Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a shaving products subscription service for men and women, that delivers high quality cheap razors and shaving products to your door on a monthly basis..

You can build your Starter Kit Here for just $5!

You get everything you need in this Dollar Shave Club promo to get a smooth shave for a few weeks..


Your Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit includes:

Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit


This Dollar Shave Club Review  will answer the question:  are these high quality cheap razors a better value than buying at a grocery store, or even a big box store, like Costco.


How Dollar Shave Club Works?


Dollar Shave Club Razor & Blades

Dollar Shave Club is a simple to use and affordable  shave supplies subscription service that offers high quality men’s and women’s shaving products, including:

  • six blade cartridge,
  • four blade cartridge
  • budget two blade cartridges
  • razor handles
  • shaving cream with essential oils
  • natural skin products
  • hair products
  • oral care products

When you sign up, you have several product options.  You’re first order is just $5!  Refill orders are about $10-$15. The $5 order consists of trial size products.  Refills contain full-size products.

Your shaving kit comes with a razor handle and four disposable razor blades, and instead of throwing the whole thing away after a few shaves as with most disposable razors,  you keep the handle and just purchase new replacement blade cartridges every month.

The handles are made of high quality plastic, and are weighted and balanced to feel natural in your hand to provide you with a great shave!

Dollar Shave Club sells high quality cheap razors for less than national brands, and offers high quality natural shaving products made with essential oils for one third to one half of the price of other natural shaving products made with essential oils, by cutting out the retail sellers and shipping direct to you!

The blades sell for $1 each for the basic 2 blade razor called the Humble Twin, and up to about $2 each for the premium 6 blade razor, called the Executive.


Not Just for Men


When I first learned about Dollar Shave Club, I thought it was just for men, bit how wrong I was!  I soon discovered many women use Dollar Shave Club razors and and Shave Butter for their legs.  They say they get a smoother shave than with store bought razors and shave cream.



What’s in the Dollar Shave Club $5 Starter Set?


The most popular shaving kit option for new users is the $5 Starter Set.  With this set you can choose one of three shaving sets, each containing different shaving product options, and each set includes the premium 6 blade shaver.

Click the image below to learn more about each of the starter sets, and she shaving products they include.


Dollar Shave Club



Dollar Shave Club Replacement Cartridges

Dollar Shave replacement cartridges

After you get the starter set, Dollar Shave Club will send you a set of  4 replacement cartridges each month.





  • The 4X, which is the 4 blade mid-range shavers for $6.


Dollar Shave Club


  • Humble Twin, which is the basic 2 blade razor is just $3 for 5 blades.


Dollar Shave Ckub


If you however, are like me and don’t shave every day, it can easily take two months to go through 4 shaving cartridges.


Dollar Shave Blades


No problem, you can adjust the delivery schedule  of replacement blades depending on your use to every other month, and can even postpone or stop delivery altogether.


Just go into your account and quickly adjust the schedule of your replacement blades.



Get Free Shipping


No one offers free shipping anymore unless you spend a lot of money on products.  Well, Dollar Shave Club wants to change this too!

You will get free shipping with each of your replacement blade orders, when you choose the 6 blade or 4 blade cartridges.

The two blade, Humble Twin replacement of 5 cartridges is just $1 + ($2 Shipping and Handling).



What are People Saying about Dollar Shave Club?


  • Kristin says: I gifted this to my Mom for Christmas, what an easy process! First, I am already a member and these razors and they have changed my leg shaving experiencing forever, so of course I wanted to share the joy with my mom.


  • An Gel says: Have not been disappointed by a product by DSC. The trial kits are perfect to see if you like the product or not. It is super for travel. Thumbs up!


  • Tyler: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started with DSC, but the pricing alone makes it worth it. The executive starter is $5 and 9$ for monthly refills. Any way you shake it, that’s less than half of the closest competitor you’d buy in store.


  • Kevin says: You guys who say the blades are low quality must be shaving your legs! I use the 4-blade and it does a great job.


  • Amy says: My husband and I have been using the shave club for years. I tried it because of an initial recommendation and am so pleased! We currently use the executive. I order every other month because my husband is currently growing his winter beard.


  • Cathleen says: I am a first time user and I have to say I’ve never used something this amazing. To top it off the shave butter is amazing as well my skin has never felt more rejuvenating after a good shave.


  • Bryannah says: I use the 4 blade razor and its absolutely amazing. Women’s razors are overpriced for poor quality, so the DSC is a wonderful alternative.




Get Your $5 Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit Here


Dollar Shave Club










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