Review: Attracting Abundance with EFT by Carol Look

Review: Attracting Abundance with EFT by Carol Look

Attracting Abundance with EFT

Carol Look, EFT Master, created  Attracting Abundance with EFT  to teach you how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique, or commonly referred to as EFT tapping, to help you overcome any issue in your life.

She recently released the updated 2nd edition of her popular self help book, Attracting Abundance with EFT.  In this updated EFT tapping guide, you get easy to learn and use step-by-step instructions for nearly 60 different EFT Exercises.

You will also learn how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest whatever you want in life, including radiant health, effortless relationships, money with ease, true happiness, and prosperity.

The Emotional Freedom Technique will help you effectively resolve a range of issues, including:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • illness
  • disease
  • depression
  • procrastination
  • phobias/fears
  • emotional disorders
  • chronic pain
  • addictions
  • weight loss
  • limiting beliefs
  • and more!


History of EFT Tapping

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) was developed in the 1980’s by Roger Callahan.  Dr. Callahan, Ph.D., developed an alternative healing method called Thought Field Therapy.  While highly effective, some thought it was difficult to learn and use.

Gary Craig, who was a student of Dr.Callahan, simplified this healing modality into the Tapping therapy known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping.

Carol Look was a practicing LCSW, and worked with women dealing with weight loss issues.  She discovered EFT Tapping, and found a way to integrate the Emotional Freedom Technique to help people with food addiction.

Carol Look says Attracting Abundance with EFT combines ancient Chinese acupuncture with modern psychotherapy, to “allow” the source of your issue to percolate up from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.  The EFT tapping scripts neutralize the negative hold they have over you, so you can finally let it go for good.

Many people who use Attracting Abundance with EFT discover that they have been holding on to negative programming since childhood, often due to words or comments from a parent or someone close to them; or a traumatic event that is stored deep in the subconscious mind, that they believe is true about them.

The EFT tapping techniques help clear these subconscious yet destructive energy blocks, and rewire your brain to get the desired positive result you are seeking, so that you can use Law of Attraction to manifest whatever you want in life.

In the movie, The Secret,  Joe Vitale  and Bob Doyle discuss that “to allow” the Law of Attraction to work for you, you must get clear of the negative beliefs preventing you from manifesting what you desire, and both of the spiritual healing masters have said that the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping for short, is the spiritual healing technique they use to get clear.

The EFT Tapping scrips help you give yourself the permission to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth, happiness and abundance.

When you learn how to Attract Abundance, you now possess the tool to unlock the power of the universe to give you whatever you want.


TFT is the origin of meridian tapping therapy that uses nature’s healing system to balance the body’s energy system.


How Does EFT Tapping Work?

Originally developed as Thought Field Therapy by acupuncturist and psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, this energy healing technique was simplified by Gary Craig in the early 70’s, and renamed the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Carol Look, MFT learned the Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT Tapping from Gary Craig, and began applying these simple drug-free meridian tapping techniques to her counseling practice as an effective alternative to traditional psychotherapy, to help her clients with eating disorders eliminate the triggers that was the source of their emotional eating.

Carol coined the phrase emotional acupuncture to describe EFT tapping, since tapping on specific energy meridians in your body is similar to the way an acupuncturist uses needles on various energy meridians, which allows stuck life force energy to again flow through you to heal your mind and body.


I was participating in an EFT tapping session with Carol Look and she was working with a client who was sabotaging herself from achieving success in her business.

Carol Look used specific set up statements around the client’s issues along with EFT tapping to get to the root cause of her issues.  As the energy started flowing, the real issue began to percolate up.

EFT tapping revealed  she had been holding on to subconscious negative beliefs her mother had said about her in childhood.  She was subconsciously sabotaging her own success, due to these negative beliefs.

Through EFT tapping the woman was able to clear these subconscious negative beliefs she had been holding on to for years.  Now that the false negative beliefs had been revealed, she was able to reprogram her mind with positive beliefs, images and messages that will allow her business to flourish.


Using Attracting Abundance with EFT, allows you to clear an unlimited number of subconscious issues, so you can attract Health, Wealth, Happiness and Abundance in your life.


You can use the Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT Tapping to overcome the following destructive patterns:


  • Procrastination
  • Can’t seem to break free from negative or destructive belief systems, feelings or emotions
  • Lack mentality about financial abundance
  • Not achieving financial success
  • Chronic pain or poor health
  • Sabotaging behaviors
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Can’t seem to developing meaningful, happy and loving relationships
  • Overcoming trauma
  • and more


In  Attracting Abundance with EFTyou will finally learn the simple to learn and use EFT tapping techniques Joe Vitale  and Bob Doyle talk about in the movie, The Secret, that you must learn to finally get clear of the negative beliefs preventing you from manifesting what you desire.

Click here to learn more about Attracting Abundance with EFT



What’s In the Attracting Abundance with EFT  program?


Attracting Abundance with EFT is an energy healing program that contains for steps, which teach you what EFT is, how to create a set up statement, how to use the tapping process and scripts, and finally how to get clear for good.


Step 1: Clear Energy Blocks

Step 2: Increase Your Prosperity Conscious

Step 3: Activate the Law of Attraction

Step 4: Claim your abundance now




What is a Set Up Statement?


Set Up Statements, simply states the problem you want to clear, which begins neutralize the negative energy and internal conflict in your body and mind around the issue, and the second set up statement reaffirms the positive result you want to manifest.

This process allows you to reduce resistance that prevents you from letting go of the conscious issue, and subconscious beliefs you hold, which keeps you in a state of stuckness.


Then you incorporate EFT tapping techniques on seven specific energy meridians in your body, that works like mental acupuncture to clear away the negative energy related to your issue, which allows new positive messages, images and beliefs around that issue to be formed.

It seems counter intuitive to reaffirm negative beliefs instead of only focusing on the positive beliefs you want to clear, as is done with Affirmations or Psychotherapy.


Carol Look states: that in fact, by reaffirming the negative statements actually produces the fight or flight  response, and tapping provides relaxation and reduces the resistance to holding onto the issue, which allows it to be cleared away.

Once the energy is lowered, the behavior can be changed, not the other way around, which is why affirmations alone are rarely successful.



Here is a sample Set Up Statement:


 “Even though my life is too complicated to simplify, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel.”

“Even though I don’t have enough time to Simplify My Life, I accept who I am and how I feel.”

“Even though I’m not sure it’s worth it to make the effort to Simplify My Life, I deeply and completely accept myself.”


Learn How to Form a Set Up Statement Here


With Attracting Abundance with EFT you can quickly and easily achieve the following benefits:


  • Financial abundance

  • Personal or business success

  • Overcome Procrastination

  • Clear Destructive Negative Core Beliefs, Feelings and Emotions

  • Boost Low Self Esteem

  • Find your true love

  • Attract a new car or anything else you want effortlessly

  • and more


This short video by Carol Look demonstrates how Tapping Therapy works.




Who is Carol Look, EFT Master?

Photo of Carol Look


Carol Look is a licensed therapist and EFT Master, who began using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with great success to help her clients overcome addictions, traumas, phobia, emotional issues or any other issue in their life using this simple and easy tapping technique.

As an EFT Master and one of the world’s leading EFT practitioners, Carol Look has written several books on Emotional Freedom Technique, and developed the Attracting Abundance with EFT Program that teaches people how to use the simple EFT tapping techniques to this energy healing process to clear energy blocks and overcome any issue quickly, easily and permanently without therapy or medication.

She has been helping people for nearly twenty years with EFT tapping, in a gentle and loving way to help her patients master the Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT tapping to help you clear stuck energy blocks and subconscious beliefs, so that you can finally achieve the abundance, success, love, freedom, happiness or whatever you desire.


What are The 7 Energy Meridians of the human body?


EFT  Tapping utilizes tapping on seven specific energy meridians to clear stuck energy pathways in the body.  As long as you have resistance to letting go of your issue, you will never be able to get clear, no matter how hard you try to clear a subconscious emotional issue.

In many instances, an emotional issue can manifests itself in a physical responses, such as headaches, chronic pain, and even illness or disease.

The issue can manifest itself in other ways, including:


  • low self esteem
  • poor work habits
  • getting close to a goal, then sabotaging yourself
  • failed relationships
  • eating disorders
  • drug addiction
  • poor financial management goals
  • fears


By clearing the stuck energy, your emotional and physical issues often disappear rather quickly.



The 7 Energy Meridians of the human body are:


1) temple

2) under the eye

3) under the nose

4) under bottom lip

5) choler bone

6) under the arm pit  

7) top of the head


EFT tapping provides relaxation and reduces the resistance to holding on to the issue.  By reducing the resistance, you are able to give yourself permission to let it go.




While traditional Chinese acupuncture links energy meridians to specific organs in the body, to improve function and overall health, EFT tapping produces a similar response, but it’s goal is to improve the flow of vibrant life force energy in the body, and identify what you think is the issue.

By tapping and repeating the EFT script, you will often discover the issue is not what you thought it was, and the real issue will begin to percolate up, meaning it wants to be cleared, and in most cases has been stuck deep in your subconscious mind since childhood.  If you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, that’s a really long time to be holding on to beliefs from your childhood.


What Problems Can You Overcome with Attracting Abundance with EFT?

eft tapping karate chop


  • Quit Smoking
  • Overcoming an injury
  • Eliminate the pain associated with a physical condition, such as arthritis
  • Emotional Eating
  • Blocks to losing weight
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Overcoming emotional and physical traumas
  • Fears of failure or success
  • Sabotaging your success
  • Getting close to a goal, but never quite reaching it
  • Professional achievements
  • Financial success


Please note: EFT Tapping itself is not a replacement for psychotherapy, psychiatry, or medical treatment.

Many clinicians in these fields utilize EFT tapping as an accompaniment for traditional medical treatment.



Watch this amazing video of Carol Look leading a group through an EFT Tapping session.  This is what you will learn in Attracting Abundance with EFT.




Why Emotional Freedom Technique is Better than Using Affirmations Alone?




With affirmations, you must believe what you are saying, such as “I am the best sales person in my district.”  If you aren’t the best salesperson, your subconscious mind may tell you that you are a failure.

Also, affirmations can take up to  3 weeks before your affirmations are internalized, if ever.


Now, with EFT tapping techniques you learn in Attracting Abundance with EFT you are not focusing on being the best salesperson, rather you are asking what is preventing you from being the best salesperson in your office.  You wait to see what emotional blocks percolate up, such as, I am afraid of being successful, or you internalized the negative message, “my father told me I will never successful.”

With EFT tapping techniques, you clear the emotional blocks around “I am afraid of being successful” or “my father told me I will never successful.”

By learning to clear the negative energy blocks around these internalized negative beliefs, you can learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest whatever you want, since you have cleared whatever is in your way.




Benefits of EFT Tapping


You can learn to clear conscious and subconscious beliefs

√  Once you clear the issue, it is gone for good

You can use EFT tapping on any issue that comes up in your life.

Learn how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest whatever you desire quickly and easily.

√  Doesn’t require use of medication

√  You can learn how to use EFT on yourself


What are People Saying about Attracting Abundance with EFT?


  • The EFT scripts are simple but highly effective and would be invaluable to both beginners and seasoned practitioners—and everyone in between.   – Ms. O. Khannah-Brown
  • Wow this book really was a great way to start learning EFT. – K. Holmes
  • I highly recommend Carol’s book, “Attracting Abundance with EFT.” My husband and I have been using Carol’s book to transform our own relationship with money and abundance in all areas of our lives. – Shelley Hawkins-Clark
  • Carol Look’s book stands alone as a practical, easy to follow step-by-step abundance manual. – A.J. McAllister
  • As an EFT practitioner, I am familiar with Dr. Look’s work. I love EFT, I use it on myself and with my clients. It works!  – Penney Duff
  • This is a must have manual for anyone using (or struggling to use) the law of attraction in their lives.


Where Can You Get the Attracting Abundance EFT program?

You can get the Attracting Abundance with EFT program here at the Carol Look Abundance Store, in two easy to use formats –

E-Book with MP3 audio files for $39.95

Paperback $21.95 (plus shipping and handling)



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