How to Brush your Teeth with Braces – The Ultimate Guide

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If you happen to have braces on your teeth then learning how to brush your teeth with braces might not be such an easy thing to. With the braces on, your teeth are not that exposed, so when you brush them like you brush your teeth without braces, it might not be that effective. In this article we will be listing down some tips on how to brush your teeth with braces in the best way.

Now, we are going to talk about the thing you need to do in order to brush your teeth correctly when you have braces on.


6 Important things to know about how to brush your teeth with braces


First of all, by following all these steps and by taking them into consideration, you will definitely be able to brush your teeth correctly and therefore have strong and beautiful teeth. Let’s see.


1) Choose the most suitable toothbrush.

Possibly the most important thing, when it comes to the brushing of your teeth with braces, is the correct toothbrush. Now, the regular model toothbrush might do the work, but it doesn’t guarantee the best result. However, if you get an electric or sonic toothbrush, you will definitely brush your teeth correctly.

Why are these models suitable for brushing with braces? Well, since they are specially designed to provide the full-on cleaning and brushing of the areas around braces, it is recommendable to get those models and achieve a great result.


2) Brush the outer side first.

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Now, after you picked the right toothbrush, it is time to use it. Some people say that using a toothbrush is easy and that you can’t go wrong with it. Well, it isn’t exactly like that. Simply speaking, if you have braces, you should brush the outer side of your teeth first. The front side of your teeth is basically the easiest part to brush so you should start with that.

Also, use small circles to brush the braces as well. This way, you will definitely clean your teeth correctly and clean braces as well. Not only that you will have a beautiful smile but also, your breath won’t smell. This will make your smile better for sure.


3) Brush the inner side now.

After you are done with the brushing of your outer side or the front side, now it is time to brush the inner side of your teeth. This side is actually not that easy to brush so you need to do it patiently and slowly. You should move the toothbrush up and down, back and forth, this way you will ensure that every part is cleaned perfectly.

Also, use circular motions to brush the inside of your top and bottom teeth. However, this side isn’t usually covered with braces so you should now have any complications with it.


4) Brush the crowns.

Next in the line of brushing your teeth with braces are the crowns of your teeth. Crows are not that easily brushed because you need to hold your toothbrush opposite than when you hold it regularly. Now, use slow and circular motions and don’t miss a spot.

Brush your teeth with the back and forth movement along the line of your teeth. Anyhow, when you brush the crowns of your teeth, you will prevent the bacteria and plaque to cause you problems.


5) Don’t forget other areas of your mouth

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With the braces on, you should not only brush your teeth, but also, you need to clean your mouth as well. With the correct cleaning of your mouth, you will have good breath and fewer bacteria in your mouth. This will prevent spreading of other diseases and therefore, your mouth will be healthy and clean.

Anyhow, you can clean these areas with the toothbrush as well, just be careful and do it slowly. Use slow and circular movement as well and after a good brush don’t forget to rinse.


6) Check your teeth every day.

With everything being said about the brushing part, it is also important to check your teeth every day for any changes. Anyhow, since you have braces on, it shouldn’t be that easy to spot anything right away, but, with the regular check up, you should definitely get the complete insight in the health of your teeth.

If you forget or simply don’t like checking it on your own, you can always go to the dentist and let him do it for you. This option will, of course, be a little bit more expensive but on the other hand, you will get the best treatment.



Having the braces on can be a pain if you don’t know how to correctly brush your teeth. Luckily we have provided everything important that you need to do in order to get the perfect health of your teeth. Now, it is only up to you to follow these steps and advices so you can get that beautiful smile with white and strong teeth.


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Ryan Craig is a professional content writer. Currently, he is working with Oral Care Home. He is passionate about writing and loves to share oral care tips and tricks

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