How Bad Blood Circulation can Cause Hair Loss in Men?

Bad blood circulation happens as a result of limited blood flow to different parts of the body including legs, hands, heart, fingers, toes and feet.

The usual flow of blood through the vessels is interrupted because of a fatty substance called plaque built up inside the vessels that stiffen and narrow the walls of the arteries and veins.



Suffering from bad circulation in your body can cause various health conditions such as high blood pressure, cold hands or feet, weaker organs and hair thinning. In extreme cases you may suffer from hypertension, stroke, heard diseases and more.



Blood Circulation


How Bad Circulation Can Affect Your Body?


Your whole body will be suffering from bad blood circulation, including:


  • The brain – bad blood circulation can affect normal functions of the brain due to inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, resulting in tiredness, dizziness, memory loss, and constant and obscure headaches.
  • The heart – those who suffer bad blood circulation might experience a variety of health condition including rise in blood pressure and cholesterol, chest pain, heart attack and stroke, which are some of the major inevitable risks.
  • The liver – effects of bad blood circulation on the liver include loss of appetite, sudden weight loss and discoloured skin tones.
  • The kidneys – if you notice swelling hands, feet and ankles, there is a possibility that your kidneys are deprived of their blood supply. Other conditions can include fatigue, change in heart rate and rise in blood pressure.
  • The limbs – some of the most common symptoms of having restricted blood flow is numbness and/or tingling in your hands and feet, muscle pain and varicose veins due to the lack of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients.



Blood Clots can affect blood circulation


What Causes Bad Circulation?


  • Bad blood circulation: is a result of other health issues.


  • Knowing the cause of poor blood circulation: can help you to treat the underlying medical condition.


  • Being overweight: Carrying around extra pounds puts more pressure on your heart and reduces blood flow throughout your body.


  • Diabetes: Diabetes can cause peripheral artery disease which can affect blood flow to vital organs of the body.

  • Nerve damage: Damage to nerves that control your cardiovascular system can result in bad blood flow to your organs and other parts of your body.

  • Smoking: Smoking increases your risk of developing various vascular diseases, including suffering from the symptoms of bad circulation because it causes plaque buildup in your veins.

  • Thyroid disease: Thyroid disease can also affect blood circulation and slow down blood flow to the brain.

  • Peripheral artery disease: Peripheral artery disease describes the condition where a buildup of plaque in the veins constricts the arteries and cause bad circulation. This can affect the blood flow not only to your legs, but also your brain, scalp, and heart.

  • Raynaud’s disease: Raynaud’s disease affects your blood vessels and causes spasms that reduce blood flow to your hands and feet, resulting in numbness and tingling in your arm and feet.

  • Blood clots: If a blood clot forms in your blood vessels, it can restrict or completely cut off blood flow to certain organs and arteries.

  • Lack of exercise: Lack of daily exercise can lead to a decrease in the proper flow of  blood between organs, tissue and muscles.


Poor circulation can be due to blood clots

How Bad Blood Circulation can Cause Hair Loss


Hair grows healthily thanks to the adequate nutrients, oxygen and lymph provided to the roots through the dense network of blood vessels. Restricted blood flow to the scalp causes the roots to shrink and die, resulting in hair loss.  

Tightened and thinning scalp also contribute to hair loss. Due to excess tension and stress, muscles are tightened and the body produces androgenic bodily hormones, functioning to reduced blood circulation to the scalp and furthest parts of the body like hands and feet due.

Natural oils and hair perspiration can produce hardened crystals that clog up the hair follicles and stiffen the surrounding tissues, causing the scalp to be a lot more susceptible to hair loss.  

To avoid the crystals from developing, you can use Pro Hair Tincture, consisting of Chinese ginseng, CeBaiYe, dandelion, DanShen, JingJie, HuangBo, ZaoJiaoCi, ChuanXiong, ginger and Japanese sake, designed to promote rapid hair growth and strengthen your hair, spot baldness, sparse hair, oily scalp and other causes to hair loss.

You can increase blood circulation to the head by exercising and movement activity on a frequent basis such as a walk, house chores, swimming…or something that is a bit challenging to get your blood pumping and out of breath. Hair growth improvement could be quite visible within a few weeks.

Scalp massage has many potential benefits. It should be done at least twice a day. The right way to do it is to use the “checkmark” method. You should not use fingernails to prevent breaking hair strands or damaging the scalp.

Move fingers around the scalp, covering all areas. Use slow, gentle movements to move fingertips in a circular motion, alternating fingertips around different areas of the scalp.


Apart from the holistic treatments above, herbal remedies could be helpful to improve blood circulation.


Pro Hair 1


  • American ginseng, Ren shen, Zinc, and other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, found in Pro Hair 1, helps to boost your immune system, relieves your anxiety, treats sleeping disorders and constant nervousness. This is an effective and fast solution to reduce stress and improve blood circulation to the scalp.



Pro Hair 2


  • Shu Di Huang, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu, Ge Gen, Bai Zi Ren, Nu Zhen ZI, Mo Han Lian, and Hei Dou along with other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, is the perfect formula found in Pro Hair 2, that helps to promote hair growth and improves scalp blood circulation, as well as, enhances physical fitness




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The founder of Pro Hair, Dr. Yu is a registered acupuncturist with over 26 years of clinical experience. He completed his Acupuncture Doctor training at Hubei TCM University and received his Master’s degree in acupuncture from Changchun TCM University.

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