Prostate Protection: How To Prevent And Survive Prostate Cancer

How to Prevent Prostate Cancer

What is the Prostate?  It is a small almond-shaped gland, and is a key part of the male reproductive system.  Prostate cancer is always dangerous and is the cause of many deaths in the US. Cancer of the prostate, however, can be prevented and it’s survivable. It should never be taken as something light, and anything you notice (any change with your body that you are unsure how it happened) should be investigated.

Prostate cancer happens only to men because, well, only they have a prostate. Women do not experience prostate cancer. Therefore, we’ll need to talk about the methods to fight prostate cancer that apply to men (for example, a healthy diet for a man and a woman can be different).

So, what can you do to prevent prostate cancer from appearing and ruining your day? Well, there are a couple of methods that you can follow which should be easy to apply. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know on how to prevent and survive prostate cancer!


Choose a Healthy Prostate Diet:

Many experts agree that an unhealthy diet with fast food and junk food can increase your odds of getting cancer. The same applies to drinks. Fizzy drinks contain various chemicals to keep them fresh for longer, to enhance taste, etc. and some of these have been known to cause cancer.

If you want to start somewhere, it has to be your diet for prostate health. Get rid of anything you aren’t sure is natural and, preferably, eat only from your garden.

One way a plant-based diet will chase away prostatic adenocarcinoma is by lowering the number of excess hormones within the body. Meat, for instance, is related to high levels of insulin-like protein one (IGF-1) and also the organic compound essential amino acid methionine.

You’ll want complete control over what you eat.


Get Active Calcium Intake:

Active Calcium is an interesting bit of necessary ingredients that your body needs to function properly. As such, having a deficit of calcium can be dangerous. Active Calcium pills/tablets are what you’ll need to adjust the level of calcium you have in your body. Calcium is important not just for our bones, but for our nervous system as well. There are plenty of other benefits of calcium, but the list is very long so we won’t be mentioning it.

Dairy foods are high in calcium. Calcium is important for strong bones and your overall health, So you need some in your diet – around 700mg per day.

Additionally, a calcium-enriched diet goes a long way in reducing the appearance of osteoporosis as well.


Maintain a Healthy Weight:

man exercising

We all know the negative side effects of being both overweight and underweight. You won’t just be unhappy with how you look, and you’ll be unhealthy, too. Being overweight presents many hurdles in life and people that turn to weight loss often have a hard time reaching their desired goals.

Prostate cancer treatment can also have an effect on your appetite, eating conduct, and weight, however it is essential a good way to maintain a healthy weight, get critical nutrients, and remain as physically energetic as viable.

Unfortunately, being overweight or underweight can also cause other illnesses to appear – in this case, prostate cancer. Try to keep a healthy weight at all times. It doesn’t matter if you deviate a couple of kilos up or down, but make sure that it’s between the healthy limits.



Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is injurious to health. Most people smoke as it calms their nerves. Others smoke out of boredom, fun, or just because they need something to do with their hands. The fact is, smoking is bad and everyone should give up on it, but that’s not possible.

As for you, dear reader, you still have a chance to turn your life around. If you’re a smoker, take your time and slowly start avoiding smoking. If you aren’t a smoker – don’t even attempt to start. There’s nothing good associated with it, and you should do your best to keep your body healthy.

Besides, if you need something for your nerves – there’s always kratom. Check out Kratom Crazy for more info on this topic.


Eat More Fish to Improve Prostate Health:

Fish for prostate health

Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are some of the healthiest fats around. Some information has been floating around, mentioning that omega-3 pills help prevent the formation of different cancer types. You might have heard about them (from sharks).

Well, that’s not far from the truth. There has been evidence that an increase in fish intake has the effect of lowering your chances of contracting a couple of cancer types, including prostate cancer.

Besides, fish is great for weight loss as well, so you’d be eating fish for more than one singular reason!

A long way richer nutritional resources for EPA and DHA include oily fish including cod liver, herring, mackerel, wild salmon, and sardine. Fish oils, egg oil, squid oils, and krill oil, in addition to various safe to eat seaweed and phytoplankton also are suitable sources.


Author Bio:

Angela is an editorial assistant at Kratom Crazy, a premium supplier of kratom extracts that are sold for research and educational purposes. Being working as an editor, Angela is also responsible for studying kratom effects on various health issues. Connect with Kratom Crazy through Facebook.

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