Myths about Erectile Dysfunction You Must Stop Believing

Information about erectile dysfunction is widely spread, but the problem is how real the matter is. Honestly, much of what said is not true. While myths are all over, it is essential to separate the truth from lies. You have no problem keeping an erection up until your partner is fully satisfied.

Even if you are getting an erection now, you still have chances of suffering erectile dysfunction. If you are looking for a boost in the bedroom, you need real information about what is going on under your pants.

Viagra is one of the commonly used substances for solving erectile dysfunction. However, you may boost your stamina with Sildenafil drugs similar to Viagra. Follow through for some of the common myths about erectile dysfunction:



Erectile Dysfunction Affects Only Older Men


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It is true erectile dysfunction increases with age, but also younger men are not immune to it. A certain percentage of young men below forty years cannot maintain a good erection enough for sex.


However, many older men enjoy fulfilling sexual encounters at their golden years. Unhealthy lifestyles cause the increase in erectile dysfunction among older men. Erectile dysfunction is a serious health problem at whichever age.



Erectile Dysfunction is a Psychological Issue


Now, it could be affecting your other body parts. It may be due to physiological issues such as heart disease, tobacco use, prescribed medication, obesity, high cholesterol, sleep disorders, and others. The truth is that it may not just be your body either. Erectile challenges in most cases are a combination of both psychological and physical factors.

For example, the blood vessels having a problem and not taking blood to your penis. However, your brain plays a significant role in signaling blood flow. Stress and many worries may make your brain signal your penis flaccid. A visit to the doctor will help rule out any other medical condition.



Tight Underwear can Cause Erectile Dysfunction


It is believed that too tight underwears can cause fertility problems. The tightness affects the sperm count, thus reducing it. Tight underwear increases the temperature of the testicles thus lowering the sperm quality and quantity.


Surgery is the Only Treatment Option


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Not all erection dysfunction drugs are the same. Again, these drugs do not work for everyone. Actually, surgery should be the last option in your mind. Besides, there is no guarantee that surgery will work for you, and it can provide additional problems. If you insist on surgery, you should consider visiting a qualified physician who is highly trained and can refer you to an excellent surgeon.


Men with Erectile Dysfunction have Lost their Sexual Desire


It is certain that men with low libido have difficulty in getting an erection. Thus, low libido is not a significant cause of erectile dysfunction. Most men with this problem have a high desire for the sexual act but are not able to rise to the occasion.

They cannot get an erection suitable to sustain intercourse. The hormone testosterone plays a significant role in regulating sexual desire in men. They have no direct impact on erection functions.


You are Out of Options if Viagra Doesn’t Work for You


Viagra was first introduced as a family medication and can interfere with optimal blood flow. There are other drugs for the same purpose which include Levitra, Cialis and Stendra and Sildenafil drugs, which more or less similar to viagra. They all work by improving blood flow to the penis and do not affect sexual desire.


Clinics have approved trials on the inhibitors in Sildenafil drugs to treat vascular erectile dysfunction. Men whose problem is psychological are unlikely to get much help from these drugs, but they should seek counseling to identify the mental or emotional causes.



Erectile Dysfunction Means There is Something Wrong with Your Penis


Having an erection or lacking one can alert you to any underlying medical conditions. For example, heart diseases, which cause conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol, damage your blood vessels. It impends the blood flow to your manhood. The diameter of vessels supplying blood to your penis is one to two millimeters indiameter.


That means your erection may take several years before you experience other symptoms such as chest pains and heart diseases. Therefore, a healthy penis can fail an erection, due to other underlying reasons.



Bad Habits Don’t Affect Your Erection


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Your bad habits may be hurting your erection too. Cigarette smoking can damage your blood vessels thus restricting the flow of blood to the penis. This definitely makes erection difficult.

After quitting smoking, a high number of smokers report improvement in satisfying their partners. Most illicit drugs in the world are linked to erectile problems. Cutting down on alcohol can improve your blood rush to the penis.



You Do not Have Erectile Dysfunction if You Get an Erection


The definition of erectile dysfunction is not the same for every man. It means the inability to keep and maintain an erection that can satisfy enough sex. Some men have a difficulty getting an erection in the first place. Others have a problem in maintaining an erection lasting longer than for enough sex. In other cases, a man may get an erection not hard enough to allow him to penetrate.

Erectile dysfunction does not just pop out of the blues. There is either an underlying physical cause or mental cause. However, with the above myths, you can differentiate the truth from lies. Honest information that you should note is that Sildenafil drugs are related to Viagra regarding their results. They both enhance the flow of blood to your penis thus sustaining a stiff erection.


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