How To Cure Blue Balls Naturally In Men. Yes Blue Ball are Real

It’s very rare when men discuss their personal health problems.  When they do, we all should listen to them carefully. One of those personal problems is blue balls.  Yes, blue balls are real.  This is a condition men might be uncomfortable to openly talk about.

What are Blue Balls

what are blue balls

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Blue balls, which are also known as Epididymis Hypertension,  is a non-life threatening medical condition which affects the testicles. In this condition, the fluid and blood gets trapped in the testicles during sex, which can result in:

  • unbearable pain
  • heaviness over testis
  • felling of unrelieved orgasm
  • swelling.


It can get worse when the male fails to ejaculate during sex, called dry orgasm.

One can also notice a blue color hue in the testicles. Well, it has been advised to treat under doctor’s observation. Before moving onto to the natural cures, let’s discuss the causes for blue balls.

Due to the prolonged urge of sexual arousal in males without having any ejaculation, has been the major cause of blue balls. Due to the unavailability of ejaculation, the blood vessels expand & enhance the blood flow in the penis & testicles, which results in pain & discomfort for sure.

Some other Causes of Blue Balls in Men:

  • Kidney stones – the frequent occurrence of blue balls could bring back the health issue, which is kidney stones.
  • Testicular cancer – this medical condition can also be one of the reasons for blue balls occurrence.
  • Tight pants – tight pants can directly attack & affect the shape & size of the organ.


Ways to Cure Blue Balls


man with blue balls pain


Well, not to worry more about it as there is some natural cure for blue balls which are mentioned below:

  • To Ejaculate

The best way cure this problem instantly is to ejaculate during the arousal or masturbation.  It releases the extra pressure that the testis has been carrying & helps to let the blood to flow smoothly.   Ejaculating helps to get rid of pain caused by the stored semen and trapped blood by simply releasing it.

One can do ejaculating in various forms like oral sex; masturbating or sound intercourse can also be considered. To get rid of blue balls to come again, the doctor’s advice to regular ejaculating.


  • Applying anything cold

It ejaculating is not possible for any good reason, and then there are many other ways. One of which is applying anything cold like ice or cold water. It can also help you get rid of this problem. Cold things instantly numb the pain nerves & constrict the blood vessels in the genitals. Also, it reduces the additional blood flow too.


  • Meditation

The most natural way is release any type of stress is to meditate. Meditation helps to heal the problems most naturally. It helps to lessen the pain by controlling the mind and your thoughts.  By relaxing, you can easily ejaculate & let the blood flow smoothly.

One of the basic mediation exercises can prove to be beneficial i.e. goumukhasanas. It’s natural & a healthy way to get rid of blue balls.


  • Massage

Don’t panic in this kinda situation. Just relax & calm down. Massage can come to the rescue. Start giving a massage to the affected area. It helps to reinitiate blood flow & get rid of the pain. Try to rub the affected genitals, but it is advisable to massage it by yourself only.


  • Lift weights

Lifting heavy weights is a natural practice that flexes the lower abdominal muscles during a bowel movement & helps in blood flowing. This helps to release the pressure bagged over testicles. It also blows off some steam, which draws blood away from the testis. But one should keep in mind that if the blood doesn’t flow properly, it could also result in bringing back the blue balls.

  • Avoid tight clothes

Wearing too-tight clothes for longer durations can affect male’s health as it directly affects the genitals. Tight clothes resist the flow of air & also pressurize the area that might get affected through the shape & size, hence also resists the flow of blood. It is advisable never to wear too tight clothes for a long time.

  • Daily Exercise

Since this problem has been roots since the blue ball’s primarily caused due to resistance to the smooth flow of blood, thus exercises can help to get some blood pumping. It helps to draw out stored blood from the testis as workouts enhance the blood flow rate in the body. It helps the person to get rid of the pain as it diverts the pressure of those swollen testicles. Regular exercise has been essential & a needful at the same time.


Author Bio:

Dr.Sohil Guntagani is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases.

After graduating from Rajeev Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, He embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies. During his travel and research, he found the purpose to enlighten and empower others with this knowledge and help them led a much healthier and stress-free life.






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