Psychological effects of Hair Loss in Men Over Age 40

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Hair loss or Male Balding means losing one’s hair. Hair loss in men over age 40, can be due to many reasons and factors that one can’t even think about. Hair loss in men over 40, is very devastating and leads to severe psychological problems. For some middle age men, hair loss is the cause of heartache. It’s just an increase in the list of problems, which they go through in their lives.

A person’s appearance is the most important thing.  Hair loss in men contributes negatively in it, making him look aged and frazzled. Hair loss in men can cause significant distress in some people. But what do we do? Do we make it less worse or more? Do we just accept it or fight to gain back?


Psychological Affects of Hair Loss in Men Over 40?

And most importantly how do we react? Losing one’s self-esteem or accepting it the way it is? It all varies from person to person. It depends on whether a person is confident enough to live with it or he just hibernates.

There are different ways you can stop hair loss in men.  There are several  natural home remedies and tips on the market.  For men over 40 with symptoms of hair loss can be regrown by using the techniques, like Hair transplant surgery, creams, shampoos, etc. Knowing the cause of hair loss in men generally leads to the solution.  This can usually be done without having to test every single technique on the market.


Dealing with the Trauma of Hair Loss

If given a choice, no one would ever want to deal with hair loss in exchange to any materialistic thing in the world.  It’s extremely difficult to live with the emotional facets of hair loss. “I’ve seen a girl trying to end her life, as she couldn’t bear the bullying for effluvium.” Says a women being interviewed

The emotional distress of hair loss in men or women is legitimate and should be addressed instead of brushing aside. It traumatizes the lives following the psychological and emotional symptoms which may stay with people, all their lives.

Perception of Male Pattern Balding

The emotional symptoms of hair loss, also called male pattern baldness,  depends on how they perceive themselves or how they think that other people are perceiving them. It’s absolutely difficult for people to reconcile themselves to a life of baldness or hair loss, this results in severe depression and apprehension.

So the question arises that how do a bald person perceives himself?  One answer can’t be enough for this vast kind of question. Destroyed self-esteem, not accepting oneself, not being able to look in the mirror, avoid meeting people, hibernating or becoming introvert and many more. The appearance of a person either makes him or breaks him.

This aspect is true for younger people who undergo hair loss. As, in this age, dating and relationships are more common so people tend to worry about how others will perceive them as compared to the adults. They feel like hair loss symbolizes the end of youth and so they are not desirable anymore.


Can Male Pattern Balding cause Depression

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As already discussed, the chronic stress of hair loss in men, or male pattern baldness, leads to depression as people find it difficult to deal with it.

Research and surveys show that people who experience hair loss often feel as if they are also losing control over their lives.

Anxiety and stress level increases, when when believe that their hair loss is irreversible. Moreover, people who suffer from disorders, like OCD or BDB, hair loss systems are often more intense.

Just like hair loss causing depression, there is another phase in which the depression causes hair loss. Surveys have shown that about forty percent of women suffering from alopecia have had marital problems.

Many people assume that they are losing something about their life, the things which are going out of their hands and they just can’t get a hold of them. As a result they worry more and develop high levels of anxiety and depression.


Hair Loss and Loss of Confidence

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The receding hairline results in more aged appearance. This intensely effects the way at which people look at themselves, their perception changes and thus it results in lack of confidence. Women as compared to men, find it more difficult to adjust with the hair loss.

Mentally or emotionally, hair loss in men or women can develop a destructive body image due to the loss of hair.  This is in response to the men who are going through the same situation.

People feel like they aren’t attractive anymore and so their self-esteem shatters. Because, hair is a person’s crowning glory and a defining feature.  It’s impossible to ignore hair loss and accept everything.

Seeing other people with a healthy head of hair hair makes others feel low and unacceptable.   For men over 40 with male pattern baldness, they may avoid gatherings and functions.   Hair loss in men over 40, can negatively impact their self esteem.

Though, a head full of hair can’t give you guarantee about confidence but studies have showed that about 75% of men who have gone through hair loss feel less confident especially when dealing with the opposite gender.


In Conclusion

It is important to know that whilst hair loss in men can be upsetting, there are many hair loss treatments available. This is especially due to the latest advancements in the treatment of hair loss. There are several hair loss medicines,  like Finasteride (for men) and Minoxidil (for both men and women).  These hair loss treatments require continuous use to be effective.

There is a hair regeneration treatment which thickens the hair and stop hair loss. People with severe hair loss cases can use surgical hair transplantation. There are various surgical and non-surgical treatments for hair restoration that helps to refurbish your confidence in your hair and yourself.

Author Bio:

My name is Zarmina khan Ch. I’m a psychologist by profession and my hobbies are blogging, reading and painting. I also take much interest in diet and nutrition, so mostly my reading is about that.




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