Why Prostate Massage is Good For Men’s Health

You maybe wondering if prostate massage is good for men’s health?

Prostate massage is a medical procedure often described as ‘prostate milking’, that is known for its various health benefits. Around age 40, the prostate gland can begin to grow in size.

This condition, known as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH),  can cause pain in the groin, but most men will notice a weak urine stream or frequent late night bathroom trips to fully empty your bladder.

Primarily, prostate massage is a natural treatment to shrink an enlarged prostate.  How does does prostate massage for an enlarged prostate work?

Why Prostate Massage is Good for Men’s Health

Whether you’re a sexually active 40-year-old or an OAP, this practice protects the health of the prostate and can also relieve illnesses and diseases.  Massaging an enlarged prostate gland can relieve prostate pain, improve urine flow, make sex enjoyable again, and to stop late night bathroom trips.

However, too many men are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone to experience the benefits of prostate massage to treat BPH or for sexual pleasure. Due to embarrassment, men oftentimes avoid talking to their doctor about this condition.  Regardless, if it is to shrink an enlarged prostate or as a form of sexual pleasure, men should practice prostate massage. But why?

Well it’s simple, this procedure can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and a large number of men avoid them altogether for those reasons alone.


What is the Prostate Gland?

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The prostate is a small and soft walnut-size gland that is exclusive to men, and plays a very important role in the male reproductive system. It is located below the bladder in front of the rectum.  It surrounds part of the urethra (a tube inside of the penis used to remove urine), and is responsible for producing some of the fluid found in semen.

Whilst the prostate gland remains relatively small during youth, it can begin to grow larger with age.  It can reach the size of a lemon by the age of 60. Naturally, this can cause problems, especially when it comes to urinating or ejaculating during sex.  This is why it’s important to monitor the health of your prostate gland.


Pro-State Massager

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What is Prostate Infection?

Studies show that around 25 percent of men over the age of 55 suffer from some kind of prostate infection symptoms.  This figure can increase by 50% by the time mean reach the age of 70.

However, it is important to remember that just because you’re young; it doesn’t mean you’re immune from prostate problems. There are many types of prostate problems, the most common being prostatitis and enlarged prostate.

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Prostatitis, more commonly called prostate infection, is inflammation of the prostate gland and comes in two forms: bacterial and non-bacterial.


Two Types of Prostate Infection

Bacterial prostate infection is categorised as either acute or chronic.  This is a determination of the level of inflammation, as well as,  and what course of treatment should be administered.

Bacterial prostate infection (prostatitis) responds well to antibiotics and massaging the prostate gland, but non-bacterial (CPPS) is trickier to manage. Whilst determining the cause of CPPS is extremely difficult, doctors tend to carry out tests in order to determine the possible cause of your prostate infection symptoms.

Both forms of infection respond to prostate massage, which releases the build up of prostatic fluid, blood and other toxins that can cause pain and inflammation.

This can include:

  • Irritation caused by a chemical
  • Sexual abuse
  • A problem with the nerves that connect to the lower urinary tract
  • A past bacterial infection (usually prostatitis)
  • Severe anxiety
  • Issues with the pelvic floor muscles


Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate cancer is common amongst over 50 year- olds, but the risk always increases with age.  In the early stages, cancer cells are confined to the prostate gland.  As the illness becomes more aggressive, the cells enter the vascular and lymphatic systems.  This enables the disease to spread to other parts of the body. This often results in the development of secondary tumors, which often appear in the bones.

Prostate massage should not be performed by patients of prostate cancer, or if you have a family history of prostate cancer.  You want to avoid the risk of spreading prostatic cancer cells throughout the body.

The Benefits of Prostate Massage

The overriding benefit of prostate massage is that it is both healthy and pleasurable.  There are very few things you can say that about! Massaging of the prostate gland can release the build up of toxins in the prostate ducts, and can heal illnesses and prevent them.  This is why this practice is always recommended for men by both doctors and prostate massage advocates.

Prostate massage can also produce a highly pleasurable sensation, which is why some men practice prostate massage for personal sexual pleasure.


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What to Expect with Prostate Massage?

If it’s your first time, the prospect of prostate massage might be daunting. Prostate massage can be dome in the privacy of your home.  Some men find the idea of it very unnatural, dirty or taboo. Therefore, some men avoid prostate massage altogether.  The good news is it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.


What are the Types of Prostate Massage?

There are two types of prostate massage therapy:

  • Internal Prostate Massage
  • External Prostate Massage

Internal prostate massage involves inserting a prostate massager or finger into your backside to provide a therapeutic prostate massage of the prostate gland.

For men who are unable to reach their backside or do not want to insert anything into their rectum, then external prostate massage may be for you.  You sit on the external prostate massager clothed or unclothed for about twenty minutes per day.  The pressure of sitting on the massage device, massages your prostate gland and perineum.

You may enjoy the sensation or even find it pleasurable; this is completely normal.

And, if you happen to release fluid (not semen) from your penis towards the end of the session, this is known as a prostate ejaculation.   That’s even better, because it means toxic fluids that can lead to prostate infection or an enlarged prostate have left the body.


How Prostate Milking Works

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Prostate inflammation from symptoms of BPH is often the result of a closed off acini.  These are tiny structures that the gland is made of. When this happens, bacteria aren’t able to ‘shed’ which is why the gland swells.

However, prostate milking brings fresh blood to the acini.  This helps to release trapped fluid, blood and semen from the prostate gland. This in turn encourages fresh fluid production,  and eliminates chronic tension within the pelvis.

Through prostate massage, prostatic fluid is released by ejaculation. It can also solely take place through prostate stimulation.  This encourages a small amount of clear fluid to be disposed through the urethra. This alleviates inflammation, swelling, disease and aches and pains to your prostate.


In Conclusion

Many see prostate massage as a taboo subject.  Not only does it help to relieve prostate-related illness and disease, but it’s also becoming more prominent as a component of health maintenance due to its benefits.

We exercise to prevent heart conditions, we eat a balanced-diet to run the risk of becoming overweight and now we seek to improve prostate health, to eliminate the risk of prostate related problems. No matter of your age or how healthy your prostate is you really should try it.


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