10 Easy Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Worried about going bald? There are ways to reverse hair loss in men


Are you worried about going bald? Then read up on our tried and true ways to reduce hair loss in men and improve your hair.

Some men fear snakes; others fear heights. Some fear seeing doctors; others fear not seeing one often enough. But, if there is one thing that all men fear, it’s hair loss in men.


So, in this article, we will give you ten tried and true ways to reduce hair loss in men.

We will discuss 10 Different ways to reduce hair loss in men

While the following methods will help you to a certain degree, it is good to know that hair loss in men is mainly due to genetics. In fact, there are many bodily changes you will experience that are due to genetics.

Whether or not you will lose your hair is something you’ve inherited from your ancestors. Does this mean that you are destined to have the same hair as them? Of course not.

But, knowing what your ancestors’ hairline was like can motivate you to take better care.


1. Use mild shampoo

man using hair loss shampoo

Men tend to be practical. Unless there is a good reason to do otherwise, we will always try to make things simple and efficient.

That’s why, when it comes to showering, men have the privilege of buying shower gel + shampoo + conditioner all in one.

This 3 in 1 deal may seem fantastic at first, but you should be aware that it can be the cause of your hair loss.

Do yourself a favor and learn which shampoo is best suited for your hair.

While you can use a shower gel to wash your body, you should always opt for separate shampoo. Shower gels tend to be strong with abrasive chemicals. As such, they can easily damage your hair and contribute to hair loss.

Our advice is to avoid using men’s shampoo altogether and switch to baby shampoo. It is, by far, the mildest.

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2. Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamins A, B, and E tend to help with hair loss. Vitamin A helps with sebum production in the scalp, while vitamin B helps with pigment and E with circulation. All these combined provide a fair bit of help with keeping your hair.


3. Can Green Tea Reduce Hair loss

can green tea reverse hair loss in men

One of the pretty easy ways to strengthen your hair and improve blood circulation on the scalp is to rub green tea.

This is partly because green tea contains caffeine, which helps open up blood vessels. You boil one cup of water with two bags of green tea.

Once it cools down, rub the tea into your hair. After about an hour, rinse out your hair.

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4. Massage Your scalp

Scalp massages can be pretty helpful in reducing hair loss in men. The main problem is that people seldom do it. And when they do, they do it wrong.

The idea behind a scalp massage is to improve the blood circulation in your scalp but avoid causing friction as it can damage your hair.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that can show you how to massage your scalp effectively.


5. Avoid hairdryers

Hairdryers damage your hair. The increased heat dries up your scalp and can easily cause damage. So, unless absolutely necessary, try to let your hair dry naturally.


6. Healthy diet for Men Over 40

Grilled chicken with vegetables.

A big part of maintaining your hair is to live a healthy life.

Multiple studies have shown that men that practice healthy life habits experience less hair loss.

This is especially true if they also adopt one of the methods for strengthening their hair and scalp.

As men age, they tend to exercise less and eat unhealthy foods.  That’s why it it important for men over 40 to exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more.

Having a healthy diet is one of the best ways to reduce hair loss in men.

7. Keep hydrated

stay hydrated to improve your health

One of the things you will often hear is that you need to keep yourself hydrated.

The human body is 70% water, and requires daily water intake to maintain a healthy body and mind.

And while a lot of people know this to be true, few seem to understand what that means. Hydrating yourself means drinking water. Not sweetened drinks. While coffee contains water, that doesn’t count as water intake.

Not “water substitutes.” The bare minimum for a healthy male is around six glasses of water per day.


8. Reduce stress to Prevent Hair loss in Men

The most common trigger of sudden hair loss in men is stress. Even something seemingly minor like a relocation can cause hair loss if you are already stressed out.   It’s important to reduce work related stress and other causes of stress and anxiety.

The first thing to do to avoid moving-induced anxiety is to learn how to deal with this stressful situation. And then to lower your overall stress in everyday lives. The less stress you experience daily, the more it will take to trigger hair loss.


9. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Both alcohol and smoking have been closely related to hair loss. They both can cause circulation problems and tend to dehydrate your body. Remember, just because you are drinking doesn’t mean that you are hydrating.

Over a long time, both alcohol and smoking leave long-lasting effects on your body. Therefore, the smart thing to do is avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible.

If you cannot go cold turkey, a good strategy is to only drink and smoke when with friends.


10. Daily Exercise to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

can regular exercise prevent hair loss in men

While exercise can increase your testosterone level, it doesn’t cause hair loss. Keep in mind that dozens of factors determine whether or not you will lose your hair.

And your testosterone level is only one of them. So, instead of worrying, try to incorporate exercise into your everyday life.

Pick a form of exercise that you enjoy doing, and then do it every day.

By exercising, you will not only make your body healthy, but you will also motivate yourself to follow other healthy habits. For instance, it is much easier to quit smoking if you feel its effects while running.

And it is much easier to say no to sugar when you are actively working on losing fat. We consider exercise as one of the key ways to reduce hair loss in men because it helps your entire body function properly.

Remember, we weren’t built to sit around all day, even though it is comfortable. We were meant to run, jump, swim and lift. And the sooner you start doing those things, the sooner you will feel the effects.


Author bio:

Chase Collier has worked as a fitness instructor and diet consultant for over 30 years. His main area of interest is men’s health and reducing the effects of aging.





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