Skin Care Guide For Men: How To Take Care Of Your Skin When Over 40

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Women are those thought to take a lot of care about their skin and overall appearance. However, it’s not completely true.   Many men out there are doing their best to keep their youthful look for as long as possible.


For those men over 40 who take regular care of their skin, these tips will be more than helpful.


  1. The appropriate facial cleanser for men over 40

In order to be healthy, your skin must first be clean. So, it’s important to find the right cleanser for your skin type. The best facial cleanser for men is the one that foams because it works best for cleaning the dirt under the surface. In case of a drier skin, cleansers with natural emollients are a better option than for greasy skin, which needs ingredients like salicylic acid in their cleanser.


  1. Wear sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles, causing your skin to age prematurely. To prevent this, it’s necessary to apply sunscreen every day, even on a cloudy day. To make sure the protection from the UV radiation is strong enough, choose SPF 30 or higher. If you find a moisturizer with SPF, it would additionally hydrate your skin while protecting it.


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  1. Get a serum with antioxidants

Antioxidants like vitamins C and E are great at fighting free radicals. They help repair damaged skin and prevent further damages, too. When combined with sunscreen, this is a truly strong protection against UV radiation and premature skin aging.


  1. How to Repair your Skin 

It’s not just the sun and free radicals that damage your skin. It’s also air pollution, industrial chemicals and cigarette smoke. During the day, your skin is bombarded with these damaging elements so you need to help it recover during the night. Use retinol before you got to bed. It will smooth the fine lines.


  1. Identify your skin type

The best products are those appropriate for your skin type, so you better know your skin type. Most men have thicker, oily skin due to testosterone, so most products for men are designed to fight excess oil.  However, if you have dry skin, look for products formulated for that type, like a cream cleanser and a heavy, rich moisturizer. If you have combination skin, you’ll notice a mix of dry and oily patches on your face. Lastly, you have sensitive skin if it tends to sting or get irritated. In that case, look for products that have few ingredients.


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  1. Deal with skin irritation

Skin irritation is a sign something doesn’t work well your skin, whether it’s a specific ingredient, environmental cause or something that you eat on a regular basis. This calls for special attention, which should also include a skin specialist. Australians, for example, take a lot of care of their skin due to high UV radiation and react fast whenever there are signs or irritation or breakout.

That’s why every cosmetic clinic in Canberra, Sydney or Perth has a lot of male customers who react timely when some skin issue arises. So, if you notice pimples or ingrown hairs, you could try to deal with it with a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or you could visit a specialist.


  1. Choose a night cream for men

A night cream should also fit your skin type. Night creams tend to be heavier than day creams because their role is to seal in moisture while you sleep. Look for one that also has regenerative properties to help your skin heal during the night.

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  1. Start using an eye cream for men

If you have never used an eye cream for men, well, your 40s are high time you started. The skin around your eyes has always been more sensitive and thinner than the rest of your skin, and it only gets thinner in time.

Consequently, it will need a specific type of care with slightly different ingredients. Invest some time and money in finding the right one. And here’s an additional tip: keep it in the fridge – that way, it will constrict blood vessels, reducing the infamous bags under your eyes in the morning.


  1. Balance your diet and cut out certain types of food

Everything you eat affects your skin, so no wonder why it will be more prone to breakouts if you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods.

They also lead to duller complexion, so try removing sugar and processed food from your diet for a couple of days and you will notice a huge difference. It’s not easy to do but it will be worth the trouble.


  1. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep affects so many things in our body, and your skin is no exception. You simply need your 8 hours of sleep to give your body time to produce collagen which reduces wrinkles and to repair skin damages. You will also have an increased flow of blood to your face, which will make your skin glow. And let’s not forget that not getting enough sleep can also lead to dark circles under your eyes, which are very hard to get rid of.


All in all

Healthy skin is not something reserved only for women and young people. Men should also take care of their skin. After all, it’s the biggest organ in your body, protecting you from environmental impact and signaling you when something is wrong inside your body. Giving it the proper care it deserves will make sure your skin looks fresh even in your 40s.


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Mia Johnson is a fitness expert and DIY junkie! A native to Melbourne, Australia, I now live in Sidney where I spend my days writing and taking care of my 900 square feet garden.


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