Prostavar RX Prostate Support Review

Prostavar RX Prostate SupplementUpdated 10/18/23

Prostavar RX Prostate Support is an effective all natural Enlarged Prostate Supplement for men over 40,  that is developed to shrink your enlarged prostate, and improve overall prostate health.

This effective natural prostate pill contains powerful herbal ingredients known to shrink an enlarged prostate and reverse BPH symptoms.

These annoying BPH symptoms includes:

  • prostate enlargement
  • frequent late night bathroom trips
  • weak urine stream
  • pain in the groin

Prostavar RX  is rated as one of the top 5 most effective BPH supplements  on the market today in the Prostate Pill Report.


This report ranks all the prostate supplements, using an A to F grade report.


Prostavar RX

How Does Prostavar RX Work?

Image of enlarged prostateThis #1 rated natural prostate supplement , manufactured by Superbalife International, LLC, has achieve high marks from two leading prostate journals?

The manufacturer attributes the success and effectiveness of Prostavar RX to using the highest quality and dosage of natural herbal ingredients known for centuries in Asian and Ayurvedic medicine to treat enlarged prostate.

Prostavar is made with a processing technique called “Supercritical Extraction”, which is an expensive and time-consuming manufacturing process that most other manufacturers avoid.

This technique results in more potent herbal extract than other less expensive extraction methods.

Supercritical Extraction tends to deliver a superior quality ingredient that is highly concentrated with incredible purity.  The leaders in any industry tend to do things differently than the rest of the competition. The manufacturer of Prostavar is no exception here.


How Do I Know Prostavar RX is Effective

My father is over 75 years old and has been dealing enlarged prostate symptoms for over 20 years.  He has tried several pharmaceutical and natural enlarged prostate treatments  over the years, including Flomax, Avodart and Proscar.

My dad told me one day he finally found a BPH supplement that worked and helped reverse his enlarged prostate symptoms.  He said Prostavar worked better than anything he had been using!

He even encouraged me to write a review of this amazing natural prostate supplement, since Prostavar worked so well for him to shrink his enlarged prostate.  He hoped other men would find it helpful as well.

The proof that Prostavar works was best demonstrated by how well it worked for my dad to shrink his enlarged prostate, and eliminate his frequent urination at night, that was keeping him from getting a good night sleep.

Within two months of beginning this effective natural prostate supplement,  effectively shrunk the size of his prostate gland better than either Avodart or Flomax, lowered his Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) score from 7 to 4 and eliminated his late night bathroom trips, to finally help him get a good night sleep.

The makers of Prostavar uses a manufacturing technique called “Supercritical Extraction.” This technique delivers a superior quality extract, which is highly concentrated with incredible purity.


Prostavar RX Supplement Facts:


Prostavar Ingrediets

Prostavar RX Ingredients

Saw Palmetto – Adjusts your hormone levels to soothe symptoms and stop enlargement.

Pygeum Africanum Bark Extract – Increases your urine flow and reduces swelling.

Stinging Nettle Root – Stops your urge to urinate, helps shrink your fat prostate.

Pumpkin Seed Oil – shrinks the prostate gland naturally.

Lycopene – Ultra-antioxidant support to repair free radicals.

Quercetin – Relieves irritation and painful discomfort, due to enlarged prostate and prostatitis.

Beta-Sitosterol – Lessens inflammation and promotes healthy hormone balance.

I did some research on what makes Prostavar the most effective  BPH treatment, and based on the analysis, the following significant findings were reported.

Prostavar contains a significant quantity of the key natural herbal ingredients known to promote prostate health, including:

1) Beta Sitosterol scored exceptionally high at 417

2) Free fatty acids were super high at 318

3) Quercetin is nearly 87 (while 99% of the products tested by Men’s Guide to Prostate Pills and Supplements have none).

4) Icarin scored nearly 21 (99% of products tested scored a 0 for Icariin).

5) Prostavar also recorded the highest total polyphenolics at 96.

6. Prostavar contains the highest recommended dosage of saw palmetto, which has been used in Asia for nearly 2,000 years as a natural remedy for male reproductive problems.


Manufactured in an FDA Certified Facility


To ensure your safety and satisfaction, Prostavar RX is manufactured in the US in an FDA certified facility.  The manufacturers follow  the 21 safety and quality steps required when manufacturing supplements to the strictest cGMP standards required by the FDA.


Shrinks an Enlarged Prostate Better than Flomax

While many prostate supplements only contain Saw Palmetto or Beta-Sitosterol, this popular herbal postate supplement contains both of these important herbal ingredients.

Medical studies confirm that the natural ingredients in Prtostavar RX  are more effective at shrinking even an overly enlarged prostate than Flomax and Avodart, and there are no unpleasant side effects as many men experience with prescription prostate medications.

Prostavar RX includes a higher dosage of each of these popular ingredients to both shrink your enlarges prostate, as well as, reduce inflammation associated with prostate enlargement, prostate infection and urination problems.


Stops Frequent Urination at Night

Frequent urination at nightKey signs you might have an enlarged prostate are pain and discomfort in the groin, low urine flow, dribbling, painful urination and frequent urination at night.

The ingredients in Prostavar RX are effective at shrinking the size and reducing inflammation of your enlarged prostate gland.

This natural prostate supplement relieves pressure on the bladder and urethra, which are the cause of weak urine stream, which prevents you from fully emptying your bladder at each bathroom visit.


Replaces Flomax and Avodart

The two well-known prescription BPH treatments for men are Flomax and Avodart.  While these prescription prostate pills are effective for a moderately enlarged prostate gland, they come with several unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects, including:

  • dizziness
  • lightheadedness
  • drowsiness
  • runny or stuffy nose
  • painful ejaculation
  • benefit can wear off over time.


Prostavar is made with all natural herbal ingredients, so you won’t these negative side effects.  It’s important to find a herbal prostate supplement that has no known side effects,  and the benefits of this best rated natural enlarged prostate supplement don’t wear off.


Why Zinc is Important for Prostate Health?

In addition to other natural ingredients in this effective natural prostate supplement contains high levels of the trace metal zinc, which is critical to promote healthy prostate function and reduces enlarged prostate,  and may reduce your likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

This is important since the prostate gland contains more zinc than any other organ in the male body.

Men with prostate problems, such as BPH and prostate cancer were found to be deficient in zinc during prostate biopsy of cancerous prostate tissue.

Researchers are not sure if prostate health issues deplete healthy zinc levels, or if low levels of zinc contributes to prostate enlargement and prostate cancer, but what is for sure is that men with healthy prostate function have high levels of zinc in their prostate gland.

In addition to other natural ingredients, Prostavar contains high levels  zinc to promote healthy prostate function and reduces enlarged prostate,  and may reduce your likelihood of developing prostate cancer.


How Prostavar RX Compares to the Competition


Can Prostavar Improve Your Sex Life?

Benefits of ED Pump

Has your sex life been diminished due to your prostate problems?  Many men with an enlarged prostate or prostatitis have given up on sex, due to the severe pain associated with pain in the groin, and painful ejaculation.

Since the natural ingredients in Prostavar RX are able to shrink even the most severely enlarged prostate quickly, and reduce or eliminate the pain and discomfort of prostatitis, many men report they are again able to enjoy a fulfilling sex lives.


Pros of Prostavar RX

Prostavar RX available at contains the highest quantity of natural herbal ingredients known to shrink an enlarged prostate.


Cons of Prostavar

The biggest negative of Prostavar RX is that like other natural health remedies, this BPH treatment can take a few weeks for the natural ingredients to build up in your body before you notice the benefits of Prostavar.

Some people complain about the price, but my research indicates the price of Prostavar RX, which is between $30 and $40 per bottle, is slightly above average for a natural prostate supplement.



Where You Can Buy Prostavar

Our research indicates that has the best price for Prostavar.
In addition to having the best price on the internet, you will get a Free Shipping Option, making the best buying option for Prostavar.


Alternative Prostate Supplements



Prostavar RX Review




Here are Some Useful Facts about Prostavar RX


  • Prostavar  can shrink even the most over sized prostate gland.
  • Will strengthen the bladder, so it can empty fully without painful urination or dribbling.
  • Improves weak urine stream, to help you fully empty your bladder, and reduce or eliminate late night bathroom trips.
  • May help you avoid painful surgery and the nasty side-effects of prescription drugs!
  • Eliminates painful ejaculation associated with prostate problems, so you will enjoy sex again.


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