Best Supplements for Men Over Age 40

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Look at men over 40 and you will find that the leading cause in death is cancer and heart disease. It is a grim statistic although fortunately with the right supplements for men, you can maintain good health.  A lot of the leading causes of illnesses and disease can be addressed and mitigated with appropriate nutrition and healthcare.

The kind folks at say that the benefits of supplements for men. Consumption can accrue right up to the ripe age of 40 and sometimes even later. So, what are the best supplements for men?

Here in this article we look at the best supplements for men approaching middle age to consume.

Always check with your doctor if you have any doubts and because also, everybody is different. Let’s find out more.


Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 supplement for men

You may be thinking, what is this futuristic name? This is a brilliant compound which is contained in cell mitochondria (those bits in the cell that produce energy and drive biological processes).

When you reach the age of around 40, the body really begins to benefit from additional Coenzyme Q10 uptake. It’s one of the best supplements for men, that plays a real role in heart disease and failure prevention, as well as Type 2 diabetes, LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure.

All of these are unfortunately common potentially fatal illnesses for men over 40. The usual source of this supplement is fish, with most supplements being extracts from various marine creatures, typically tuna or salmon. One can take the supplement in numerous forms such as a spray, capsule or tablet.


Vitamin D and Calcium

As the body ages, bones can decrease in density, so how is one supposed to maintain healthy and strong bones? One can get vitamin D from supplements and food to take alongside calcium to help retain bone strength.

Typical sources of calcium come from dairy foods but for vegans and vegetarians, they can also come from green veg and fortified juices. When both vitamin D and calcium combine, the body uses them to maintain strength and health. A lot of people make the common mistake of purchasing only calcium supplements, but these really need to be taken along with vitamin D to reap the benefits.

Sun and Vitamin D

We’ve talked about the need to combine vitamin D with Calcium to reap its benefits, however make sure you’re getting enough of it if you’re living in areas where there isn’t much light. One of the best sources of vitamin D is from the sunlight – the vitamin is created in skin after it is exposed directly to the sun. This is particularly important during the winter as you’ll need it to help make up for the lack that you’d get from the sun. It is very important for boosting metabolism in middle aged men, so don’t skimp on this vital substance.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

fish for omega-3 fatty acids

One of the best sources of protein out there is fish, but fish comes with many more healthy compounds, including fatty acids and omega 3. This fatty acid that is found commonly in fish is very useful for maintaining a healthy heart according to the American Heart Association.

Not only this but it will help reduce inflammation in the body and improve brain function. Men in their middle age should pay close attention to this because heart disease is one of the largest causes of death for those over 40. When approaching this age, make sure to consume plenty of healthy omegas.

One of the best supplements for men over 40 is Omega-3 Fatty  Fatty Acids.  This is a good way to get this vital nutrient if you don’t like fish.



Do be aware that omega 3 is not the only source of healthy “brain fat”. While a lot of fish oil supplements contain sources of omega 3, few contain ALA. Per WebMD, ALA or Alpha-lipoic acid,  is an essential plant based omega 3 fatty acid, that is essential to convert into DHA and EPA for energy production.

You may be wondering what these acronyms mean exactly, they aren’t vitamins but rather compounds which are necessary for healthy brain activity.  Plus, they need to be used in combination. You may find high amounts of ALA in plants such as hemp, flaxseed and chia.



pimpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium

Did you know that magnesium, which is on of the best supplements for men, can create over 300 different reactions in the body? Good ones too.

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium.

It can be very common for people not to get enough of this stuff from their common diets, however it is important – especially if you’re around 40 years old.

Studies have shown that a deficiency in magnesium is one of the most common for males of this age.

Fortunately, it’s easy to purchase magnesium based supplements almost everywhere. Plant based supplements full of the stuff can be bought, usually made from vegetables such as chard, almonds or spinach.



That’s all for now but take care and stay healthy. Health supplements for men aren’t only for endurance athletes or gym folk.  They’re for ordinary people too. We hope you can get all the nutrition you need to sustain you throughout your middle years. Make sure that you always consult with your doctor if you’re unsure about anything you’re considering to take.


Author Bio:

Randolph Ray is a Professional Nutritionist and Fitness Expert

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