How to Shave Sensitive Skin – Essential Face Oils for Men

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If you have sensitive skin, then you already know the trials and tribulations men go through to get a close shave without bumps, razor nicks or removing painful ingrown facial hair on your neck.

Natural shaving products for men today often include essential oils.  These are essential face oils from plants and leaves.  They help soften skin, return vital nutrients and allow the razor to glide more smoothly.

This article will give you some shaving tips on how to shave sensitive skin, to give you a smooth shave without getting bumps, razor burn and nicks.

The Key is Essential Face Oils

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The key for men with sensitive skin get a perfect shave is to start with a pre-shave oil that contains essential oils.  Most pre-shave lotions contain sd-alcohol and other harsh chemicals that actually dry out your skin.

The idea is facial hairs on dry skin stand up and are easier to shave.  This is terrible for men with sensitive skin.  Dry skin is more susceptible to get razor burn and nicks.

Shaving cream with essential face oils are a better choice.  They contain natural oils derived from plants, fruits or laves, that soften and lubricate the skin without the use of harsh chemicals.  Pre-Shave oil with essential face oils is designed for men with sensitive skin, which helps facial hair to stand up, so the razor can glide smoothly across the face.  These essential oils lubricate facial skin and prevent painful razor burn, nick and cuts.

Without using a lubricating pre-shave, the razor can cause friction which leads to bumps, a red sore face, causes more stinging razor nicks, and also leads to painful ingrown facial hair.

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Use Lubricating Shave Cream with Essential Oils.

Continuing with the theme of using essential oils for the face, it is import to use a shave cream with essential oils when shaving sensitive skin.  Most store-bought shave creams contain harsh alcohol or other cheap ingredients that dry out your skin.  This can allow for painful razor burn, nicks or cuts, and promotes ingrown hairs.

Men and women go to the spa to get a relaxing body massage.  Your face is bombarded daily with a sharp metal razor, dirt and oils that can damage the skin.  A lubricating shave cream with essential oils, is like a spa treatment for the face.  It lubricates, nourishes and softens your face with natural plant or vegetable based essential oils.  This allows the razor to glide more easily across your face to completely remove facial hair and prevents razor burn, bumps, ingrown hair and those nasty razor nicks.


Shave With the Grain of Your Face

The worst thing you can do when shaving sensitive skin is to shave against the grain.  This means to shave in the opposite direction your facial hair grows.

You can tell the grain when you haven’t shaved for a few days and run your hand along your face.  In one direction the hair will feel smooth, like it’s lying down against your skin.  That’s called going with the grain.  When you rub in the opposite direction your beard will feel rough and hair will stand up.  That is going against the grain.

Many men make the mistake to shave sensitive skin against the grain.  While you may think this allowing your razor to get under the skin to remove the hair, this will actually cause razor burn, skin irritation, and can cause ingrown hair.

This is demonstrated in the short video below.

Finish with an After Shave with Essential Oils

After you shave, it is important to use an an After Shave Gel with essential oils.  Regular after shave lotions from the grocery store contains SD alcohol.  This harsh product dries out your skin.


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An after shave cream with essential oils provides vitamin infused lubrication to soften, nourish and moisturize your face.  These oils leave your face looking and feeling smooth, healthy and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, like SD alcohol.

I hope this article has helped you learn about how to shave sensitive skin for men with sensitive skin who want to get a close shave.

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