Home Workouts You Can Do at Every Age

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The time when it was socially acceptable for people to stop working out as they grow older is long gone.  Home workouts have become popular, now that we are intricately familiar with the relationship between proper exercise, nutrition, and human longevity.  We can safely say that a home workouts are important for all your life at any age.

Here are the Home Workouts You Can Do at Every Age

Of course, not all of the home workouts you can do when you’re 20 are still applicable when you’re 50 or 60; but you only need to choose an age-appropriate workout, and you’re good to go. That’s precisely why we’re going to take a look at some of the basic home workouts you can do regardless of how old you are! In fact, we’ll go a step further, and introduce the home workouts that fit each age group the best.


Working Out at Home In Your 30s

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When you’re younger than 30, your body is practically still developing, so you want to find the right home exercise routine.  That means within reason, you can still do many types of workouts.  Fromexercise bikes to huge weights, there’s practically nothing you can’t handle if you start increasing the difficulty levels incrementally.

However, once you hit your 30s, let’s face it – you’re not old, but you definitely passed your peak. After each home workout, you’ll find that your body will need a little longer to rest and recover.

Because of this, we recommend that you start doing resistance training at this stage in your life, on a weekly basis. Stuff like arthritis or osteoporosis is a much bigger problem and risk if you don’t do some resistance workouts twice a week. Additionally, doing some HIIT cardio is a good idea, as much as you can – ideally three times a week.

Also, you should know that your 30s are the time when you’ll start naturally losing muscle mass, and you will find your strength waning. Fear not though, as this biological aging can be slowed down a lot if you do the right kind of exercise. Doing some strength training will help you a lot – and if you haven’t done a lot of working out before this, find an online program or coaching app. If you do bodyweight exercises as part of your strength training, you’ll be able to do everything at home without almost any equipment.

Best Home Workouts In Your 40s

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A lot of people who get into home  fitness in their middle age often make the mistake of doing only cardio exercises. Sure, running or Zumba will leave you more energized and it will certainly help you keep the weight off; plus, it’s obviously the go-to cardio exercise.

But that aside, you should definitely do strength training exercises, even more once you reach your 40s.  This is a great way boost the production of testosterone.  This is important as this androgen hormone begins to decrease 1% per year after age 40.

As you get older, you will start losing bone density – so this is an important part of your daily exercise routine. We recommend reducing the intensity of cardio to moderate, and steadily increasing your focus on strength training exercises.  Cardio exercises have been shown to boost levels of estrogen in men, which decreases the level of testosterone.

Find an aerobic program that you like, and start doing yoga. Combining a yoga program with strength training and some cardio sprinkled on top would be the best combination. Remember – yoga is important if you want to keep your joints as healthy as possible. Your goal should be to improve the strength of your hips and legs, as they will become more vulnerable to injury with age.

Home Fitness For Men in their 50s

For people who are in their 50s, resistance training becomes more important than ever. Primarily, you should focus on your shoulders (which may become weaker if you do nothing over time) and continue working on your strength.  Rather than using weights, with resistance training, you are using your own body weight to create resistance to build muscle.  The loss of body mass that comes with old age can actually be lessened if you work on maintaining your bone density through resistance training.

So, if you have resistance bands for home workouts, that’s the optimal piece of equipment to use at this point. But if you don’t, there are still exercises you can do. Try to do as many variations of planks and squats as possible. Also, if you find running is becoming too difficult for you, try to do additional leg strength exercises and reduce the distances and/or pace on your runs.

At this point, we can’t stress just how important leg strength will become as you age. Not only will improving this portion of your body allow you to keep doing all kinds of workouts in your senior years; but you’ll also build stable support  and improve blood circulation for all of the upper muscles in your body and the rest of your frame.


And as funny as this may seem – your cognitive abilities will suffer a smaller decline than they otherwise would if you continue working on your legs; multiple studies have linked brain health to stronger legs. Sure, these are exercises that most people avoid – but they become crucial to your overall health in your 50s.

Golden Years Workouts

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Once you reach your 60s, you may feel like you’ve got less energy than ever before – and that’s understandable. But that’s precisely why you should dedicate more time to the best home workouts for seniors.

For senior citizens, there’s one crucial goal with working out – maintaining your physical independence. And don’t worry, it’s never too late to start working on this. If you don’t feel like this is too much for you, try power-walking. Of course, people who have been running their entire lives will probably find that they can still do this as well.

If you don’t have any gym equipment at home, there are bodyweight exercises that are applicable to your age. Wall situps will probably be easy enough for you now, and trying to do some pushups is not a bad idea. Apart from that, training your cardiovascular health is more important than ever – so keep moving as much as you can.

If you manage to squeeze in some yoga or pilates as well, you’ll find that you’re doing more than most people your age. Remember – regardless of your age, the impact is not always the most important part of your training. Instead, you should focus on consistency. If you can maintain a regular home workout routine that doesn’t rely on your friends or the gym; you’ll be able to work out well into your 60s with results that are as good as when you were young.


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