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MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Review




The MagneTrainer is the perfect mini exercise bike you can use at home or work, to exercise or relieve stress, while working, watching TV, talking to friends or even reading a book.

Do you wish you had a recumbent exercise bike to use at home, but don’t have the space or budget for a home fitness machine, or think the time and effort to assemble a recumbent exercise bike will be too complicated?

With a compact desk exercise bike you can get a gym quality fitness bike workout in your house, apartment, bedroom or even at work, and assembly is a snap for even the most technology-challenged person.  The compact  MegneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike fits under a desk or table.  You can use this magnetic exercise bike while watching TV, sitting at your desk, reading a book or newspaper, and is light enough to place on a table to work your arms.

What is the MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike


The MagneTrainer-ER mini exercise bike that gives you a high quality bike workout without the space requirement or cost of a larger traditional home exercise bike or recumbent exercise bike.  While traditional exercise bikes use a brake pad, chain or belt to add resistance to provide an easier or harder workout, this mini exercise bike uses a magnet placed near the aluminum flywheel to add resistance.

The closer the magnet is to the flywheel, the greater the pedal resistance will be. This provides smooth, quiet and jerk free pedaling.  The magnet never touches the surface of the fly wheel, which means there will be minimal maintenance to your MagneTrainer, unlike traditional exercise bikes that require periodic maintenance and replacing worn out parts.


How Does the MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Work?




Traditional exercise bikes use brake pads or belts to add resistance to the workout. Often times the result is a noisy, jerky pedal motion, and the need for routine maintenance.  A magnetic resistance mini exercise bike, like the MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike, available at provides smooth quiet pedal motion, without the use tension belts, chains or pads.

The tension is created by a placing a magnet close to an aluminum flywheel, by turning a resistance knob.  The closer the magnet is to the flywheel, the greater the pedal resistance will be.  The magnet never touches the surface of the fly wheel, so there is no jerking while pedaling, no noisy apparatus, and no belts to change to increase resistance.

A cheaper mini exercise bike for less than $100 may look like a MagneTrainer,  but if it doesn’t say magnetic resistance, then it is not a magnetic resistance exercise bike.


Wide Base for Extra Stability




Some desk exercise bikes have a short base or legs that do not extend out, like the Stamina InStride or Mini Pedal Exercise, which means limited stability.  This can cause a mini exercise bike fall over more easily and potentially lead to foot, ankle or leg injury.  The MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike differentiates itself from other mini exercise bikes in that it has an extendable base with a minimum length of 16″ at 16″ x 16″ x 18″ and a maximum base fully extended of 16″ x 20″ x 18″(w x l x h).

The Mega Brand Mini Exercise Bike has a short base, which is good for arm workout, but the shorter base and light weight makes this is mini exerciser easier to fall over during faster pedaling.

All Steel Frame

While many mini exercise bikes are made with aluminum or plastic frames, the MagneTrainer has a full steel frame  and high impact plastic housing for durability so this magnetic resistance exercise bike lasts for many years.


best mini exercise bike


MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike Specifications


Description Distance
ACrank Arm Length5″
BHeight of Crank Shaft Center10″
CHeight of Bike with Display18″
DHeight of Bike without Display15.5″
ELength of Bike Fully Extended20″


Resistance:   Adjustable Magnetic Resistance.At the Maximum Setting the MagneTrainer provides,

  • Over 170 Watts at 60 RPM
  • Over 400 Watts at 120 RPM
Driving System:Double Axle, Twin Belt.
Computer Functions: Speed, Time, Calories, Distance and Scan.
Frame: Sturdy Steel Frame.
Housing: High Impact plastic.
Weight:22 lbs.
Measurements Minimum: 16″ x 16″ x 18″ (w x l x h) Measurements Extended.
Base:16″ x 20″ x 18″(w x l x h).

1600 Watts of Power


exercise at work

Watts are a measurement of electric power.  For a resistance exercise bike, the larger the number of Watts generated, means that you can dial in lower or higher resistance for an easy or hard workout.

Many mini exercise bikes use belts, straps or rubber bands to provide resistance, which can be noisy, break easily, and pedaling can be jerky.  This high quality mini exercise bike has a quiet magnetic resistance system that uses a magnet.  When the resistance knob is turned up, this moves a magnet closer to the flywheel, which increases the resistance level.  Simply turn the knob to easily reduce resistance for an easier exercise.  There are no belts, chains or rubber bands to install or maintain.


Hospital Grade Floor Grips

The MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike comes standard with hospital grade rubber grips on the front feet to prevent slipping on floors or table top while being used.


Digital Display

The digital display gives a quick and handy display of the critical information needed to measure workout performance and success.


Digital Fitness Display

Displays your,




   and Calories

Runs on 1 AA battery (included). Auto-on and auto-shutoff feature for ease-of-use and preserve battery life.


How Small is The MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike



We are comparing the size of the MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike to a full size recumbent exercise bike.  This is due to the user of the MagneTrainer is in a reclined position, sitting on a chair in a similar position to a recumbent exercise bike rather than an upright exercise bike.

The average dimensions of a recumbent exercise bike is 65″ long and 40 inches high.  You need a living room in a house or a gym space to use a recumbent exercise bike.

The MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike is a compact home exercise bike that measures 16″ x 16″ x 18″  or just 1/4 the dimension of a full size recumbent exercise bike, and can easily fit in any size room, or even under a desk, as you can see below.  This compact exercise bike can be used in a house, a bedroom or an office.


Easy to Assemble

A traditional exercise bike can weigh nearly 100 lbs unassembled, and requires multiple people to lift and bring the box inside your home, and can take 2-3 hours to assemble.

The MageTrainer weighs 22 lbs, comes nearly completely assembled, only requiring the assembly of the pedals and the legs, then slide the display onto its bracket, and you’re ready to go.  Assembly usually takes about 10 minutes, which is easy for just about anyone to do.


Can Work Out Arms and Legs



An exercise bike can give you a good cardiovascular exercise by working the legs, but what about your arms, shoulders and back muscles?  You will need a separate exercise machine to work these muscle groups.  With this mini exercise bike, you get two home exercise machines in one.

You can put this magnetic exercise bike on the ground to work your legs, and then simply place this mini exercise bike on a table to work your arms and shoulders for a complete body workout.  The pedals that come standard are designed to be used for both your feet and hands.  Optional grips and handle are available to provide a more robust upper body workout.


Great for Physical Therapy

physical therapy

If you are required to do physical therapy as part of an injury recovery program for an upper or lower body injury, heart attack or stroke rehabilitation, the MagneTrainer mini exercise bike is an ideal physical therapy tool.  This compact and lightweight exercise bike can be used on the ground or a table.  The standard pedals are designed to be used for both the feet and hands.

Optional Ergo Handles can be used to exercise the upper body.  Many exercise bikes only go in one direction, but the MagneTrainer has easy bio-directional pedaling capability to pedal forwards and backwards, which are commonly used in a physical therapy regimen as part of an injury recovery program, or for stroke patients to regain range of motion.


Maintenance Free Exercise Bike


magnetic resistance


Many exercise bikes require periodic maintenance, including tightening or replacing belts, chains and cables, or need lubrication for smooth pedaling or to quiet squeaking parts.  The MagneTrainer is self-contained, therefor  no adjustments or lubrication is needed.


Best Selling Mini Exercise Bike on


Of all the mini exercise bikes sold on, both using magnetic resistance or non magnetic resistance using belts or pads, the MagneTrainer is the best selling mini exercise bike on Amazon.  With nearly 100 reviews to date, and 94% giving this magnetic resistance exercise bike either 5 or 4.5 stars, this home exercise machine is a winner!




The MagneTrainer comes with a 1 year warranty, which includes all parts, labor and shipping.


Drawbacks of the MagneTrainer


The MagneTrainer is the best selling mini exercise bike on Amazon, so there are few drawbacks.  The biggest drawbacks we found were that unit can sometimes slide on carpet during a heavy workout.

The manufacturer has resolved this issue by providing velcro straps to secure the unit to a chair or table.  Most people found this to be an effective solution.  Due to the hospital grade floor grips, the unit seems to stay put on floors without any assistance.


 How Much Should You Pay?


A high quality full size recumbent exercise will cost around $400.  A mini exercise bike with magnetic resistance will  cost less than $200, and give you a high quality exercise bike workout at home or work.





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