What is The Best Prostate Massager for Beginners?

What is The Best Prostate Massager for Beginners?


If your doctor has confirmed you have an enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia,  and your doctor says you can use a prostate massager as a natural remedy for prostate problems, which is best prostate massager for beginners to treat enlarged prostate?

Does Your Doctor Help with Your Prostate Problems

Many urologists initially prescribe prostate medications, such as Flomax or Avodart to shrink an enlarged prostate or to cure prostatitis.  This enlarged prostate treatment works for some men, but for some men medications provide only temporary relief or the effects wear off and become totally ineffective.   For other men the side effects of prostate pills are too unpleasant, and they seek an alternative prostate treatment.  Is this a situation you are dealing with?  Does your doctor keep prescribing new medications because they don’t work or come with bad side effects?  That is where natural prostate treatments are recommended, or you may want to look into if your doctor is out of options for your prostate problems.

Which Prostate Massager Should You Choose?

Most prostate stimulators sold on the internet or in adult pleasure stores are designed for sexual pleasure, rather than as an alternative medical treatment for enlarged prostate?  This is where High Island Health differentiates itself from the competition.  The High Island prostate  massager is made in the USA of FDA approved medical grade materials for your satisfaction and safety.  This is important since many prostate stimulators are made in China as prostate toys for sexual pleasure, and not as an FDA certified medical treatment for prostate problems.

High Island Health makes a full line of prostate massagers for men of all sizes from 5’5” to over 6 feet tall, and for newbies to men experienced with prostate massage therapy.  If you are new to prostate massage, High Island Health offers the Pro-State Starter Kit, which is their entry level medical device.  This is the best prostate massager to clear the build up of prostatic fluid and bacteria in the ducts of the prostate gland, causing the pain, discomfort and urination flow problems associated with BPH.  The Pro-State Starter Kit includes your choice of a PS-New, PS-X or PS-2 prostate massager, bulb rectal syringe, ample supply of water-based lubricant and a storage/travel pouch.  See the High Island Health Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the prostate massager that is right for you.


Prostate Massage Found to be Effective Treatment in Medical Research Study

When the ducts of the male prostate gland become blocked, due to build up of prostatic fluid or bacteria, blood flow to tthe tissue of this important part in the male reproductive system is inhibited,  thus prevents blood from flushing toxins from the body and prevents the prostate from performing properly.

In a medical study in the Open Urology and Nephrology Journal of 150 men with enlarged prostate or prostatitis, the Prostate massager from High Island Health was found to be 90% effective in providing a natural drug-free relief for their prostate problems.


Prostate Massage Produces Pleasurable Prostate Ejaculation

In addition to pain and discomfort from BPH or prostate infection, are you finding urination, sex or semen ejaculation painful?  The Pro-State Massager from High Island Health not only relieves the pain and discomfort of prostatitis, which makes sex  enjoyable again, prostate massage produces a highly pleasurable prostate ejaculation, which is said to be more intense than a regular semen ejaculation.


Are You Ready to Cure Your Prostate Problems Naturally?

If you are tired of the side effects associated with taking pills for your prostate, now may be the time to try prostate massage to ensure optimum prostate function, relieve discomfort and make sex fun again.

You can learn more about the Pro-State Massager Starter Kit here, and discover the best natural treatment for enlarged prostate.

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