Why Sex is Good for Prostate Health

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Sex is a normal part of human development and interaction, thank you very much.  Getting busy is an integral part of procreation, and as a way to foster intimacy between a man and a woman.  You may not know it, but sex is also important for health of the male body; this is a reason men should have a lot of sex.  Medical research has determined that sex is good for your prostate heath.1

You can try that line the next time your partner says she isn’t in the mood – “but honey, it’s good for my prostate health”.



You may know where your prostate gland is, but do you know what it’s purpose is?


prostate gland

source: webmd


The prostate gland is a small walnut-shaped soft gland located between your bladder and testicles that secretes a white milky fluid during ejaculation that covers and nourishes sperm as your little dudes make their way to fertilize an egg.  Research has shown that frequent ejaculation does more than just feel good, it is an important part of prostate health.2

The tube that eliminates your pee when you go to the bathroom, called the urethra, is connected from your bladder and eliminates urine through your penis.  You’ll notice in the graphic above, the urethra runs through the male prostate gland.  When your prostate gland becomes enlarged, called BPH (benign prostatis hyperplasia), which often begins in men around age of 40 to 50, they may begin to have problems going to the bathroom, mostly having weak urine flow or a need to go to the bathroom at night, commonly referred to as a need for frequent urination at night.


How Sex Can Benefit Prostate Health?

So, how can more sex improve your prostate health?

Advanced symptoms of BPH include pain in the prostate gland or groin, pain when urinating and painful ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

In an interesting study of single men in Canada, those men who had multiple sex partners and ejaculated 5 or more times per week, or 21 times per month were found to be 33% less likely to develop enlarged prostate, prostate infection or prostate cancer than men who had less frequent sex.2  While the benefits of frequent sex for prostate health and heart health are well documented, it is quite reckless to hypothesize men need to be more promiscuous and have multiple sex partners if they want to lower their chances of an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, rather than sticking to the facts of the benefits of more ejaculations, whether between a monogamous couple, single men with multiple sex partners, or via masturbation.

The reason for the reduced levels of prostate cancer is that prostatic ejaculate is loaded with toxins, and a build up of prostatic fluid in the ducts of the prostate gland can contribute to common prostate health issues, such as enlarged prostate and prostate infection,  and releasing prostatic fluid helps flush these toxins from your body.

prostate gland ducts

The sources of the ejaculation, mainly sexual intercourse or masturbation,  are equally important and one was not found to be better.  Some researches hypothesize that after age 40, men are more likely to have life, family and other issues and are less likely to have frequent sexual encounters as single men.  This may be a reason that prostate health issues become more common in men over age 40, as compared to younger men age 18-35.


Try Prostate Massage During Sex

Prostate massage has usually been considered as a natural treatment for BPH that doesn’t include prostate medication.  In recent years, prostate massage has become a popular form of sex play between couples to heighten sexual intercourse.  Most men probably don’t even realize the benefits of prostate massage for prostate health and overall health.  Just as women desire to have the elusive orgasm during sex, men can actually learn to massage the prostate gland and learn prostate stimulation techniques to have a prostate orgasm, which is the release of prostatic fluid.  This produces a highly intense sexual pleasure, in addition to the benefits to the prostate gland by releasing prostatic fluid, which flushes away toxins from the prostate gland.


In Conclusion

So, whether you are flying solo with your five friends, using a prostate massager or having regular sexual intercourse, the key is to get busy and have as many prostate ejaculations as you can.  Not will your partner thank you, your prostate gland and your heart will thank you.




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