8 Popular Senior Living Options for Men over 50

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As long as you have a job and are able go to work, life seems to be very fulfilling and adequate.  For older people they often have to consider a senior living option as they age. However, for some retirement is not relaxing and enjoyable and can pack quite a punch for some people.

This can occur when there is a sudden stoppage from all the hustle and bustle of going to work. You may not have become old, but your age and physical abilities fail to comply with it. One major aspect that is given a lot of importance is their living arrangement after they retire.

If you ask single men over 50,  they will oftentimes say that they will continue living the way that they have been, but that is not the case with everybody. Some might want to live in a senior living arrangement where they have access the assistance of someone responsible for doing the same. That is where the concept of assisted living for senior citizens has gained a lot of popularity these days.


This article mainly looks at 8 popular senior living options for single men over 50.


Independent Senior Living Communities

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It can popularly be called the retirement villages as well as this type of housing facility is one of the most sought-after ones.

Even though the senior living area is independent for all the people staying there, they have to share other amenities like cooking or a golf course.

There is a lot of scope of further development, as well as more upscale investments, which are becoming part and parcel of life. Moving into assisted living with a pet is also possible here.

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Subsidized Housing

Once you retire, the one thing that is undoubtedly going to change is the remunerations. In a government set up, you will continue getting a monthly income like a pension, but that is generally a big downgrade financially. In such a situation, subsidized housing is the best option.

It results in the lowering of the expenses of an individual which is subject to change at any time. The thing about subsidized housing is that it is quite complex. The senior living criteria to deem someone eligible for it and the application’s whole process might be a little exhausting, especially in the nascent stage.


Assisted Living Communities

woman in assisted living communityNot everyone will be at the prime of their health at retirement. Some might feel that having some help with daily work is helpful. That is where the concept of Assisted Living Communities comes.

The apartments may be individually allocated, but all the social activities are mainly done in groups.

There might be a dedicated staff present that will help with daily chores like washing and cleaning. Assisted Senior Living lies between independent living and Nursing Home care as far as facilities are concerned. However, medical facilities are not a part of it necessarily.


Aging in Place

Why would you go for an assisted senior living facility when you can decide to stay in your own place after retirement? All you need to do is introduce some modifications that will be in accordance with your stay requirements. You can also hire personal workers to run some errands for you as and when you need them to.

Some changes include bringing the bathroom to the ground floor and having enough space to move around and have access to everything important. If you ask any senior citizen, they will tell you that Aging in Place is the best way of living.


Continue-Care Senior Living Retirement Communities

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It is a kind of living community that is sufficient in all aspects. There might be the living apartments, the places that provide the facilities and a hospital situated close to one another.

If any resident wants to utilize anything, they can easily do so. Senior citizens who prefer to lead a sedentary type of lifestyle who do not want to move around much can use this facility.


Home Sharing

If there is an adequate place, and you are looking for a partner to share the expenses living in an assisted senior living facility, Home sharing is one of the most attractive options available for you. Moreover, your dynamics with them will be like a tenant, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining relations with your family if you don’t want to.

The best part of Home Sharing is that you could also be the owner of the house you are giving for rent and thus can stay in it itself, which is agonizingly close to Aging in Place.


Age-restricted Senior Living Communities

These are the senior living communities in which people belonging to specific age groups are only allowed to be residents. The type of place they take for rent may vary from person to person, but whatever they choose, they will have someone from their age-group to talk to.

It is based on the concept that similarly, aged people have similar thinking, and thus they can make friends faster. All the facilities provided will also be in accordance with the age-group. If you have religious inclinations, Catholic Assisted Living can also become a part of this.

Nursing homes

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This kind of senior living arrangement is perfect for someone who suffers from a lot of ailments and needs medical attention most of the time.

Nursing homes also have the provision to take care of the food and housekeeping as well and keep the senior citizens under supervision almost 24 hours a day.



The senior living facilities mentioned above are a few of the various options for assisted living for senior citizens in the future. You can make an informed choice if you have to, and this article can prove to be handy in such a situation.

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