Rocks-Off Rude-Boy Dual Action Prostate Stimulator Review

Rocks Off Rude BoyUpdated October 2023

Are you a Rude Boy?  The Rocks Off Rude Boy Dual Action Prostate Stimulator  is an award winning hand-held male vibrator.  With this vibrating prostate massager, you can stimulate your prostate and perineum simultaneously.  After the age of 40, all men should focus on prostate health, to prevent prostate enlargement or worse, prostate cancer.

This dual action prostate stimulator simultaneously stimulates your prostate and perineum, known as the P-Spot.  Now you can get your rocks off and achieve an elusive prostate orgasm.

You might just cum buckets the first time you use it!

The Rocks Off Rude Boy is an award winning product from the UK based manufacturer of male an and female sex toys available on Ebay with free shipping.


Award Winning Prostate Stimulator

The secret behind the award winning dual action prostate stimulator is the small but powerful bullet vibe. This vibrating bullet shoots intense yet pleasurable vibrating sensations into your prostate and perineum.  Ultimately, this is one of the most sensitive areas of a man’s body.  This soft smooth area, which is located just between the rectum and scrotum, is loaded with millions of highly sensitive nerve endings. Therefore, when you turn on the bullet vibe, this area comes alive.

You are sure to get the hardest erection you have ever had.  Ultimately, you are sure to release buckets of cum.  With the Rocks Off Prostate Massager, You may finally achieve an elusive mind blowing prostate orgasm.  This is unlike any other sensation men will ever experience.  Especially, this is exciting during sexual intercourse, oral sex, prostate massage or masturbation.

To make sex even more fun and kinky, you can watch your partner pleasure herself with the Rocks Off Groovy Chick Vibe  while she watches you get your Rocks Off.


How Does the Rocks Off Rude Boy Work?

Before discussing how the Rude Boy Massager works, you have to ask the question.  What are the health benefits of prostate massage?

The Rocks Off Rude Boy prostate stimulator provides a therapeutic prostate massage.  The Bullet Vibe provides stimulation to your prostate gland, and perineum.  This is the soft highly sensitive tissue between your scrotum and rectum.

The Bullet Vibe has 7 settings to give you an intense pleasurable prostate massage experience.

How Rocks Off Rude Boy Works



What Makes the Rocks Off Rude Boy Prostate Stimulator different?

With a traditional prostate massager, the sphincter muscle contractions are required to glide the prostate massager into the body and against the prostate gland to massage it. This can take some effort and practice to get it right.

With the Award Winning Rude Boy Prostate Stimulator from Rocks Off, you don’t need to master sphincter muscle control to get a therapeutic prostate massage.

With this hand held prostate vibrator, you can easily maneuver the massager into your body.   The bullet vibe, rubs against the perineum while you are getting a stimulating prostate massage. It simultaneously sends intense vibrations to your perineum and prostate gland.

Some men use this toy solo and masturbate while massaging their prostate and perineum; other men use the Rude Boy Massager while having sex to make love making more intimate and intense.


The Rocks Off Rude Boy stimulating sensations from the bullet vibe can help men achieve the following:


  • immediately relaxes the muscles around the prostate gland, which increases blood flow
  • achieve pleasurable prostate massage to heighten sex or masturbation
  • helps produce an intensely pleasurable and often elusive prostate orgasm
  • increases volume of semen and prostatic fluid, that
  • makes ejaculation more intense and pleasurable


Rocks Off’s first product was a vibrator for women, using a revolutionary vibrating bullet that gave women new levels of intense sexual pleasure.

Using the same award winning technology and safe medical grade materials, Rocks Off developed a popular line of prostate massagers and sex toys for men, including the Rocks Off Rude Boy Dual Action Prostate Massager,  using their popular vibrating bullet to make it easier for men to achieve a highly pleasurable prostate orgasm, as compared to non-vibrating prostate massagers.

This vibrating prostate massage takes traditional prostate stimulation to an intense and pleasurable new level usually unavailable with a traditional prostate massager.

Many couples have introduced prostate stimulation into the bedroom to add an exciting dimension to lovemaking and increase intimacy. Vibrating Prostate massage can help increase blood flow to produce larger, stronger erections, increase volume of seminal fluid,  and produce a pleasing prostate ejaculation and orgasm.

Most men who have achieved a prostate orgasm have reported it is several times more intense and sexually pleasing than orgasm and ejaculation of semen during sexual intercourse.  In addition to increasing intimacy, Prostate stimulation The Rocks Off Rude Boy is also used as a natural cure for prostate problems, such as enlarged prostate or prostate infection.

With the Bullet Vibe, the Rocks Off Rude Boy   takes traditional prostate stimulation to an intense and pleasurable level of prostate massage unavailable with a traditional prostate massager.


It’s All About the Vibe

Rocks Off RO-80mm Black Bullet Vibe Vibrator

The magic behind the Rocks Off Rude Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager is the RO 80mm water proof vibrating bullet vibe.  The bullet vibe has 7 settings to give you perfect level of stimulation to your prostate gland and perineum.

The bullet vibe is inserted into the end of the Rude Boy, and shoots stimulating sensations into your prostate gland and perineum simultaneously, for mind blowing pleasure to your P-Spot.

You might just get the hardest erection, achieve new levels of sexual pleasure,and  release more semen than you ever have before.



Made From Medical Grade Materials

You will enjoy the following benefits with the Rocks Off Rude Boy:

  • Highest quality medical grade materials
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof for your safety and pleasure
  • 100% Phthalate Free



Benefits of Prostate Stimulation

Prostate Massage does not only provide sexual stimulation for you and your partner, it is also a beneficial health practice for men.


  • Promotes healthy prostate function
  • Vibration provides a stimulating prostate massage
  • Reduces the build up of prostatic fluid
  • Promotes a stronger erection
  • Improves production of semen
  • Creates intimacy between you and your partner
  • Prevents potentially harmful bacteria from clogging prostate gland ducts
  • Improves blood flow to the prostate gland tissue
  • Improved urine flow
  • Can produce a prostate orgasm, which is more intense than a penile orgasm



Strong and Silent Type

The Rocks Off Rude Boy  is an adult sex toy width= that can give a man hours of pleasure, and an intense prostate orgasm.

With some practice using the Rude Boy hands-free prostate massager,and the  removable powerful and silent single speed RO-80MM bullet vibe, you may find yourself releasing buckets of seminal fluid, and achieving harder erections and shooting more loads of cum with a Rude Boy Male Vibrator than with any other adult sex toy, using oral sex or regular vaginal penetration alone.


Phthalate Free for Your Safety

Rocks Off Rude Boy Dual Action Prostate Stimulator is a substance added to plastic to make it more flexible, durable and to increase longevity of  plastic devices.

Due to possible health concerns associated with Phthalate , Rocks Off, which manufactures the Rude Boy Male Massager, has eliminated all Phthalates from their entire line of adult sex toys  for your safety and enjoyment.



If One Speed is Good, 7 Speeds Must be Better!

Rocks Off Rude Boy

This rude boy vibrating prostate massager has 7 pleasure settings to give your prostate and perineum excitement you didn’t know existed.

This will take lovemaking, perineum and prostate stimulation and masturbation to new levels, and this will quickly become your go-to male sex toy.


Click Here to learn more about the Rocks Off Rude Boy 7.




Who Should Not Use the Rocks Off Rude Boy?

man at gym

Men with acute prostatitis or prostate cancer should not perform prostate massage as a form of medical treatment or sexual pleasure, due to the risk of releasing toxic bacteria into your body,  or prostatic cancer cells to other parts of the body.

If you have any concerns about prostate massage, please consult a doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to perform and enjoy prostate massage.



What are Happy Users Saying About the Rocks Off Rude Boy Prostate Stimulator


  • Provides intense pleasure
  • Rude Boy is amazing
  • My wife got me interested in prostate massage….and this rude boy now has me addicted.
  • A little large for the first timer like me but once I got used to it I really enjoyed it.  Feels Great.
  • Rocks off to you!
  • Discovered an Entirely New Feeling — Awesome!
  • Feel The Vibrations


How to purchase a Rude Boy Prostate Stimulator?

The Rocks Off Rude Boy Prostate is manufactured in the UK by Rocks-Off Ltd, and is available in the US through online retailers, including:



To read more product reviews of the Rocks Off  Prostate Massagers, just go HERE.


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