Best Dance Workout Program to Lose Weight?

This is the Best Dance Workout Program to Lose Weight



Do you like Latin dance?  This dance fitness program incorporates the hottest Latin dance steps into an aerobic workout program people of all ages, dance abilities and fitness levels to lose weight and get in shape.


How to Dance Off Unwanted Pounds?

Zumba Fitness is a Latin Dance Workout Program developed by Alberto “Beto” Perez in Cale, Columbia in the mid 1990’s that  combines Latin dance and aerobic exercise into a high energy dance workout program.  Zumba uses high energy Latin dances, including: salsa, samba, cumbia, cha cha, merengue, and more.  You work up a sweat while you dance off unwanted pounds and inches.

While Zumba is being taught at gyms and fitness clubs around they country, if you don’t have the time, interest or financial resources for a health club membership, you can use the Zumba Fitness DVD so you can do Zumba in the comfort of your home anytime of day or night!

Some people have complained that the Zumba  Latin Dance Workout DVD program is different than the Zumba class they take at the gym.  I am a male in my mid-40’s and take Zumba 2 -3 times a week at my local YMCA.  The classes are taught by three different Zumba instructors who each have different styles.  One instructor follows the classic Zumba Latin dance workout as learned from Beto Perez, and another instructor uses a combination of Latin dance music and hip hop music to the Zumba exercise routines and some modified Latin dance moved, so to say the Zumba Fitness DVD doesn’t follow the Zumba dance workout is an irrelevant argument, rather they are used to a different style of Zumba Fitness.

Benefits of the Zumba Fitness Dance Workout Program

  • Good aerobic exercise
  • Isolates different muscle groups
  • Builds coordination
  • Lose weight while having fun
  • Learn Latin dance steps


Uses Different Latin Dance Steps

One of the things I have found that makes this latin dance fitness craze, is it’s a fun home exercise program that incorporates different types of Latin dance styles into the exercise program.  So, within the one hour Zumba exercise class you will learn steps from many popular Latin dances, such as Cha cha, Salsa, and Cumbia.  By incorporating different styles of Latin dance, the instructors are able to teach various dance exercise and aerobic exercise steps in one class.  This make s the class more mentally stimulating and adds muscle confusion.  Muscle confusion means you are not constantly working the same muscle groups.  Research has found that targeting the same muscle groups without variation eventually leads  to less muscle growth or weight loss benefit.  By working different muscle groups or the same groups in a different way, you will continue to see muscle mass development or weight loss.


Zumba Fitness Review

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