Sonic Prostate Massager Review

Sonic Prostate Massager

The Sonic Prostate Massager from the Prostate Health Center, is a hands-free enlarged prostate treatment that uses sonic wave technology to stop the painful problems associated with BPH symptoms, eliminate weak urine stream and promote well-being.

If you are one of the millions of men over age 40 dealing with the symptoms of BPH, incuding:

  • prostate pain
  • weak urine stream
  • late night bathroom trips
  • painful ejaculation
  • prostate infection


Uses Sonic Technology

You may want to consider a portable vibrating prostate massager with sonic technology, designed to give you a soothing and therapeutic massage of the prostate gland,

Using sonic wave technology, this sonic prostate massager creates stimulating vibrations that penetrates the prostatic tissue to provide a natural drug-free relief from your annoying and painful BPH symptoms.

Nearly 30% of all men over age 30 and 50% of men over 50 will experience symptom of enlarged prostate.  The medical community wants men to use prescription medications to relieve problems associated with enlarged prostate, but doesn’t actually shrink your enlarged prostate.


What is the Sonic Prostate Massager 


How to treat enlarged prostate

The Sonic Prostate Massager is a unique hand-held vibrating natural
BPH treatment
to shrink your enlarged prostate and restore normal function.  It uses vibrating wave technology with a frequency of 9,000-12,000 micro impulses per minute, combination of mechanical pressure.   

Sonic Wave Technology sends vibrations into the prostate gland to relax the prostatic tissue and improve blood flow.

Prostate massage flushes away the build up of prostatic fluid and toxic bacteria that can cause the following problems:

  • swollen and painful prostate glad
  • blocks the prostate ducts
  • causes pain, discomfort and swelling
  • leads to weak urine stream and late night bathroom trips
  • prevents normal prostate function.

The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, which is the tube that removes urine from your bladder through the penis.  As the prostate becomes enlarged, it starts to restrict and slows the efficient emptying of urine from the bladder, and your once strong urine flow can begin slows to a trickle, thus forcing you to make several bathroom trips just to empty your bladder.


Medical studies have shown that sonic frequency impulses have the best effect on improving blood flow and stimulation of blood vessels, muscles, nodes and cells in a manner that promotes regeneration and healing.


Common Enlarged Prostate Symptoms



Have You Given Up on Sex?

couple in love

If you have given up sex, due to painful ejaculation, the Prostate Massager with Sonic Technology may just end your prostate problems and revive your sex life.

Fluid from the prostate gland mixes with sperm, and prostate infection can make the release of this fluid during sexual intercourse very painful, enough to keep some men from having sex.

Sonic Prostate Massage improves healthy blood flow to the prostate gland to release flush away the build up of prostatic fluid and toxins that lead to inflammation of the prostate gland.

Releasing this toxic build up can help shrink an enlarged prostate, which reduces pain, swelling and inflammation, and help men regain a normal, healthy and vibrant sex life.


Close to 80% of men worldwide develop some type of prostate problem by the age of 60! This statistic is even more acute in United States where 90% of men have or will suffer from prostate related problems at some point in their lifetime.



How Sonic Prostate Massager WorksProstate Masager to improve Blood flow


  • Move the head towards your prostate gland and it does the rest.
  • The unique vibrating wave technology is designed to relax prostate and relief pain.
  • This device produces micro-vibrations targeted towards multiple functions.
  • Activates metabolic processes.
  • Reduces inflammation in the pelvic muscles.
  • Promotes prostate drainage of blood congestion and toxic bacteria.
  • Restores normal prostate function.


Sonic Prostate Massage


6 Benefits of Using a Sonic Prostate Massager


The  micro-vibrations are designed to target multiple healing processes, such as:


  • Improves healthy prostate function.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain in the prostate gland the pelvic area.
  • Activates natural metabolic processes.
  • Improves healthy blood flow to nourish prostatic tissue.
  • Stimulating muscle activity.
  • Leads to drainage of the build up of blood, and toxic congestion in the prostate ducts.
  • Restores nerve conduction, healthy prostate function and greater activation of rectal muscles.
  • Strengthens the muscles in the groin and pelvic floor.
  • Improves bladder control, and improves urination flow.
  • It can stimulate nerve endings to reverse erectile function,  and lead to increased sexual performance.
  • Sonic Prostate Massage improves lymph fluid flow, which flushes blood of bacteria in the affected area.
  • Sonic vibration strengthens and tones the prostate area muscles, which can its function due to age or health issues.


How is Sonic Prostate Massage Different from Other Prostate Massagers?


bullet  Sonic Prostate Massager uses  sonic vibration vs traditional prostate massage, which uses sphincter muscle constriction to massage the prostate gland.

bullet With traditional prostate massage, you must learn to master muscle control.  With the Sonic Prostate Massager, just lubricate, insert and turn on.  The sonic vibration does the rest.

bullet  Sonic wave technology is better than regular vibrating products on the market! The flat, non-turbulent waves are specially formed to prevent any possible damage to prostate gland. It is also the safest and most comfortable insertion due to the design and a unique feature of the massager.

bullet  Sonic Massager will give you a perfect prostate massage every time, and you will see results in just 2-5 weeks after regular use.

bullet  95% of users have reported improvements after using this product!



Two Prostate Massager Options:


Sonic Prostate Massager Kit One


Sonic Prostate Health Massager | Best Home Use Prostate Massage Device | Promotes Healing and Reduces Symptoms of BPH and Prostatitis | BONUS: Prostate Massage Manual eBook by Harvard MD - DR. Bazar


  • Sonic Prostate Vibrator
  • Prostate Massage Tip
  • Colon Massage Tip
  • User Manual
  • Carrying Bag


Sonic prostate massager


Sonic Prostate Massager Kit Two: Soft-Sonic Therapeutic Prostate Massager for Chronic Prostatitis


Soft-Sonic Prostate Therapeutic Device for Chronic Prostatitis and BPH | Promotes Healing | Prostate Support | Prostate Health | Prostate Therapy | Stimulates Blood Flow and Reduces Symptoms



  • Promotes Healing of Chronic Prostatitis
  • Provides Prostate Support
  • Stimulates Blood Flow
  • Reduces Symptoms of Prostatitis


Get More Information on prostate massage

Comes with two massage heads:


  • One for sonic prostate massage to shrink an enlarge prostate and flush toxins.
  • One for sonic colon massage to improve rectal muscle strength.


sonic prostate massager




Prostate massage manual free gift



Get the Prostate Massage Manual Free with your purchase of the Sonic Prostate Massager



Sonic Prostate Massage






I have been using Sonic Massager for milking, as my doctor recommend it for my condition.  This product was perfect because unlike others it wasn’t a sex toy, but a product designed for health reasons, so i was comfortable buying it. Either way, just wanted to say I am happy with this product and recommend using it!

Mike T.

Just wanted to say thank you for a great product! I’ve been using the Sonic Massager for 3 months now and have actually been feeling way better then before. Keep up the good work!


 Tom Rayman

I am 55 years old and its been difficult for me to have a proper intercourse.  I was advised to massage my prostate with my finger, so I tried it and it wasn’t very comfortable and i didn’t really see any difference. Then I ordered Sonic massage device and started using it a few times a week. And oh boy, I had my first anal orgasm or prostate orgasm to be correct. Great product!

 Raymond M.

Thank you for such a good product. I have using this for 5 month and I wasn’t comfortable with prostate massage in the first place, but was ok after a few sessions. I were looking for long time what to do and was taking drugs and acupuncture, but had not too much difference in my symptoms. This help me better, i continue the using product.




How to Buy a Sonic Prostate Massager


Buy Sonic Prostate massager







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