TBX-Free Stop Smoking Aid Oral Strips

TBX-Free stop smoking aidIf you have been trying to quit smoking for any length of time, then you know how difficult it can be.   You need to try TBX-Free stop smoking aid oral strips  from Redwood Scientific Technologies, an all-natural nicotine replacement therapy product to help you stop smoking permanently, without the use of nicotine or prescription products.

Nearly 96% of people who try to quit smoking fail within the first year, and return to smoking.   Only 6% of smokers, on average, are successful at breaking their nicotine addiction.  These are terrible odds not in your favor, whether you try to quit cold turkey or use one of the popular over the counter smoking cessation products.  TBX-Free claims to have an 88% success rate at helping people stop smoking within 30 days.

While nicotine is the main ingredient in most over-the-counter (OTC) stop smoking patches and gums, or prescription products that use ingredients like forenicline that come with many potentially dangerous or life threatening side effects, the main ingredient in TBX-Free stop smoking aid is Cytisine, which is an herbal plant-based product, that has been proven in a New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) study to be more effective than nicotine to help people stop smoking.



How Does TBX-Free Stop Smoking Oral Strips Work?


Each package of TBX-Free Stop Smoking aid contains 120 oral strips containing cytisine, which dissolves in your mouth in about 20 seconds.  The ingredients are absorbed directly into your blood steam to start working immediately and help relieve your despite to smoke.

You follow a set interval of ingesting the strips by day, starting with 8 strips taken over a 24-hour period, and  over the 30-day program cycle, you step down the number of strips ingested until you are only ingesting 4 strips in a 24 hour period, as your desire to smoke become less.


This unique Nicotine replacement therapy product is not a nicotine gum or patch, but rather is made from a natural herbal agent, cytisine, which mimics nicotine in your body.



Cytisine mimics nicotine in the human body and brain, to give the smoker the sensation and satisfaction as if they had just smoked, without lighting up.



Unlike nicotine gum or patches, TBX-Free  doesn’t contain any potentially addicting chemicals or dangerous carcinogens, which can actually prolong nicotine addiction.  This stop smoking aid is all natural and 100% nicotine free.

Because cytisine mimics nicotine in your body, this product takes the edge off as it gives you the sensation and pleasure of having just smoked a cigarette.


“Cytisine is an old medication, and studies like this one (in the NEJM) have shown that it is effective,” reported Dr. Nancy Rigotti, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.”


Using this program allows you to slowly step down your nicotine addiction without the adverse health affects of using nicotine, or the potentially dangerous side effects of prescription medications to help you quit smoking.

You can choose one of three flavors:


  • Classic

TBX-Free classic


  • Menthol

TBX-Free Menthol


  • Cherry

TBX-Free Cherry


To be effective, you need to follow the 30-day step down stop smoking program, which is designed to eliminate your chronic nocotinism and help you stop smoking.

In certain prescribed intervals, you step down the number of Stop Smoking Aid Oral Strips you take per day, which eliminates your nicotine dependence to help you stop smoking.

TBX-Free has been found to be 88% effective at helping people stop smoking naturally within 30 days.  For some people, it may be required to repeat the 30-day program to completely eliminate the urge to smoke.



What is Cytisine?


Cytisine, a plant-based substance derived from the Scotch Broom or golden rain plant,  is an effective and affordable natural nicotine Cytisus scoparius by Danny S. - 001.JPGreplacement, and in several studies was found to be more effective than nicotine-based smoking cessation products to help smokers kick the habit.

This effective herbal agent has been reported in WebMD used medically to help with smoking cessation, since it’s molecular structure is similar to that of nicotine, and it has similar pharmacological effects to help people stop smoking.

The first study showing the effectiveness of Cytisine, is dated back to 1976, based on a study in Poland of 1968 study patients.

The study found Cytisine-based nicotine replacement therapy was as or even more effective than nicotine-based smoking cessation treatments.



What are the Ingredients in TBX-Free

You may be asking, wait a minute, the main ingredient is Cytisine, but I only see laburnum anagyroides listed as the main ingredient.   Laburnum anagyroides is the scientific name for the Golden rain, and Cytisine is derived from this plant. 


TBX-Free ingredients



FDA registered product

Image result for fda registered

The manufacturers of TBX-Free are registered with the FDA.   This is not the same as an FDA approved drug, which has through many rounds of trials for approval.

They are registered with the FDA as a company that produces a product for human consumption, and is made in an FDA approved facility, for safety and efficacy.




Are There Any Side Effects?


Unlike nicotine gum or patches, TBX-Free doesn’t contain addicting chemicals or carcinogens which normally prolong addiction. TBX-FREE is nicotine free and FDA registered for maximum safety and effectiveness.


Some potential side effects of cytisine include:

  • Mild nausea
  • Mild stomach upset
  • Potential sleep disturbances, such as bad dreams
  • Most people who reported the side effects said they didn’t last long, and the benefits far outweighed the temporary problems.



Where to Buy TBX-Free


Our research of this product indicates the best place to buy TBX-Free Stop Smoking Aid is at Amazon.com.




Amazon offers the best price on all the flavors of this best selling stop smoking aid, offers free shipping and Amazon’s award winning customer service, if you have questions or need to return the product for any reason.

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