3 Easy Ways to Reduce Urinary Frequency in Older Men?

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Do you have urinary frequency problems, especially from an enlarged prostate or BPH?  This article offers three easy tips to help you reduce or eliminate frequent urination and late night bathroom runs.  One of biggest and invariably annoying health issues older men with an enlarged prostate or related bladder issues face is urinary frequency, sometimes also called Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).  These urinary frequency issues are most prevalent in men in their 50’s and older, as this is the demographic that tends to experience more problems associated with an enlarged prostate.

As your prostate gland becomes enlarged, called BPH, which is short for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, it presses against the urethra, the tube that removes urine from your bladder.  This pressure restricts the easy flow of your urine stream to trickle, and irritates he bladder.  Men dealing with an enlarged prostate are often unable to fully empty their bladder throughout the day with each bathroom trip. By bed time the bladder is often full again, and the inability to fully empty your bladder causes older men with an enlarged prostate to have frequent urination at night.  This constant need to use the bathroom at night can lead to poor sleep, and other health issues related to the inability to get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

This article has 3 Ways to reduce urinary frequency in older men with an enlarged prostate, without using prescription medication.



1) Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea and soft drinks, is considered a diuretic.  Basically, diuretics are drugs, ingredients in beverages or stimulants that can increase the amount of water and sodium (salt) that is excreted from the body, usually through urine.  For men with weak urine stream, due to an enlarged prostate, are often unable to fully empty their bladder easily like most people in a single bathroom trip.  As their blader fills up with urine, water and other toxins, it can take several bathroom trips to fully empty their bladder.  This condition often causes frequent urination at night, which can lead to insomnia and poor sleep in men.

By reducing or eliminating diuretic liquids, such as coffee, alcohol and soft drinks with caffeine , this can significantly reduce or eliminate urinary frequency in older men with an enlarged prostate.  Rather than completely eliminating coffee or soft drinks, you can reduce or eliminate consumption of diuretic liquids by the late afternoon.


2) Practice Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Applying a heating pad to your lower abdomen (below your belly button and above the pubic bone) can relax your pelvic floor muscles, also called kegel muscles, which can relax the muscle that keeps urine in and  improve urine flow to help you fully empty your bladder, especially before bedtime to reduce or best eliminate frequent urination at night.  Muscle relaxation techniques can be done at night to improve urine stream in men with prostate problems to fully empty your bladder before bedtime; this will reduce or end problems related to urination at night common in men with an enlarged prostate.

You can lay on your back on a bed or soft mat on the floor and have a partner massage your lower abdomen.  This gentle massage will relax tense pelvic floor muscles and an irritated bladder, to help you increaseg urine stream from a trickle to full stream, without the use of prescription medications.


3) Try Prostate Tea for Men

Many men have found relief from urinary frequency issues, and to improve urine stream using a natural herbal Eeze Flow Tea.  This is specially formulated natural herbal prostate tea, designed to help men with urinary frequency problems, common in men with an enlarged prostate.  This popular prostate tea contains herbal ingredients known to shrink an enlarged prostate and reduce inflammation of the urinary tract system that often accompany BPH and associated bladder issues. By shrinking an enlarged prostate and reducing urinary tract inflammation, this will naturally help increase your urine stream from a trickle to full stream, to end annoying frequent urination at night without the use of prescription medications.

Bell Eeeze Flow Tea contains 100% herbal ingredients known for thousands of years to helps eliminate:

  • Pain and discomfort of an enlarged prostate
  • Reduces urine frequency
  • Eliminates bacterial infection, especially in bladder
  • Improves weak urine stream


I hope you have found this article on How to Reduce Urinary Frequency in Older Men informative and educational.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.






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