9 Ways to Improve Workplace Mental Health and Wellness


As the owner of a business, one of the most important things you can take into consideration is workplace mental health and wellness. Many employers don’t really pay attention to how their staff is doing. If you do for that long enough, though, you will cause fractures in the way that your business is being run. Productive businesses need to have a proactive staff.

With that, then, you can start to make some telling changes to the way that you work and how you generally care for your staff. Not sure where to start, though?

Here are some simple and effective ideas to put an end to this problem. These are some of the simplest, smartest ways to improve workplace mental health and well-being. From using massage therapy to some of the below ideas, you could make a telling difference to staff morale.


Here are Nine Ways to Improve Health and Wellness

  1. Meditation

Do you want to build a workplace that is serene and tranquil? Then make mediation possible on-site. The staff gets to enjoy a much more rounded work day.

A workplace meditation room can improve health and wellness.  It gives them a space to retreat and have a quiet area when they just feel a bit run-down.

Meditation often works very well for making sure you can enjoy a more satisfying experience personally. It also goes a long way to improving how your staff interacts with one another.

Free from mental clutter, staff can stay focused on the task at hand and instead stay concentrated on meeting objectives.


  1. On-site Fitness Centers

A fine place to start is to give your employees an on-site fitness center. Yes, it is a large investment.

The long-term results in productivity and staff happiness, as well as staff loyalty, can improve employee health and wellness. You will find that your staff often enjoy the experience as they tend to get fit at work.  It shows them that you genuinely care about their well-being.

You will find that your staff appreciates the effort being made to help them get fit, too, ensuring that in-house work performance improves.


  1. Paramedical Services

While not a necessity for every business, the installation of paramedical services is a huge benefit. Your staff will feel like they are going to be cared for in the event of not feeling too happy about work. From a massage therapy session to being able to just get some help with their stressful day.  Paramedical services are all about making sure that staff can get the help they need to turn their stressful workplace day into something a touch more enjoyable.

So, keep that in mind: paramedical services might sound gratuitous, but it can have huge benefits to workplace satisfaction.


  1. Yoga classes

Another fin way improve health and wellness in your workforce is to start yoga classes. Whether they are in the office or paid for by the workplace to a third party workshop, yoga classes are excellent. They improve staff flexibility levels physically, and they ensure that staff feels less cluttered mentally.

A yoga session in the afternoon can make the evening working session so much better for staff. Don’t discount the importance of offering extras such as yoga classes to boost employee health and wellness.

The benefits often speak for themselves and produce staff who are happier and physically far more active. It’s a must-have for any business that is serious about tackling mental health.


  1. Lunch and Healthy Snacks

If you want to keep your staff happy and optimistic, you should fuel them with healthy lunches and snacks. Taking away the burgers and burritos might cause some immediate consternation, but staff will soon appreciate just why you have done this. You will find that this helps with everything from making lunch and healthy snacks easier to sell to ensure that staff aren’t spending all day in a sugar coma after eating a packet of mallows for lunch!

If you want to help people to feel healthy, make it easier for them to fuel themselves with some better lunches and snacks.

Additional benefits

  1. Employee Assistance Programs

Image result for employee assistance program

Staff wants to feel like they are being heard and assisted in being the best version of themselves. If you choose to install employee assistance programs, you make that much more likely to stay the case.

Employee assistance is very important and often goes a long way to improve health and wellness.  This will help staff who feel anxious, sad or otherwise upset to find help with their stresses.

Staff needs to feel like someone at work cares about their well-being. Make it easier for your staff to grow, then, with employee assistance programs built at tapping into their strength, helping them to progress and to improve.


  1. Hot Stone Massage

While it might not be suited to every workplace, offering a hot stone massage therapy session is very much worthwhile. This has become a major part of in-work massage therapy, where various stones are used to loosen up otherwise tight muscles.

Spa hotels show how it also helps to restore a sense of energy and well-being to each member of staff. By using the stones to apply gentle and comfortable pressure, this helps any recipient of this massage therapy to feel better and to engage in a more optimistic frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Great for who prefer light-intensity massages.


  1. Provide in-service events

When building up the best ways to make your staff feel happy and healthy, consider the benefit of providing in-service events. These events, such as self-care, stress assistance, and even mental coaching are all very useful things to have in modern business.

This often provides your staff with a better sense of personal satisfaction and makes it easier for them to feel cared for, valued and trusted as part of the workforce.

Crucially, it helps staff to improve mentally, not just at the job they do.


  1. Promote a work/life balance

Image result for employee assistance program

Your staff should always be able to promote a happy work/life balance. This, though, means that you need to give them the chance to do that.

  • Give employees who work late and push through the pain barrier some form of compensation for their efforts.
  • Let staff work hours that suit their lifestyle, so long as the work is still being done.
  • Give them the chance to be more open about their activities outside of work.
  • Let them engage with their hobbies if needed.
  • Make it easier for staff to spend time outside of work with those who matter to them.
  • Happier staff are healthier staff. The healthier staff produces happier year-end profits. It’s a win/win!

Author bio:

Liyana Perry is a writer at spa-hotels.ie, she has a passion for writing blogs about natural health and spirituality. She enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.



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