until their hearing loss becomes dangerous or life threatening.


Here is an example of what you can expect to pay for new hearing aids from an audiologist:

Rexton Finesse 2c

Rexton Hearing Aids cost between $1,499 and $2,499 per ear.


Quantum2 Standard BTE

Unitron Hearing Aids cost between $1,499 and $2,799 per ear.


Siemens Orion Hearing Aid

Siemens Hearing Aids range in price from $1,599 to $2,299 per ear.


Sonic Bliss

Sonic Hearing Aids range in price from $1,499 to $2,199 per ear.

How to Find Affordable Hearing Aids?

Many people are unfortunately afraid to buy hearing aids online.  They fear they will buy cheap hearing aids made in China.  Another issue is what to do if they don’t fit, or also if the sound quality may be inferior to the more expensive hearing aids.

Reputable online hearing aid sellers require findings from an audiologist be provided, to ensure you are buying the correct type of hearing aids for your type and level of hearing loss or needs.

We have researched several popular online hearing aid stores to compare them based on the following factors:

  • do they require a hearing aid test before you can purchase hearing aids
  • what is the manufacturing origin of the hearing aids
  • will they help you choose the right hearing aids for your needs
  • how easy is it to contact the seller
  • do they have a physical address
  • how many types and models of hearing aids to they offer
  • what is their price compared to the competition


What are the Best Affordable Hearing Aids

Our research found that you can buy affordable hearing aids for as little as $99 per ear up to $1,000 per ear.

The best digital affordable hearing aids often cost between $400 and $800 per ear, and offers the same sound quality as hearing aids costing between $1,000 and $3,000 per ear.

The two best online Hearing Aid Stores by our research are MDHearing Aids and Century Hearing Aids.  These are both US companies that sell FDA approved products, and affordable hearing aids. Doing further research, MD Hearing Aids only offers two models of their hearing aids. Both are Behind the Ear (BTE).

Century Hearing Aids offer three types of affordable hearing aids.  This includes In The ear (ITE), Open Fit (Mini Behind the Ear) and regular Behind the Ear (BTE).

Within each type of hearing aids, you can choose from 3 to 4 models of each, for a total of 10 possible hearing aids.



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  2. Diane Lyman 09/27/2018 at 7:56 am -

    Thank you so much for your helpful shearing post!

  3. Ken Weiss 08/14/2015 at 12:20 pm -

    When you buy hearing aids online, you can often buy either one hearing aid, or two hearing aids in a set.

    You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars when you buy hearing aids online, you can get hearing aids for under $1,000. You need to check if your insurance will help cover the cost of hearing aids.

  4. bryan flake 08/13/2015 at 12:51 pm -

    Are all hearing aids based on a per ear cost? My daughter needs hearing aids sometime soon. We recently found out that she is significantly deaf. I am just hoping that insurance will be able to help with some of the cost.

  5. Jack White 05/28/2015 at 2:36 pm -

    Wow. I knew that hearing aids were expensive, but not that crazy expensive. I might have been looking at it like a pair of glasses and thought maybe three hundred dollars. Obviously, it is a lot less with insurance coverage so I’ll have to check on the price.

  6. Ken Weiss 05/20/2015 at 10:01 am -

    Good digital hearing aids can cost upto $6k or even $8k. Buying hearing aids online is a great way to get high quality hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of buying them through an audiologist.

  7. Ken Weiss 05/20/2015 at 10:00 am -

    Good digital hearing aids can cost upto $6k or even $8k. Buying hearing aids online is a great way to get high quality hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of buying them through an audiologist.

  8. Zach Thalman 05/14/2015 at 10:42 am -

    I have been wondering what is a reasonable price for hearing aids. It isn’t something that you are normally purchasing on a daily basis. I guess if you talk to your audiologist, he would know what kind would be best for you. I know that some hearing aids are different and amplify or help hearing differently. I guess it would almost be a trial and error as well and see which ones you like more.

  9. Edmond Vandergraff 04/16/2015 at 1:44 pm -

    Wow, i never realized that hearing aids could cost as much as 6,000 dollars. I guess once you make an investment like that you’ll want to take very good care of them. It’s good to know that there are so many different methods to save money on them though. I would much rather pay 100 bucks per ear than a couple of thousand.