Stay Sober Forever – 5 Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Let’s be honest for a minute – drinking alcohol is an addictive leisure, because intoxication gives us a sense of freedom and unsolicited happiness.

You can look for this feeling over and over, and that is why you get easily hooked into drinking alcohol.


Why Do People Drink Alcohol

People drink for many reasons – to celebrate, to mourn, to think or to not think. There are, however, a selected few who require no reason at all to drink, they just do every chance they get. This is where alcoholism sets in.

We will not delve into it further, because you already know: too much alcohol is never good for the body.


5 Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Sobriety is the opposite and healthy choice against alcohol. For some, paving the way to be sober forever may be a challenge, a life-altering decision that requires focus and discipline. Gradual withdrawal from drinking alcohol can lead to relapse and even worse alcoholism problems. Allow us to help you out. Get sober in Denver and take note of these ways to stop drinking alcohol.


  1. Causes of Drinking Alcohol.

First step is to dig down and learn what causes you to drink alcohol. More often, this is where the predicament starts. When you find reasons to drink alcohol, you will eventually not need a reason to drink, until drinking becomes a regular habit that leads to alcoholism. It’s a ripple effect that can lead to your unhealthy alcohol-drinking habits.

Sometimes the cause may be in the surface, such as being celebratory or easy access to alcohol. Other times, you will need to delve deeper. Alcoholism may be caused by underlying emotional stress that you need to address in order to diminish the urges of drinking.


  1. Reasons You Should Stop Drinking.

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Once you have identified the reasons or causes of drinking alcohol, it’s time to list down the reasons why you should stop.

This is quite easy, like a pro- and con- list, only this should contain pro- reasons why you should stop drinking.

High on anyone’s list is for health reasons. Young and old, no matter what age you may be, drinking alcohol regularly can take its toll on your health, and lead to liver damage.

Another important and common reason to stop drinking is to improve emotional health. This includes your own emotions and the people that surround you such as your family and friends.


  1. Cutting Back Along With Quitting Alcohol Together Altogether.

When the body becomes familiar and acquainted with the regular intake of alcohol, it starts to look for it regularly. This is how alcoholism and dependency starts. Those who want to stop drinking alcohol or want to be sober forever will tell you that cutting back on the intake can be a challenge, as your body can experience withdrawal symptoms that can have different effects physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Between cutting back and quitting cold turkey, experts recommend to quit abruptly for lesser chance of relapse. Withdrawal symptoms can mostly be psychological and you can help yourself by diverting your attention to other activities that may interest you.


  1. Changes in Your Life.

When you have finally taken a step into sobriety, no matter how gradual the progress may be, is still a positive impact to your life. One by one, your physical, emotional and psychological health will be back in check. Your nasal health will get better.

  • Process emotions rationally;
  • Become more attentive and focused.

You can track down and take a look at the changes in your life. This can help motivate to continue to your road to being sober forever.


  1. Stay Sober Forever.

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Once you make the ultimate decision to stop drinking, it takes self discipline to continue this change and to stay sober forever.

This means not drinking any form of alcohol, for any reason or occasion, not ever. You quit on alcohol totally and redirect your attention and life in other important matters. You can divert your attention, energy and finances to your family, to keeping yourself fit and healthy, or to new hobbies or interests.

This can be the hardest stage in quitting alcohol. The silver lining is knowing when you get through this, you can actually be sober forever.

You can and will encounter instances when you will have to choose between a tempting sip or a hundred percent sobriety. It takes discipline, self- respect and self-worth to choose the healthy choice.

Being sober lets you go through your experiences with a clear and focused mind – from the happiness to the sorrow, it is best to experience them when your mind and body is sober enough to absorb physically and emotionally. Besides being a healthy choice for your body, sobriety can give you a sharper and more attentive mind. You can become more productive, happier and healthier.


Author Bio:

Jessica James has written several blogs all across the spectrum, but specializes mainly in sobriety, recovery and rehabilitation. With several years in the field, Jessica has been helping people get healthy and sober while recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Find out more about Jessica at Carla Vista Sober Living.

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