7 Hacks for Men to End Body Odor for Good

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Everybody wants to smell nice and appealing, but in actual fact, not everyone actually smells nice. Body odor is a very sensitive topic to discuss either in public or private.  It’s important to learn what are body odor causes, so you can fight it.

Notifying a person about odor emanating from their body is not an easy task to undergo. This task is regardless if the person being a friend or stranger. The importance of body odor is not unconnected with the need for social approval. It is said that a problem identified is half solved.

Having body odor is not the end of life.  There is a way out and with the right strategy you could navigate your way to end body odor in a short time.


7 Hacks for Men to End Body Odor for Good


Apply Body Washes While Taking Shower:

Having body odor means that you probably sweat a lot.  This allows the bacteria to seize on the opportunity of the sweating to hibernate on the skin.  This can produce a nasty and offensive smell.

Obviously, the first way to tackle body odor is through bathing regularly. Bathing to overcome body odor is not necessarily by how rigorous you scrub your body.  Instead, it’s more about what you use in washing yourself. It is recommended that you apply body wash while showering.  You should endeavor to apply them on every part of your body, but thereafter laying emphasis on the joints.

They have the tendency of retaining more bacteria than the other parts of the body, and can emit odor even when you wash.

There are several body washes available today, the more pleasant the smell the better, hence, best smelling body washes are recommended in the treatment of body odor.  The aim of using body wash is to rid the body of these bacteria that can emit a smelly odor.


Dry Yourself Completely After Bath:

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After having your bath, drying yourself completely with a clean towel is an important instruction that must be properly implemented. By now you are likely to be wondering why the need to dry oneself completely?

Moist create a pleasant environment for bacteria to thrive and since it is the action of bacteria on the sweat that often results in sweating then you must fight it by cleaning off moist from your body as often as possible. If you can clean yourself dry after shower and ensure proper ventilation around you so that moist doesn’t linger on your body then you are on the right path to overcoming body odor.

Wear Fresh Clothes:

Poor hygiene is among the probable causes of body odor. Laziness to wash used/dirty clothes on time, thereby wearing used clothes repeatedly could predispose an individual to develop body odor. Every day, whatever clothes we wear, would have been exposed to sweat emanating from the body.  Dust particles and germs from the environment can lead to unpleasant odors.

This is why it is not appropriate to repeat clothes especially if you experience body odor. You have the added responsibility of cleanliness more than the average person which is why you must ensure you bath regularly and then wear fresh clothes as often as possible.


Make Use of Probiotic Deodorant:

Probiotic deodorant are specially made to combat body odor hence it is recommended for anyone looking to overcome the scourge of body odor. What makes probiotic deodorants effective for treating body odor you might ask! The conventional deodorants at times contain chemicals that might compound your body odor issues and are therefore not suitable for treating it.

Sweating is not the cause of body odor; it is the bacteria’s festering on the sweat. At times due to the nature of soap we use for bathing and other things we apply on our body, some of the good bacteria on our bodies are killed off and the remaining bad ones cause odor. Hence, probiotic deodorants attempt to increase the presence of good bacterias on the skin so they can naturally fight off the bad ones causing odor.


Be Sure of Your Food Intake:

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The foods you eat are not just meant to fill your belly, they do a whole lot more than that. For instance, they can also influence what smell emanate from your body.

Foods can make you smell good and can make you smell awful depending on what you eat and how you eat. Inordinate consumption of fatty or oily foods can cause body odor.

The consumption of strong spicy foods such as garlic and onions can stimulate bad breathe and could also permeate the skin and influence the smell on the body in an adverse way.


Shave Your Underarms Periodically:

The armpit is a major flashpoint in the discourse on body odor. One of the changes that come upon the body at puberty is the growth of hair in the armpits. These hairs have a natural tendency to secrete sweat.  The hair and the sweat present in the armpit have a tendency to invite bacteria, which can cause odor. It is advised that armpits should be shaved often.   This may diminish the presence of odor causing bacteria in the body.


Stay Hydrated:

Simply put, adequate water consumption is good for your body and inadequate water consumption is bad for your body. Body odor comes in different ways, it may manifest as bad breath and it may manifest as smelly urine. In many cases, inadequate water consumption can make your urine smelly and can give you a bad breath. So, you want to arrest body odor? Consider drinking more water. It’s quite simple but is helpful.


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Igor Marcikic comes from a medical background.  Problems with my own skin pushed me into the world of beauty and skincare products. I spent years researching and trying out various products, tips and hacks. So, one day I said to myself “Why not use this knowledge to help others?” And so I did! I started my own website PrimoDerm but I also love sharing my insights with other audiences all over the internet.



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