Hair Transplantation-When Should You Say ‘YES’

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What is Hair Transplantation?

The procedure of hair transplantation involves the changing of hair root location from the donor site to the recipient one where it is needed to implant and a surgeon tries to match the desired cosmetic benefits with the available bald area of the scalp. The aim of hair transplant surgery is to cover the area of hair loss with the permanent hair follicles and that’s why the need and relevancy of the safe donor area increase with the increasing need of hair transplant surgery.

The hair transplantation gains their exposure in the Asian sub-continents owing to the low-cost service facilities offered by the expert professionals and the best hospital establishments. Every year people from different parts of the world visit our nation to get the benefits of the medical tourism in India and, no doubt, hair restoration surgery shares 60% space alone in the medical services provided by the India Doctors and Surgeons.

The safe donor area is what those are resistant to the effect of DHT (DI Hydro Testosterone) and neither falls out nor shows the miniaturization and primarily used in the hair transplant procedure.  The reverse side of the scalp has a prime role as it gives the DHT-resistant hair roots that never fall out and the technique of FUT or follicular unit transplant is wholly influenced by the status of donor areas. However, the high-density hair transplant is only possible when a patient possesses the stable and strong donor parts in order to perform the FUT method of the hair restoration.

In the process of hair implantation, the changing of hair roots involves the safe and unsafe area, which facilitates the transferring process with changes hair follicles shifting and placed where it is needed to be placed.

The expert Surgeons and Doctor never recommend the procedure of hair restoration to the patient who is younger than 25 with Androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) as the younger patients do not possess the stable donor are to fulfill the desired cosmetic advantages of the restoration procedure.

The procedure of hair transplant in India has greater facilities with American standard & the hygienic care along with the expert guidance by the world’s famous Surgeon at very reasonable cost and became the global choice for the patients.


Why the Hair Transplantation Procedure is not allowed for patients younger than 25 is described below:


  • Donor Area Stability is Suspicious

The donor area or we can say the safe donor area which is used in the hair transplant procedure for excision of grafts is targeted from the back & sides of the scalp. These areas hair roots are resistant to the DHT sensitivity and used in the hair transplant procedure for the extraction destination as these roots are destined to remain permanent in nature even after being transplanted to another area.

So, the safe donor area is stable with the characters of DHT resistant, but at a very young age, it is difficult to decide their stability because in some patients it is partially resistant to DHT and their donor area thins as well, making it a non-compatible for the hair restoration surgery.

However, it is recommended by the hair transplantation Surgeon to postpone the decision of getting the surgery until you crossed the age of 25.


  • The Earlier Hair Loss means more extensive Balding in Future

It has been seen that if a patient is affected by Androgenic alopecia and experienced a very early hair loss got affected by a severe hair loss case in the future with an extensive degree of baldness. Since the ongoing state of hair loss progression in genetic baldness leads to an extensive grade of Norwood class and the problem became a case of multiple transplant surgery as only one sitting doesn’t fulfill their need and a future session need is always been on a higher probability.


  • The unavailability of donor area in future if early transplantation is performed

It is recommended by the expert surgeon that we must postpone the decision to perform the surgery if the patient is under the age of 25 because doing so the donor area will be used unnecessarily and there will be difficulty in saving the follicles with prospective surgery.

As a matter of fact, the donor area hair has limited supply and a Surgeon must utilize them wisely in order to meet the hair transplant need as according to the patient’s age, grade, expectations as well as the donor area availability to achieve the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure.



Summarizing all, we can say that it is better to wait to receive hair transplantation until you cross the age of 25. It is not only scientifically accepted, but also in favor of the result you are going to achieve with the procedure.


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Mukul Kumar, a health blogger and a keen learner, love to write about the health issues, especially on the topic of hair loss and baldness.






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