How to Buy Cheap Duffel Bags for Your Marketing Campaign

cheap duffel bags

If you are looking for inexpensive duffel bags to gave out to customers or employees, Discount Mugs is one of the largest suppliers of cheap duffel bags at amazing prices for any marketing budget, whether you run a small, medium or large organization.

The company has been in business for over twenty years helping large and small businesses or organizations share their business message or brand with the public on one of the most widely used products, duffel bags. The name is embossed on the outside of the duffel bag for everyone to see, whether you are at the gym, walking down the street or shuttling through the airport, which is a great marketing tool for the business.


1. What Type of Cheap Bulk Duffel Bags can you buy from Discount Mugs?


Discount Mugs has maintained it’s position as the leader in promotional products, which has allowed it to offers a full line of inexpensive duffel bags in bulk for your marketing and promotional campaigns, as well as, affordable gym bags for sports teams and even attractive weekend bags.

You can often purchase as few as 12 bags up to 500 or more per order.

The more units you purchase, the purchase price can drop significantly.

The variety of cheap duffel bags available includes:


  • Everyday Duffel Bags
  • Travel duffel bags
  • Sports Duffel Bags
  • Gym Duffel Bags
  • Weekend Duffle Bags
  • Duffel Bags with Wheels



2. What are the Product Details


Discount Mugs offers a full line of cheap  duffel bags in bulk for every marketing budget, from basic duffel bags to high end bags.

While the price maybe cheap, the quality is sure to impress.  They offer the highest quality bags at rock bottom prices.

Here are the product details:

cheap duffle bags


  • Promotional Deluxe Sports Duffel Bag
  • Made Of 600D Polyester
  • Double Zippered Top Opening
  • Bungee Cord Storage On Top
  • Detachable/Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Web Handles With Velcro® Closure
  • Shoe Compartment With Double Zipper
  • Mesh Closure For Circulation Of Air
  • With bottom insert (paperboard)
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75



3. Made with 600D Materials

D600 Nylon

Too often inexpensive duffel bags, especially those used for promotional business use, giveaways or given to employees, are cheaply made with low quality materials and fall apart after just a few months of use.

600D, is a reference to the unit of measurement called the denier, shown by the letter “D”, such as 600D, that refers to the linear mass density of the material, which we will call the strength of the material.

While Discount Mugs may offer cheap duffel bags at a low per unit cost, to keep in line with business marketing budgets or small businesses that don’t have large budgets for marketing and promotional materials, they use 600D polyester for many of their bags to ensure the highest quality product at an affordable unit cost for your business.

which offers the following benefits:


  • Tends to be more abrasion resistant and water-resistant than nylon or cheaper quality polyester.
  • Takes dyes and prints well.
  • Absorbs and holds color better than other materials to prevent the colors from fading.
  • Polyester is more often for duffel bags than other materials, due to fabric is synthetic and durable, resists stretching and wrinkling well, and is easy to maintain.



4.  Benefits of Using Promotional Products, like cheap duffel bags

An article on Webs by Sarah Matista demonstrates clearly the advantages for large and small businesses to use promotional materials, like inexpensive duffel bags with your company logo prominently displayed for all to see.

Sarah Matista, Online Content Specialist at Webs stated that by customizing an item that a customer can use in his or her everyday life with your logo on it,  can help increase brand awareness for your business.

Discount Mugs helps small businesses master outreach at a low cost, another key benefit Matista recommends, by offering cheap duffel bags, that offers small businesses on a tight budget a way to offer a big bang for a small buck.

If you need a product sample before purchasing, Discount Mugs is able to get product samples to you quickly so you can feel the quality you will be getting with your order.


5. Add a Personal Message to the Product

cheap Duffel Bags

At Discount Mugs, during your order, you can upload your own art work in JPEG format to include a unique design or logo on the inexpensive duffel bags, and you can either place the logo on the front or sides of the bag.

If you need assistance, there is a team ready to help you place your order to your highest satisfaction.

Discount Mugs has two different screen printing methods: direct printing and decal printing.     Direct printing is the preferred method when using single color printing.

If you prefer a multi-color printing design, then decal printing is the preferred method.  You can generally use multiple colors and have a larger design.

Don’t forget to attach your business card to duffel bag, so the customer knows who to call, rather than just calling the business, otherwise you might lose out on a big sale to another sales rep.


6. What Colors are Available?


Depending on the bag style, there are anywhere from three color options, including blue, red or black for the basic bag design; other style cheap duffel bags include green, grey, orange, purple and turquoise.



Marketing and promoting your business or organization is critical to advertise your product or service to generate sales, but it doesn’t have to break the bank, especially for a small business or a non-profit that may not have large marketing budget, and offering cheap products can give potential customers the wrong message.

Discount Mugs has been offering cheap duffel bags that are high quality and affordable for 20 years.  They will make your customers and employees feel valued and respected.  You can put your company logo on it as well to promote your business in an attractive way.


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