9 Things to Consider When Moving on After Divorce

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Moving on after divorce can prove quite a challenge for a recently divorced man.  Maybe you have recently divorced your spouse, or they left you and you got custody of your child.

You may now be in search of a new beginning. These can be challenging times indeed. You may also need to move to a new city or even a new state during this time.


Although it can happen out of necessity, MOVING ON AFTER DIVORCE  can present a perfect opportunity to start over.

Here are 9 Things to Consider when Moving on After Divorce.


1. Implications of moving on after divorce

As you can probably assume, the implications and consequences of life after divorce are vast for both parents and children. Moving out and separating, especially after several years of marriage,  can have immense mental and financial impacts on all persons involved.

For many,  the healing process can be long, painful and stressful.  Therefore, being aware, patient, and calm is helpful for healing and moving on after a divorce. All of this will significantly impact your decision-making when moving out to a new city or state.  This decision can be especially painful of you are moving without the kids.

Life after Divorce can be tough on all participants.


2. Making plans for moving on

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Having a sound plan for moving on after the divorce is finalized is always beneficial for all parties. Planning ahead when moving on, especially after divorce, can involve much pressure.

It can be of great benefit to try and release yourself from burdening stress. But no matter how high it is, it always pays off to have a strategy.

Don’t rush into dating after divorce if you don’t feel comfortable at the moment. Putting everything on paper or typing your plans in a notebook can ease you in the whole process. That way, you can easily grasp what you are working with.

Keep in mind that those plans can change, so don’t be afraid if they do. Change plays a great part in this process, so you will learn to embrace it over time.

Here are some guidelines to consider after a divorce:

  • take care of yourself
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • make moving plans
  • help your children with the process
  • enjoy your free time
  • start your life anew


3. Caring for yourself after a divorce

The first step in the long process of starting life over after separation is finding and taking care of yourself. This should be your number one priority. ”Take care of number one” is not just a phrase; it can make a difference.

A healthy person looks after themselves first, and in doing so, they look out for others too. It shows confidence and gives strength not only to you but to your child and everyone close to you.


4. Moving on after divorce requires help

Having a helping hand when moving on after divorce can give you the boost you need. A good shoulder to cry on and a friendly suggestion can make your day.

Talk to a friend about your thoughts and feelings, and be sure to ask for positive criticism. Connecting further with your friends can be excellent, but you can also try therapy.

Consulting a therapist on the subject of moving on after a divorce is quite common and can make you feel more at ease.

5. Moving to a new home

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The whole ordeal of court trials and proceedings is over. You have decided to move on to another city or state to start your life over.  If you have family or friends in another city or state, they can provide emotional or even financial support you need to get back on your feet. It may be good for you to start over in a new state, and it’s crucial to do it right.

The first question to answer is: Is my divorce recognized in all the states? The short answer is YES. Once the divorce is legally granted, it is recognized throughout the United States.

You are free to date or remarry wherever you go. If you have continuing obligations to your ex-spouse, make sure that you let them know your moving plans, location, or address.

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6. Moving interstate with children

The most challenging aspect of moving to a new city or state after divorce is preparing your children for it.

First and foremost, they must know this is not their fault.  This may require your kids to see a therapist for some time.  They have to endure the severe stress of the divorce, and they are also leaving their friends, school, activities, and most importantly, their home and the other parent.

Later, your new dating plans can significantly affect your child and their behavior. Giving your children time and space to adapt to the new climate is every parent’s greatest concern.

Consider the effects of the divorce on your child.



7. Helping your children when moving on after divorce

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Having older children involved in the process of moving on after a divorce could prove to be a sound strategy when tackling this delicate issue.

Younger kids tend to be more resilient to such situations, so they potentially have less difficulty accepting and acclimating to a new situation, when older kids can help younger siblings through the process.

This is especially important if the kids feel the divorce is their fault, or they are scared leaving the other parent behind.

Encouraging your kids to stay in touch with their other parents, friends, and family should be a positive motivation overall. No matter their age, nowadays, it can be much easier to do that due to the internet and social networks. Also, encouraging your kid to communicate in the newfound community is a good tactic, so they don’t feel isolated or lonely.


8. Dealing with your free time

Since you have endured the hardship of a divorce, your schedule has undoubtedly changed. You may have some more free time on your hands, so spending it on important things is paramount. It is imperative since trying to fit it into a new environment could be harder.

Spending time on various activities is very healthy and motivational. Maybe it is the right time to start playing the piano as you have always wanted? Or going jogging? No matter what you choose, it can significantly improve your quality of life and help you in the process of separation.


9. Moving on with life after divorce and separation

Moving on after divorce is one of the most trying times, so it is wise to be patient as much as possible. This is important if you eventually plan to start dating after divorce.   As this process can involve much stress, hardships, and tension, it is advisable to take things slowly. Pace out your life, and don’t be afraid of change. Take small steps every day, and after some time, you will find yourself walking into a new life.




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